CashCrate Survey – Everything You Need To Know

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CashCrate is an online paid survey website that was launched in 2006. Today, cashcrate reviewCashCrate has over 2 million users around the worldwide trying out its various money making activities – the most popular being subscribing/registering to corporate offers and promotions, and filling out surveys.

The website enables users to earn money by filling out and signing up for corporate offers, for taking research surveys, for reading commercial emails, for shopping at specific partners’ websites, for referring the company to friends and family (affiliate marketing) and for interacting through various means (either by socializing with other members, playing games or by winning contests).

Other websites that run on similar premises to CashCrate – called ‘Get-Paid-To' businesses – include Swagbucks and InboxDollars.

Some of the key features of CC are:

  • Users can earn money by registering for corporate offers, signing up for contests, filling out surveys, reading emails, shopping at specific websites, recruiting monetized referrals and by socializing with fellow users, playing games or winning contests
  • The 2 different types of offers are: credit card (pay more) and “free” offers
  • Upon registering, new members are automatically rewarded with $1 to their accounts
  • Payments for various activities can be as low as $0.01 to as high as $20 or more
  • The minimum payout for each cash-out is $20
  • Payments are sent the following month (usually on the 15th day)
  • Though membership is available for people from any country, North American and European (UK citizens) get preferential access to offers, surveys and other activities on the site
  • CashCrate has a unique referral system whereby each monetized (money-making) referral that you successfully sign up to CashCrate will reward you with 20% of their earnings. Additionally, for any referral that they make, you will earn 10% from their referrals. Extra cash bonuses are also rewarded for the website’s affiliate marketing program
  • The minimum age to join the website is 13 or older. Members from the US or other English-speaking countries will have the most offers available to them (as most companies target Western customers and/or survey takers)


Pros – The Pros of CashCrate

Unlike some similar websites like Fusion Cash, the CashCrate website is far more user-friendly and intuitive.

The site takes much less time to load and has less clutter – the offer list shows only 9 results per page with no flashy logos or graphics on it.

CashCrate Review

Additionally, besides each available offer is a description of whether or not the offer demands credit card or other financial information from users.

Offers are for a variety of different products and services. They include wardrobe makeover sweeps, signing up for auto insurance quotes and chances to win attractive prizes such as a full year supply of diapers, airplane tickets, or thousands of dollars’ worth of gift cards from Costco, Target, etc.

Free offers from the website pay a maximum of $3 whereas the credit card offers provide a higher return of $5 (albeit exposing the user’s financial information and requiring small investments before credit can be transferred).

CashCrate’s referral system is among the best in the whole paid-survey and ‘Get-Paid-To' market.

You can earn an immediate 20% from any monetized direct referral and a further 10% from their referrals too. Those who are active in CashCrate’s affiliate marketing program also benefit by receiving their payments on the first of every month rather than on the 15th for all normal users.

This can potentially result in a constant stream of earnings and can even overtake the usual income earned from simply filling up forms and taking up surveys. As you get more and more referrals, CashCrate offers an increase of the percentages you earn from referrals.

Some top earners have reported earning upwards of $1000 plus a month using this system.

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Cons – The Cons Of  CashCrate

The usual payment for signing up for commercial offers or filling up surveys is usually quite low.

The average payment for signing up for an offer, filling out a survey or reading commercial email is usually no more than $0.15.

Depending on the user’s activity on the website, it can take anywhere from a couple of days to as long as a month just to earn CashCrate’s redemption or cash-out amount of $20.

As the PayPal system in the website is not fully developed and utilized, you would have to wait at least one month (payments are usually sent on the 15th of the next) before your payment reaches you.

The average earnings per hour hovers around $3.5.

A number of users have complained that CashCrate uses member's emails and other information to feed to third-party companies in order to spam their email inboxes.

CashCrate has also been named as a frequent spammer and sender of unwanted junk email. This results in many users’ inboxes getting cluttered with unwanted commercial offers and other content which can be difficult to opt-out of or have repercussions related to receiving payments or prompt crediting for work done.

Some users have protested at how their efforts on CashCrate were not recognized and spent in vain. The users have mentioned how after doing various activities (usually signing up for offers or taking up surveys) their accounts were not credited accordingly.

CashCrate’s credit card offers, though paying more, require user's credit card details and other financial information which are given away to third-party companies.

Another issue with this type is that it requires a “small investment” from the user before the offer can be credited to their account. These have been blamed for flooding a number of members’ inboxes as well as exposing them to additional disturbances in the form of mobile or home phone cold-calling.

A few users have even alleged that they were actually forced to pay for the phone intrusions themselves.

CashCrate’s offers and surveys system appears to exclusively reach out to North American users (and to a lesser extent European ones). Those living outside the region have a far lower chance of receiving offers – particularly the more valuable and profitable ones.

Take a look at the following video to get an idea of what it's like to use the CashCrate interface:



CashCrate is uncommon in the paid-survey market for its emphasis on commercial offers and emails as an alternative to simply taking up and filling out various surveys. In this respect, it is in many ways similar to other Get-Paid-To websites like Fusion Cash or InboxDollars.

Unlike the above two though, CashCrate’s opinion across various review websites and message boards is far more positive.

Though many current and former members have criticized CashCrate on various fronts – the chief problems being its meager payments for taking up offers, reading emails, filling out surveys, etc. and the intrusive and spamming nature of some of its third-party offers and contests (particularly the credit card offer variety), it nonetheless is far superior when it comes to paying in a prompt manner and rewarding members’ consistently – particularly for its lauded referral/affiliate marketing program.

Overall the opinion on most review websites and forums seems to suggest that CashCrate is a good choice if you’re looking to make some extra income. The payouts won’t be impressive (and therefore won’t substitute your real job), but one thing that is guaranteed is that they will be recurring and won’t get lost on the way to your doorstep (that is, you don’t need to worry about any legitimacy issues here).

The final judgment of this CashCrate review is a positive thumbs up. Small payments aside, the site is reliable, has an interesting and engaging referral program and enables users to make money through various means apart from the usual and hackneyed paid-survey and offers options.

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