What Is Crowdology and How Does It Work?

Crowdology is a fairly basic survey website. Essentially, you register, you take surveys, and you get paid. There, end of the review.

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Just kidding.

Keep reading this Crowdology review to find out the inside scoop about the company and the opportunity.

Crowdology is a multi national company, a part of Redshift Research, with its main bases being in the United States, and the United Kingdom. It’s a marketing research company, which means that it is paid by affiliates to find out which products do the best, or what people think about projects. In other words, they dish out surveys to certain demographics.

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To take the surveys, you first have to sign up with Crowdology. It’s a fairly simple signup process. First, you enter in your name and email to get your account started. You’ll then be automatically logged in and directed to a fairly tedious demographic survey. The company needs to know what ethnicity, gender, age and everything that you are. Being fair and accurate is necessary here; if you aren’t, you could not qualify for any surveys or, at worst, have your account suspended. From the point of having your profile filled out (which you’ll occasionally have to keep updating). It will help Crowdology narrow down what to send you.

Occasionally, you may be disqualified from a survey in the middle of it. Unfortunately, you don’t get paid for it. I know, I think that’s stupid too, but it’s the one of the dangers of online surveys.

There’s also a referral program (albeit a weak one) that can possibly help you earn more money, although it is extremely unlikely. The average time to take these surveys is said to be 10-15 minutes, although a common complaint is that they take more time than that due to a clunky webpage, which is something I can attest to.  It was like moving around in sand, the surveys would constantly freeze, there would be 404 errors all over the place, and it overall was just hard to deal with.


The pay for Crowdology isn’t bad; that being said it isn’t good. You get between $.40 and $10.00 as a reward for each survey. Don’t worry though, the $10.00 ones don’t come around often (as clarification, yes I’m being sarcastic). However, that isn’t as bad of pay as some of the other surveys websites out there where you only get $.20 cents per survey. Most of the surveys on Crowdology center their pay around $.50-$2.50.

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One benefit of Crowdology is the surveys can get approved fairly quickly, within 48 hours in most cases. There’s also an obscenely low payout limit, being only $8.00. That is most excellent for someone who wants to make some beer money for the weekend, as you don’t have to worry about that $50 threshold that’s common with a lot of companies. To get this well earned beer money, you’re going to have to go with PayPal. Unfortunately Crowdology doesn’t offer another way to cash out on money. You can expect that within a couple of days, so you might have to get cracking on Thursday to have enough money.

Overall, Crowdology pays alright, but if you want to make a full time salary, you’re going to have to look somewhere else.

Public Perception: How Does Everyone Feel?

Most of the users of Crowdology sit directly in the middle of how much they like it. According to Survey Police, it ranks a little above two stars – not very good in my opinion. There are a whole slew of complaints that are raised against it including poor customer service, lacking payouts, a terrible referral program, and a clunky website among others.

As far as the customer service goes, the main complaint is that it’s essentially non existent. If there’s a problem talking to them is like talking to brick wall, and they’ll drag their feet over even the simplest of problems, like “hey can I get paid?”.

Speaking of, a lot of customers feel the payment schedule and ability to pay is horrendous. People will do work, and then blatantly not be paid.

The referral program is equally atrocious. In order to refer, you need to get your referred person's email and information on your own instead of letting the company do it; too much work! In addition, you don’t get paid. You get entered into a $20 sweepstakes. Yeah, customers aren’t happy about that.

One last complaint is that the website is slow and clunky, therefore adding additional time to finishing the surveys. However, there are good Crowdology reviews too. They generally seem to center around the concept of “nothing went wrong, so this is a good website!”, however there are many reviews saying that, as well as the fact that Crowdology doesn’t have any complaints with the BBB.

What We Think

Overall, Crowdology is a fairly average survey website, and we consider it 100% legitimate. It pays okay, it works okay, and doesn’t have a ton of things go against it (besides bad customer service). It’s fine to earn some money for the weekend, but not enough to make a meaningful contribution to your finances. If you want to use a partake in a good survey website, check out our number one site.