What Is Triaba and How Does It Work?

Have you ever sat at home eating a disgusting amount of food because you’re bored, then getting fat and lethargic, being unable to think about anything other than boredom and food, then having your wife leave you for that dude Mike at work?

Cool, me too!  But if you want to avoid your wife leaving you, a good way for that is to not be bored, and something that can take up your time are online surveys, specifically Triaba!  

Triaba is a Norwegian company focusing upon delivering surveys in cooperation with Cint AB. Triaba is a member of AMA (American Marketing Association).  

Triaba is also a part of Cint OpinionHUB. OpinionHUB, formerly known as Cint Panel Exchange, brings together questions and answers from all around the world forming a unique, transparent insight marketplace. Companies come to the platform to set up online groups of consumers, businesses and specialist communities that can be accessed by market researchers.

The sign up for Triaba is extremely similar to the rest of the main survey websites.  Once you get on to the main page of the website, there’s the oversized shiney “Sign Up!” button.  Click on it.  Do it.  

From here, you’re going to be brought to the actual signup page.  It’s pretty basic and nondescript, essentially you put in your email, name, password, and all that jazz.  After this, you’re technically signed up for Triaba, but you need to continue with the demographic placement, which is the initial survey that you get that you describe who you are and where you came from.  You want to be as specific as possible.  

That way, Triaba can tailor the surveys to you, and you won’t be disqualified from any due to your demographics.  Now, depending on who you are, you might not get a lot of surveys!  But that isn’t just on Triaba, that’s pretty universal across all of the survey websites.

One really strange thing about Triaba is that you money can become “inactive”, and then eventually disappear after a set period of time where you aren’t doing any surveys.  You have to do a survey every 36 hours so your money won’t disappear!  

Okay, I’m joking about the 36 hours, it’s actually closer to two whole years before your money disappears.  However, before that, after one year of inactivity your account can be placed on hold, thereby holding the funds.  

All you have to do to keep that from happening is keep doing surveys!  Not too difficult considering you want to make money off of them anyways…


The payment for Triaba is fairly average.  For every survey, you can get between $.50, and $5.50.  It seems that a lot of the surveys hover around the $1.00 mark, so the $5.00 surveys rarely come.  Besides, who wants those anyways, making money is for plebs!  

Joking aside, it is pretty rare for a $5.00 survey to come up.  Also, the time commitment for those can be fairly intense; 40-50 minutes is the average.  If you think about that, it isn’t that good of a wage, being several dollars below minimum wage.  

The time vs. money ratio is pretty standard… so in my opinion, not worth it.  However, it’s okay for a little bit of extra money!  

They payout is similar to a lot of other survey websites.  Triaba will stick to just using PayPal.  Essentially their reasoning is that it saves on administrative costs, so you’re going to have to get a PayPal account!  


Public Perception of Triaba

The public perception of Triaba seems to be good, however it is lacking a little bit in the amount of reviews.  This leads me to believe that this isn’t a very large company, or it’s not used very much.  This can mean one of two things.

One, the company is a terrible company that through hostile internet practices has made bad reviews ‘disappear’…

Cue Godfather music now.

Two, the more likely one in my opinion, is that Triaba is a hidden jewel that not many people use.  This is good because it allows the company to put more resources into each customer, allowing for more surveys, better support, and possibly even slightly higher pay.  

That all being said, there are reviews of Triaba.  Essentially, they are disgruntled folk who are complaining about getting screened out (which happens, it’s the way that these survey sites work) or not getting their money.  However, that leads me to believe that the customers are at fault here, because if there was a larger problem with the company, it wouldn’t be only a couple of reviews, there would be a plethora of them.  

What We Think

Overall, Triaba is a good company, and is average as far as the surveys and money goes, but seems to be above average in the customer service department.  Triaba seems to be the literal average of a survey site; it’s not too good in any one category, but no one is really complaining!  Triaba is worth it, and it is recommended.  That being said, this is not a service where you can earn a ton of money; really, it’s enough to get that tank of gas or have beer money for the weekend.  Give it a shot, there’s nothing to lose!