If you’re looking for gainful employment from the comfort of your home, work at home data entry jobs may be the right choice for you. Data entry professionals help companies process, catalog and sort information.

How Data Entry Jobs Work

Employees who work in data entry use basic typing and computer skills to input information into word processing or data processing software on the computer.

Data entry can include tasks like submitting customer orders, maintaining customer databases, sorting data and compiling reports. Employees use spreadsheet and word processing software to complete these tasks. In some cases, employees may also use software designed specifically for their company.

When it comes to legit work from home jobs, data entry is particularly popular because of how easily the tasks of the job can be handled remotely.

What Are The Required Skills And Tools?

Although it sounds like a very technical term, work from home data entry jobs online do not require an abundance of skills or tools. Many of you already possess the skills necessary to qualify for a data entry program. Here’s a list of skills you’re likely to need for online data entry jobs from home.

  • A GED or high school diploma
  • Average or better typing ability
  • Some knowledge of computers and basic computer programs
  • Basic literacy skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Communication skills

Top Data Entry Positions

If you’re wondering what the environment might be like with legitimate data entry jobs, home may be the farthest you have to look. Considering the sheer volume of data entry work that needs to be done on a daily basis, there’s no shortage of legitimate data entry work from home jobs. Here are some of the most popular and reputable companies in the business.

AccuTran Global

Accutran Global primarily provides transcription services. Most of their clients are in the financial services industry. You’ll be required to provide a variety of transcription services, including the transcription of conference calls, quarterly earnings calls, and analyst day meetings.

Depending on where you live, you’re likely to find that most of the work available from Accutran Global is in the early morning and afternoon. So, this job isn’t ideal for those looking to work in the evening or at night.


TigerFish is another leading transcription service, similar to Accutran Global, that provides legitimate online typing jobs. While TigerFish also works with the financial services sector, their work seems to be a bit more varied. TigerFish has clients across a broad range of industries including filmmakers, convention planners, lawyers, doctors, consultants, and marketing professionals.

Unlike Accutran Global, TigerFish does seem to have evening work available, which may make TigerFish a good fit if you’re unable to work mornings or afternoons.


OnlineJobsFree.com provides data entry work at home across several industries. They focus primarily on transferring their client's paper files into a digital format, as well as posting ads and filling out forms.

This company may be a perfect fit for those interested in working nights and evenings, as there are no time requirements for the work. You’re able to do the job at the time most convenient for you. OnlineJobsFree.com doesn’t require any special skills beyond the internet and computer access.

Speak Write

Speak Write is another company which provides transcription services. They specialize in transcription for legal and law enforcement agencies. They also offer general transcription services.

They require all their contractors to have computers and some basic software as well. Chances are, this is already software you have installed on your computers, such as Windows Media Player and Adobe Acrobat. Finally, they require all their typists to have a foot pedal to make transcribing more efficient.

Most of the work with Speak Write is available in the morning and afternoons, which means they’re not a great fit for those interested in working evenings and nights. But, Speak Write allows their typists to schedule themselves to work in one hour increments which provides great flexibility for their contractors.

DataPlus + (or DataPlus)

DataPlus+ is a data entry company based in Georgia. They provide data entry services across some industries. Most of their data entry online jobs involve transcribing written reports or forms into digital formats. Online data input jobs from home with DataPlus+ include the transcription of warranty cards, customer information cards, accident reports, police reports and tax related services.

It may be difficult to find more information about working with DataPlus+ as their employment resources page on their website is currently offline. It may be a good idea to contact DataPlus+ via email to see if they’re currently accepting new independent contractors.


Gorge Warehouse is an online retailer that specializes in the sale of recreational vehicles such as motorcycles and sportbikes. They have several online data entry jobs work from home listed on their website.

Unlike the other companies on this list, Gorge Warehouse pays their employees on an hourly basis. Their data entry position lists the rate of pay as $10.50 per hour. You can apply for a position directly on their website.

Cass Info

According to Cass Information Systems, they are the nation’s leading provider of transportation, utility, waste and telecom expense management and related business intelligence services. They also provide B2B payment processing services as well.

Many of the telecommuting jobs available from Cass Info require you to live in a particular part of the country. They conduct training from one of their offices on a part-time basis. At which point, continuing employees have the option to work from home.

Unlike many of the companies on this list, the individuals working for Cass Info are actual employees. Cass Info pays on an hourly basis, and in some cases, generous benefits packages may be available.

Quicktate or iDictate

Both Quicktate and iDictate provide call transcription and call auditing services. While both companies are very similar, the range of services and support they provide vary slightly to provide personalized service to a wide variety of clients.

Another way that Quicktate and iDictate vary is in their rate of pay. All contractors start by working with Quicktate, where they earn half as much as the contractors at iDictate. If you produce quality work, you can eventually be promoted to work for iDictate.

Neither company requires any specialized training or equipment. But, they do require a background check for all prospective employees. As with most transcription jobs, a foot pedal is recommended to improve the efficiency of your transcriptions.

Blue Zebra

Blue Zebra is an appointment setting service. Their clients hire Blue Zebra to make cold calls on their behalf and set qualified sales appointments for them.

Blue Zebra offers two different kinds of work from home positions. Prospective employees can apply for an appointment setting position, making cold calls on their client's behalf. Blue Zebra also hires administrative assistants who coordinate with the appointment setters as well as the sales and marketing teams to make their jobs easier.

Amazon’s Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk or MTurk is a crowdsourcing platform on Amazon.

Thousands of workers from around the world can work on one project simultaneously and complete it very quickly. For example, a client may have a project where the goal is to caption 2,000 different photographs. Rather than one person captioning each photo individually which would be more time-consuming and less economical, as many as 2,000 MTurk’s can caption one photograph each. This method of work allows the job to be completed extremely quickly, accurately, and cheaply.

As an MTurk, you’ll be paid for each task you complete. Amazon then deposits the money for completed tasks into your Amazon account.

Axion Data Services

Axion Data Services provides data entry services for a range of businesses. The work most often entails filling out forms on behalf of their clients.

Axion’s contractors aren’t required to possess any special skills or have any equipment outside of a working computer and high-speed internet access. Mac users must purchase a remote desktop client to interface with their software.

Currently, Axion is not hiring data entry specialists, but they still encourage people to apply. But, they offer no guarantee that they'll ever contact you, and they charge a small administrative fee to keep your application active in their database.

Working Solutions

Working Solutions provides home based call center solutions for their clients. Working Solutions agents specialize in sales, service or technical support.

Working Solutions contractors are required to provide a working computer and broadband internet connection. You’ll also need landline telephone service and a wired hands-free headset.

Assistant Match

Assistant Match provides virtual assisting services to companies and busy professionals.

The needs of Assistant Match clients vary and can include anything from data entry, assisting services, blogging, project management, customer service, bookkeeping and more. The type of work you do will vary greatly depending on the client's needs.


Zirtual is another company that provides virtual assisting services.

Much like Assistant Match, Zirtual provides a range of different virtual assisting services to clients all over. The various aspects of the job are determined based on the client’s needs.


Vitac provides live and offline captioning services for the television and digital video industries. They are the largest supplier of captioning services for television, and they caption over 260,000 hours of live tv each year.

They are currently hiring real time captioners to provide caption services for live television programming. While these jobs only require basic transcription and listening skills, you must be an exceptionally fast typer to handle the work. According to Vitac, you should be able to type 225wpm or higher.

Employees of Vitac are not independent contractors, and therefore they’re provided with employee benefits such as healthcare, 401k, disability insurance and more.


Sigtrack provides crowdsourced databasing services to political parties and campaigns. Most of the work involves processing voter registration forms and petition signatures.

Currently, Sigtrack is not accepting any new workers. Considering Sigtrack works primarily with political campaigns, the work they have available is seasonal.

Cloud Crowd

CloudCrowd is a crowdsourcing platform that specializes in content creation, website sorting and more.

With CloudCrowd, contractors are paid small amounts of money to conduct quick, relatively easy tasks. CloudCrowd is very similar to the Amazon Mechanical Turk program.


Like Amazon MTurk and CloudCrowd, MicroWorkers is a crowdsourcing platform.

MicroWorkers pays their contractors for each small task they complete and the money is deposited into their MicroWorkers accounts. As long as there’s a balance of at least $9 plus the cost of fees in the account, you can withdraw the money to your PayPal account.


Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelance work. The interesting aspect of Fiverr is that most of the services listed on their platform costs only $5 to complete.

To make money using Fiverr, you’ll make an account on their site where you highlight the different services you’re able to offer. Services are typically provides for $5 each, but that can vary. Some of the services being offered can cost up to $500.

Birch Creek Communications

Birch Creek Communications primarily provides transcription services to corporate and legal businesses. They also have data entry positions at times, although none are presently available.

While most of the work they offer comes in in the late morning and early afternoon, they do provide flexible scheduling that may work with a variety of lifestyles.

VirtualBee (Formerly called Key For Cash)

VirtualBee provides data entry services to the business community through crowdsourcing.

To work for VirtualBee, they'll give you a series of tests designed to evaluate your skills, interests, and strengths. They use the results of those tests to pair you with tasks that fit your skill set as they become available.

Great American Opportunities

Great American Opportunities provides products and services for fundraising opportunities. If you’ve ever purchased a candy bar or a box of cookies from a sports team or school club, there’s a high chance they were working with Great American Opportunities.

Great American Opportunities hire independent contractors to work in their data entry department processing the fundraiser orders.

Caption Colorado

Caption Colorado is one of the nation’s largest suppliers of real-time closed captioning.

Those of you with strong writing backgrounds who can type very quickly and accurately may be a great fit for a position with Caption Colorado.

Interested applicants must complete a technical assessment in which they’ll caption a half-hour local news program. Caption Colorado then contacts the applicants with the highest assessment scores for open positions.

Caption Colorado has full and part time positions available. Full-time employees receive competitive benefits packages in addition to their hourly pay.


Clickworker is a crowdsourcing program with a focus on e-commerce. The services they provide include copywriting, SEO text creation, keyword insertion, product tagging, and product data management.

Clickworker is always hiring and offers pay that’s competitive with other crowdsourcing platforms such as Amazon MTurk and MicroWorkers.

For those of us with interest in fields like e-commerce or SEO, Clickworker may be a great fit.


Integreon provides a vast array of business services to a number of different industries. That includes legal, document, business and legal services.

Their wide array of clients in different industries generate a great deal of data entry work. Sometimes, the jobs they have available are conducted on a remote basis. Check their careers page to see if they’re currently filling any positions in data entry where you can work from home.

Capital Typing

Capital Typing provides a wide range of solutions for clients all over the world. These solutions include data entry, transcription services, bookkeeping and IT services.

While Capital Typing handles some of the work in-house, they also have some opportunities for remote jobs. Contact Capital Typing directly for more information on their at home employment opportunities.

Smart Locating

Smart Apartment Data provides a variety of services in the apartment leasing business. Smart Locating is one aspect of their company which requires a significant amount of data entry work.

You can apply for a position through their website. Scheduling is flexible, although Smart Locating asks that you can be available for 15 hours a week or more.

Dion Data Solutions

Dion Data Solutions provides data entry and data management services to corporations of all sizes.

Currently, they’re looking for qualified individuals looking to work from home for positions with the company. All that’s required is the ability to type at least 60wpm, a functional computer, the internet, and phone access. These lax requirements coupled with Dion Data Solutions flexible scheduling and the ease of work may make a position with this company a great source for work from home jobs for moms. Data entry experience not required.


TDEC provides a wide range of outsourcing solutions to businesses of all types and sizes. They have work available in offices throughout the country as well as remote opportunities for individuals looking for data entry at home jobs.

You can apply for a position online through their website.

Virtual Office Temps

Virtual Office Temps is a website that provides services for both companies looking to hire virtual assistants, and people looking to work as virtual assistants. They also offer certification courses in virtual assisting.

To gain access to their job boards, you’ll create a profile on their site. At which point, you can begin browsing the job boards and applying for positions that interest you.


Scribie provides audio transcription services for a flat fee. Clients submit audio files they need transcribed and they are charged a flat fee of $.75-$3.00 per minute of transcription, depending on how quickly they need the work completed.

Scribie pays their transcribers between $5-$20 per audio hour transcribed. Most transcriptions are 6 minutes in length or shorter. Scribie offers a $5 bonus for every 3 hours of audio you transcribe each month. They also seem to promote from within, and their best transcribers can advance to better positions within the company.

Other Places To Look For Data Entry Jobs

Beyond the companies listed above, there are plenty of places you can turn to look for legitimate work from home data entry jobs. When looking elsewhere online or in the paper, you’ll want to make sure the positions you find don’t look like scams. When you’re looking for data entry from home jobs, no fees is a good place to start. Any company looking to charge you a fee to work for them is not to be trusted. You may be able to find a data entry job at an office in your area that allows you to work from home after you’ve been with the company for a certain amount of time as well. Sites like Craigslist, online job boards and even the help wanted section of your local paper can all be great places to look for data entry jobs at home.