BigSpot is a company that has been getting a lot of attention on TV lately. But are they legitimate? We all know that not everything on television is what it seems. They like to call themselves a paid survey site, but there are a few red flags that make us think otherwise.

Who Are They?

The company itself is very vague. After some thorough research , sources tell us that they're operated by Varsityplaza, L.L.C. We'll never know for sure. When you have trouble finding information about a site it can be a huge indicator that something isn't right.

They are considered a GPT (get paid to site), but operates differently than most of the other survey sites out there. They don't give you surveys. Instead, they connect you with other survey companies like MySurvey and Toluna. This also means that they aren't paying you, either. Not being responsible for surveys means that they don't have to pay their members.

So if they don't have surveys or pay their members, then what are they? Certainly not a paid survey site. We consider them more of a middle man, linking you to websites that actually have all these things.

They are featured on the BBB (Better Business Bureau), although they aren't accredited. Their social media pages were just as disappointing. Random retweets and videos fill up the spaces that promo codes could've easily taken. Extremely unprofessional.


They promise that they are “committed to respecting the privacy rights of users of our online survey panels,” but how true can that be considering how the rest of the site looks? If you don't have the time to read through their Privacy Policy, we've got you covered. We read it and there a few things that would be beneficial to know.

BigSpot claims that they do not give your information to third parties unless they have your consent first. In most cases they'll ask for this authorization by saying that you have been chosen for a special offer or would you like more information regarding certain opportunities. Unless you want your private matters in the hands of random businesses, we suggest politely passing on the offer.

The emails sent you include alerts, newsletters, updates, and other service or administrative notices. Despite customer complaints, they say that they don't send spam. We aren't sold. One's inbox could fill up really fast with all of those emails. 

BigSpot Complaints

Complaints were through the roof, but what can you expect? Reviews varied from problems with spam to even lack of pay.  Some people just had a problem with the whole website in general.

We don't like spam and neither did the customers. Many stressed about their overflowing inbox. A trustworthy survey site cuts back on all the unnecessary emails.

The biggest amount of complaints were geared towards the fact that they aren't a real paid survey site. The fact that they don't liquidate all your hard work strikes a bad chord with many of their customers.

Legit Or A Scam?

BigSpot is absolutely a scam, there's no questioning there. They are not legitimate for a number of reasons. We do not recommend signing up for this website for the sake of your safety and because it's just a waste of time.

They aren't a paid survey site. Yes you can earn money, but it's from the other survey sites they recommend to you. So why waste your time signing up with them when you can go directly to the sites they lead you to?

The company is green and their social media pages are all poorly developed. The whole basis of their website points to inexperience, any successful survey site needs to have more than just a few survey sites listed.

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