Do you travel the road less traveled? Were you voted “Most Unique,” by your classmates? Is your life full of one-of-a-kind experiences? Your journey in college will probably be anything but “normal,” and the people who are offering these scholarships love that about you. Apply for a scholarship and see where this big, wide world takes you.

Drone Technology College Scholarship

Provided by: UAV Coach
Eligibility: Students must be 18 years or older to receive the scholarship (but may apply before the age of 18), and must be attending a U.S. college or university at the time of receiving funds. U.S. citizenship is not a requirement for eligibility.
Deadline: May 1, 2018
Available to: 18+
Award Amount: Two recipients at $1,000 each

UAV Coach recently launched a scholarship for U.S. college students that will provide $2,000 total, with two awards of $1,000 each.

The main requirement for winning the scholarship is for students to write an essay that explores how drones are changing the world for the better. The essay topics range from how drones can be used for good, to the use of drones in STEM education, to how drones will change our world over the next ten years.

As technology improves and drones get less and less expensive, we’re seeing a proliferation of different niche applications, from uses in agriculture, mining, surveying, fire fighting, and much, much more. UAV Coach wants to hear from thoughtful college students inspired by drone technology from all walks of lifewhen they think about the possibilities and the future of the drone industry, what do they imagine?

”  UAV Coach has always been first and foremost about education. This college scholarship, along with the high school scholarship we launched last year, fit perfectly into our mission of providing training and resources to the drone industry. We’re thrilled to be supporting young people in pursuing their educational goals while also helping to push the drone industry forward.  “

–Alan Perlman, CEO and Co-Founder of UAV Coach

Winners will be announced May 10, 2018. The two winning essays will be published on the UAV Coach website.

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Criminal Record and Going to Law School

Provided by: Appelman Law Firm
Eligibility: Applicants must be a U.S. citizen or a permanent resident, have a criminal record, enrolled or accepted to an accredited law school in the U.S., and have a cumulative GPA of 3.50 or higher.
Deadline: May 1, 2018
Available to: No age range noted
Award Amount: $1,000

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To be considered for the Appelman Law Firm Criminal Defense Law Scholarship, applicants must have a completed application, an official copy of acurrent academic transcript, and a copy of a police report stating a criminal record.

Applicants will write an essay (not exceeding three pages) that describes the crime committed, the punishment, and how the experience was life changing. Applicants should also discuss their future aspirations as an attorney.

All information regarding criminal records is confidential. If you win the scholarship, you must be able to provide proper proof of legal residency, such as a passport) and use the award solely for college tuition or relevant expenses.

Duck Calling Competition in Arkansas for Scholarship

Provided by: Stuttgart Chamber of Commerce
Eligibility:  Any high school senior who will be graduating in 2018
Deadline: November 24, 2018
Available to: High school seniors
Award Amount: First place is $2,000, second place is $1,000, third place is $750, and fourth place is $500

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The Chick and Sophie Major Memorial Duck Calling Contest has been an annual tradition since 1974 and attracts contestants from all over the U.S. Any high school senior graduating in 2018 can register for the contest. A copy of a high school transcript and proper identification, such as a driver’s license, is required at registration on the day of the contest.

Experienced Puppeteers

Provided by: UNIMA-USA
Eligibility:  Applicants must be citizens or permanent residents of the U.S. and be a current member of UNIMA-USA. Have experience in puppetry or/and a university degree showing interest in puppetry. Applying for financial aid to study with a recognized puppetry professional or an international professional program.
Deadline: December 1st
Available to: Applicants over the age of 18
Award Amount: $1,000

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Applicants of the Union Internationale de la Marionnette-International Puppetry Association (UNIMA) scholarship must have three letters of recommendation from professional puppeteers or professors of puppet theatre, as well as five images of work.

Scholarships are intended to be given to American puppeteers who wish to study puppetry abroad.

Girls Over 5’10” and Boys Over 6’2”

Provided by: Tall Clubs International™ (TCI™) and Tall Clubs International Foundation, Inc.
Eligibility: All scholarship applicants must be about to enter their first year of higher education. Women must be at least 5’10” (178 cm) and men must be at least 6’2” (188 cm), in stocking feet; these are the minimum height requirements for membership in TCI™.
Deadline:  No set date available
Available to: Under 21 years of age
Award Amount: No specific amount given

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There were over 15 TCI scholarships given out to young men and women across the U.S. Even though there are several TCI chapters throughout the United States and Canada; not every chapter offers a scholarship. Applicants need to email for more information.


Provided by: The Vegetarian Resource Group
Eligibility: Graduating high school students who are permanent residents or citizens of the U.S. Applicants must also promote vegetarianism in their schools and/or communities.
Deadline: February 20, 2018
Available to: No specific age-high school seniors
Award Amount: One award of $10,000 and two awards of $5,000

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Applicants for this scholarship are asked to write an essay (covering specific questions) and must provide a copy of a report card, recommendations, and documentation of vegetarianism. The money awarded to the scholarship winner(s) will be paid directly to the winner’s college and can only be used in the U.S. For more information on essay questions, visit:

Speak Klingon

Provided by: Klingon Language Institute (KLI)
Eligibility: Applicants must be either undergraduate or graduate students pursuing a degree in a field of language study. Those interested in the scholarship should have a good academic record and may be recommended by faculty.
Deadline: June 1
Available to: No specific age requirement
Award Amount: $500

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The KLI Academic Award, also known as the Kor Memorial Scholarship, is open to anyone studying foreign languages or linguistics at an undergraduate or graduate level. Even though the award is from the KLI, being fluent in Klingon is not required (but most likely appreciated).

For more information on the scholarship, go to “Contact Us: on KIL website. While they are currently not handing out scholarships, interested applicants should check back later.

Utah Students, Parents Incarcerated

Provided by:  Willy the Plumber and The Community Foundation of Utah
Eligibility:  Applicants must be a resident of Utah and prove that parent or guardian is incarcerated. Graduating or graduated from high school with a GPA of 2.0 or above. Applicants must have applied to or admitted to a two or four-year accredited college, university, or vocational school in Utah. Applicants must need financial assistance with college costs.
Deadline: April 7, 2018
Available to: No specific age given
Award Amount: $1,000 for applicants entering college, $500 for those already in college

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In addition to applying for the scholarship, applicants should have letters of recommendation, financial aid documents, documents of proof regarding parental incarceration and college acceptance, an essay, and a current transcript with GPA.

Tell A Funny Story

Provided by:
Eligibility: Applicants must be at least thirteen years old (or older) when applying and be a legal resident of the U.S. Applicants should also be currently enrolled (or enroll no later than the fall of 2023) in an accredited post-secondary institution of higher education.
Deadline: August 31, 2018
Available to:  Age 13 and up
Award Amount: $1,500

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In addition to filling out an application, applicants of the “Make Me Laugh” Scholarship Program must write a 250 word or less essay on an incident in his or her life that was funny or embarrassing and makes the sponsors laugh. They aren’t interested in why the applicant deserves the scholarship; they just want to read something funny.

Sufferers of Dwarfism

Provided by:  Little People of America, Inc. (LPA)
Eligibility:  Applicants can be members (or non-members) of LPA and have a medically diagnosed form of dwarfism. Applicants may also be immediate family members of dwarfs, who are members of LPA.
Deadline: April 30
Available to: No specific age given
Award Amount: Scholarships may range from $250 to $1,000 and sometimes more

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The purpose of the LPA Scholarship is to offer financial assistance to prospective and current students, who live with dwarfism and are attending college or a vocational school. According to the LPA, some “helpful tips” when applying include filling out and proofreading application thoroughly, writing a thank you note, and getting involved with LPA.

Member of STARFLEET (Star Trek Fan Base)

Provided by:  STARFLEET, the International Star Trek Fan Association, Inc.
Eligibility:  Applicants should be a STARFLEET member and plan to attend college or already attending an accredited institution or organization.
Deadline: June 15th of each year
Available to:  No specific age given
Award Amount: $1,000

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STARFLEET offers scholarships in five different categories: Engineering & Technology, Medicine & Veterinarian, Artistic, Business/Management/Education, and Miscellaneous. Applicants are asked to write an essay and complete the informational packet.


Provided by: Professional Bowlers Association (PBA)

Eligibility:  Applicants must be men and women who attend college, are amateur bowlers, and maintain a GPA of 2.5/4.0.

Deadline: June 15

Available to: No specific age given

Award Amount: $1,000

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The Billy Welu Scholarship is specifically for men and women who have a passion for bowling. Along with a basic application, applicants must include information regarding bowling experience and include documentation such as transcripts.

Future Grocery Store Employees

Provided by: National Grocers Association (NGA) Research and Education Foundation
Eligibility:  Applicants must be enrolled in college and intend to pursue a career in the grocery industry. Applicant must also maintain a GPA of at least 2.5.
Deadline:  June 14, 2018
Available to: No specific age given
Award Amount: $1,000

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After an applicant fills out an application, he or she should also include a one-page personal statement explaining why he or she qualifies for a scholarship. A letter of recommendation from someone in the grocery industry and a college transcript is also required. Qualifying applicants are eligible for several $1,000 scholarships through NGA.

Certified Scuba Diver Going into Water Related Field

Provided by:  Our World-Underwater Scholarship Society
Eligibility:  Applicants must be valid citizens of the country of scholarship (i.e. North America, Australia) and have not earned a graduate degree.
Deadline:  December 1, 2018
Available to:  21 to 26
Award Amount: Amount varies based on scholarship

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Applicants for the scholarship must be fluent in English and have a certification as a Rescue Diver (or equivalent with a minimum of 25 dives logged in the last two years). A diving medical examination and adequate health insurance are also required if awarded. Read more in depth information on the website.

Member of LGBTQ and Going to Aviation School

Provided by: National Gay Pilots Association (NGPA) and major airlines
Eligibility:  Applicants should be seeking to develop professional aviation skills and ratings beyond a private pilot certificate.
Deadline: August 17, 2018
Available to: 18 and up
Award Amount: $5,000

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For specific information on the individual scholarships, applicants should click on the individual airline (i.e., American Airlines) when looking at the “Link to Apply.” In general, applicants should be U.S. citizens, have a passport, and a college degree. Applicants do not have to identify as LGBT but must be an advocate and ally.

Explain a “Good Call” You Made

Provided by:  GoodCall
Eligibility: High School Senior, Current Undergrad, and Current Graduate Students. Applicants must be a permanent or legal resident of the U.S. with a minimum GPA of 3.0
Deadline: June 30, 2018
Available to: No specific age given
Award Amount: $2,500

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Applying for the scholarship is easy if you’re eligible. Fill out the online application and write a 400 to 500-word essay on a great decision you made in your life.

Importance of Books and Coffee in Your Life

Provided by:
Eligibility:  Must be enrolled in an accredited college or university.
Deadline: September 30, 2018
Available to18 to 25
Award Amount: Up to $500

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The “Hit the Books” scholarship is offered bi-annually, fall and spring semesters. Applicants must write a 500-word essay on how education is important in their lives and how the money will help; mentioning coffee is a bonus.

Tips for Winning Scholarships

As you can see, there are a lot of scholarship opportunities available, and you’re probably eligible for at least one or two. While there’s never a guarantee that you will win a scholarship award, don’t let that stop you from trying.

Make sure that you always read all the information on a scholarship website and completely fill out an application. If you run into any questions or issues, contact the scholarship provider. When writing an essay, take your time and be authentic. Ask a friend or family member to proofread for grammar.

When asking for recommendations, give the person you are asking enough time; never ask last minute. It’s always thoughtful to write a “thank you” once you have received a recommendation.

Don’t see a scholarship that’s relevant to you? Search the Internet for scholarships + specific details (age, faith, interests).