What Is Unique Rewards?

Unique Rewards is an online rewards site that pays people who live in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada to complete tasks online that most people already do on their own. Do you enjoy watching videos? Do you check your emails every day? If so, you might want to consider Unique Rewards.

It may not offer a very high payout, but that is the idea of an online rewards site. You get paid small amounts of money for completing simple tasks that you already do on your own.

Continue reading this Unique Rewards review to find out if this really is an opportunity that you should pursue.

How To Earn Money

Based on it's name, you are probably wondering what exactly is “unique” about Unique Rewards. Is it actually unique? Or is it just like the other online rewards sites that I have heard about, like Swagbucks, for example.

What makes Unique Rewards different is the plethora of different ways you have to earn money.

The following is a list of the different ways you can earn money using Unique Rewards:

  1. Cash Offers
    • Within the Unique Rewards website, there will be multiple ads. If they look interesting to you, click the ad, and it will bring you to advertiser's website. Once you complete the purchase, Unique Rewards will credit you with a predetermined amount of cash.
  2. Cash Surveys
    • This one is simple. If you like to complete online surveys, Unique Rewards will pay you to complete their surveys. It is not a large amount of money, but it is very simple and easy.
  3. Cash Back Shopping
    • As stated previously, there are ads within the Unique Rewards website. Similar to cash back offers, you simply click on ads that look interesting to you. The difference is that after you complete your purchase, Unique Rewards will credit you with a predetermined percentage of the purchase price, not a set amount of money.
  4. Click Cash
    • For every 30 second advertisement that you click on, Unique Rewards will pay you $0.01. There are typically 10 to 20 of these ads every day, and sometimes even more. If you take advantage of this everyday, you will be surprised to see how quickly it adds up.
  5. Cash Email Messages
    • Unique Rewards will send you between 1 and 3 emails everyday that offer exclusive deals and special sales promotions. All you have to do is open the email, click the link, and let it direct you to the advertiser's website. They will pay you 0.01 to simply visit the link. If you take advantage of the offer, you can make even more money. Expect to make anywhere from $0.25 to $20 .
  6. Video Offers
    • Unique Rewards posts videos to their site everyday. Simply watch every video, and they will will pay you 0.01 for each video. Once again, not a high payout, but it's so simple.
  7. Radio Offer
    • Unique Rewards pays you to simply enter captcha codes on radio websites. Each time a captcha code is made available, simply submit it, and earn $0.03. Unique Rewards members that live in the United Kingdom and Canada will get $0.01.
  8. Referral Program
    • Unique Rewards has a very unique referral program:
      • When your referral completes their first task, you are paid $1.00
      • When your referral's account is active ($20.00+), you are paid $5.00
      • You are paid 10% of your referral's lifetime earnings
      • There is no limit to how many people you can refer

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How Does Unique Rewards Pay You?

In order to redeem your money and cash out, you must reach $20.00, which may seem a little high, yet it is achievable considering how many opportunities there are to earn money!

Payment is made through PayPal or check, which in my opinion, is the best part about Unique Rewards. There are a considerable amount of online rewards sites such as this one, but not many offer a direct cash payout.

When you reach the $20.00 threshold, I recommend using your PayPal account because you will receive that money rather quickly. It should not be more than 2 days before you see that money. A check, however, can potentially take up to 30 days.

Automatic Upgrade

Once you reach the $20.00 threshold and cash out for the first time, you will automatically be upgraded to the Unique Rewards Gold membership. For free! That's right.

With a Gold membership, the commission you receive on tasks increases by 40%! That is a pretty substantial increase. This gets applied to almost all of your offers, surveys, videos, etc.

It is nice that Unique Rewards makes sure to treat their members well. You get incentives for sticking with them and being loyal.

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Pros & Cons


  • Fast payments using PayPal
  • Various ways to earn
  • Free golden membership increases your earning potential
  • Excellent referral program
  • Free to join
  • Simple and easy tasks


  • Some advertisers include ads which may contain viruses and malware. Make sure your computer has a reliable antivirus software.
  • High payment threshold
  • Low earnings for each individual task. You have to spend a considerable amount of time to reach $20.00
  • Time and effort is not compensated (too low of offers, ex- tasks that pay you $0.01 to complete)

Scam or Not?/Customer Perception

Unique Rewards is certainly legitimate and it is not a scam. That is evident because MANY of their customers reported that they had been paid, and that they were happy with their experience with Unique Rewards. Also, it is free to join. So, essentially, you have nothing to lose and you can quit at any time. It would not be free to join if their intent was to scam you.

After spending a considerable amount of time searching through customer responses and reviews, the general consensus is that Unique Rewards is legit! Most people are happy with Unique Rewards and had good things to say about them.

There was, however, a handful of customers who were not happy with Unique Rewards. The most common complaint that I noticed was that it simply takes way too long. The tasks do not pay enough, and therefore it takes much too long to reach $20.00. Not everybody has the time and effort it takes to make Unique Rewards worth your time.

How To Get Started

Getting started with Unique Rewards is extremely quick and simple!

To get started, you will follow these steps…

  1. You will begin by visiting Unique Rewards homepage and clicking, “sign up now”. They will walk you through an entire set up process to get registered.
  2. Now you are set! You can begin visiting sites, shopping online, reading emails, and completing various other tasks (see complete list under “How To Earn Money).
  3. The last step is cashing out when you reach $20.00 in your account. Once again, you can get a check, but I highly recommend using the PayPal feature so that you quickly get your money!

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Concluding Thoughts

So now, you are probably trying to figure out if this is an opportunity that makes sense for you to take advantage of…

Unique Rewards is best for people that are looking for another source of income to compliment their main income source. This is not an opportunity for you to make tons of money and quit your job! You need to have a lot of time on your hands as well if you really plan to take full advantage of Unique Rewards.

Unique Rewards is for you if you want instant cash, although.

I hope I have made it clear. This is a really interesting opportunity that has a lot of cool features, but if you are thinking logically, Unique Rewards does not compensate you for the  amount of time and energy you will put into it. It takes a WHILE to reach the $20.00 threshold. You cannot cash out before you reach that point, as well.

After reading this Unique Rewards review, you should hopefully be able to make an educated decision on whether this is a good opportunity for you. Also, you should consider if it is worth your time in this first place.

If Unique Rewards is not for you, yet you still are interesting in finding the right place to generate an online income, check out Swagbucks!

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