If you’re looking for scholarship opportunities, one that’s worth considering may be the VIP Voice Scholarship, which is a part of the VIP Voice opportunity. Don’t worry; it has nothing to do with your abilities as a singer, just in case that was your first thought. All you have to do to be eligible for the VIP Voice $5,000 scholarship is fill out a few online surveys at VIPVoice.com. It’s as simple as that.

What is the VIP Scholarship?

The VIP Voice Scholarship is essentially an incentive to join VIP Voice, which describes itself as an online research community. Those who sign up with VIP Voice are able to take surveys and share their opinions about the products they buy, places they shop, and services they use. 

Every year, the company conducts more than 12 million surveys, with that information being given to well-known companies that use it to make informed decisions about the future of their business. VIP Voice conducts surveys on a broad range of industries, so most people will have experience making purchases in at least a couple areas.

VIP Voice is part of the NPD Group, which is an established market research company with over 50 years of experience in more than 20 industries. The online research community is always looking for new members to share valuable opinions that can end up having a real impact on major companies.

How to Qualify

The VIP Voice Scholarship is available to all new members of VIP Voice, officially dubbed the “New Member Registration Drawing.” It’s a quarterly drawing that’s done four times a year and is only available to those who are signing up with VIP Voice for the first time.

The first step toward winning the scholarship is to officially register with VIP Voice so that you may begin taking surveys. The registration form includes filling out a Basic Profile and Household Profile at VIPVoice.com. These profiles include easy-to-answer questions you and your family members, your occupation, education, and household income. 

After completing the profile questions, you confirm and activate your membership via email. You are then free to start taking surveys and earning VIP points. Those VIP points are then used to win auctions and sweepstakes, including the VIP Voice $5,000 scholarship.

To be officially entered, you must complete at least two surveys. However, the more surveys you take, the better your chances of winning the scholarship and accumulating points that can help you win other types of actions and sweepstakes.

Final Verdict

All things considered, there’s little downside to signing up to win the VIP Voice Scholarship. The time taken to fill out a fill surveys for an established and reputable research firm is well worth the chance to win $5,000. Filling out surveys could also become a regular activity to do in your downtime.

Join VIP Voice Here

Of course, you should not be counting on winning anything from VIP Voice. This doesn’t appear to be a scam that will backfire. However, winning any kind of scholarship or prize from VIP Voice appears to be a crapshoot at best. It offers no guarantees, only a sliver of hope.