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If you're comparing credit cards and keep seeing the VITAL card pop up, you may be wondering why this credit card is gaining so much traction so quickly. Is it really possible to make money on other people's purchases? Keep reading this detailed review to find out how!

How Does the VITAL Card Work?

The VITAL card is a credit card that pays you through referrals. If you sign up a few of your friends, VITAL will pay you. VITAL is a credit card company that is growing its customer base. A team of lawyers, bankers, and entrepreneurs formed the company to help members earn money through it. The VITAL credit card is the first credit card to offer recurring referral bonuses.

To get approval for a VITAL credit card, you are required to qualify for the basic entry-level credit card. This credit card works through network marketing to its customers. For every person you refer, VITAL gives you some points and some cash amount. There is a calculator on VITAL's website that helps you to calculate or see the amount of money you can earn each month for every referral.

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How You Can Earn Money

Earning money from the VITAL card involves a couple of things. You start earning 1% cash back immediately on all of your transactions. VITAL credit card also lets you earn through referrals. Every time you sign up a family member or friend for a VITAL card, you earn 4 points towards your VITAL score. Interestingly, earning from your referrals doesn't stop at that. You will also earn 2 points when the friends of your friends sign up for the credit card. In addition, you receive 1 point for third-tier sign-ups.

VITAL will then add up the points that you've earned throughout the month to your VITAL score. They will then share the rewards with every member accordingly. However, you have to ensure that the friends you sign up keep their cards active; otherwise, you will not receive the points. All they have to do is spend a minimum of $1 each month to be considered as active members.

VITAL affords to give its members cash rewards because every time you swipe your card at a store, you get a 1% cash back while 1% of your purchase is added to the company's cash rewards pool. The money put back is then redistributed to VITAL members appropriately. However, for members to be admissible to the cash rewards program, they have to spend at least $250 every month. If you fail to reach this target, you will not receive earnings from your referrals during that month.

Interestingly, the VITAL's cash reward program is not taxed. Therefore, if you spend $250 each month and continue referring friends, you are guaranteed to receive earnings from VITAL.

How VITAL Compares to Other Credit Cards

Besides the VITAL credit card, there are other credit cards from reputable credit card companies. These cards differ from one another, and this VITAL credit card review will expound on this. For starters, the VITAL card is different from other credit cards because it is the first and only credit that offers recurring referral bonuses. With VITAL, you get to earn cash rewards, and there are no monthly or annual fees involved.

Unlike other credit cards, VITAL shares its profits with its members through the reward program. In addition, VITAL offers competitive APRs, and they are backed by Visa. Once you sign up for a VITAL credit card, you can choose the color you want your card to come in. The VITAL card is made of aluminum, and it comes in space gray, matte black, gold and rose gold.

Apart from VITAL credit card, Chase credit card also offers referrals. However, Chase only offers one-time referrals. With the Chase credit card, you are supposed to invite a friend to apply for the card- it is a requirement to make the invite from the card you own. When your friend or family member applies for the card and gets accepted, you will earn bonus points.

There is no limit as to how many friends you would like to invite, but the referral bonus points you earn each year have a limit. The referral bonus points awarded can range from 5,000 to 20,000. The points you earn are relative to the card you choose. Chase has several cards that participate in the rewards program.

Get VITAL Card and Start Referring

Another reputable credit card company is American Express. This card is widely used. However, compared to the VITAL credit card, AMEX doesn't offer rewards for referrals. Despite this, AMEX has some of the highest cash back percentages in the credit card industry. AMEX has a blue cash everyday card that offers 3% cash back at U.S. supermarkets when you make purchases of up to $6,000 every year. This card also offers 2% cash back at U.S. gas stations and select stores.

Moreover, AMEX has a $150 statement credit after you spend $1,000 on purchases using your new card within the first three months. So, if you are looking to earn more from your credit card, the VITAL credit card would be best suited. If you have some friends that can sign up for VITAL card, you will earn referral bonuses- an option that AMEX doesn't have. Referrals stand as the best way to earn from your credit card.

Other VITAL Reviews

The VITAL credit card has gained some popularity, and those who already own the card have nothing short of positive reviews about it. Some of the users claim that they are excited to continue earning more from VITAL. Some users also claim that VITAL's referral program is an excellent system that can be used effectively to generate leads.

Other members claim that they are glad to have signed up for the VITAL credit card because it comes with numerous benefits. Some are eager for any new releases from VITAL, while others say that it is a great opportunity to be part of the VITAL community.

In case you have any questions or further comments about this card, feel free to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments at the bottom of this post.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is VITAL credit card, and how does it work?

The VITAL card is a credit card that pays you cash for getting other persons to sign up for the card. You earn money according to the number of people you refer.

Isn't this a pyramid scheme?

No, this company is not a pyramid scheme. The company uses people's networks to market, a strategy often abused by pyramid schemes. This great card allows you to earn from your accepted referrals. Also, if you are not part of the cash rewards program, you will still get 1% cashback on every purchase.

How do I become eligible for the cash rewards program?

You have to spend a minimum of $250 every month.

Am I charged any fees?

No, there are no fees charged for a VITAL credit card. The reward program is also tax-free.

How do I grow my VITAL score?

Your VITAL score grows with the number of your referrals. For every friend you refer, you earn 4 points. For second-tier and third-tier sign-ups, you earn 2points and 1 point respectively.


Ready to give the VITAL Card a try? They're currently in pre-launch so all you have to do now is provide your email to reserve your spot. Then refer your friends before someone else does!

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