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Below is our review of Zoom Panel for archive purposes.

More and more companies are wanting cheaper and easier ways of gaining statistics and data. The most rewarding but more risky way of earning easy rewards and giving the companies what they want is taking paid online survey. This way you are rewarded with money, gift cards or whatever you choose. They get the information and use it to better our lives for any reason. Zoom Panel is going to be reviewed to see if it is a legit survey site or a scam. You can check these same things on another website you are interested in.

Customer Reviews

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Customers opinions are one of the most important resources to see if the site is legit and worth the time or if its a scam. The Zoom Panel site has no way of writing or reading reviews. This is a red flag because if they wanted people to take their surveys they should be able to see how other people thought of the site. The Survey Police say that Zoom Panel has an overall rating of two out of five stars. This is another red flag because people don't have much good to say about this site. One person even said, “They used to be worth my time but now you get very few survey invites and their point system takes forever…”. But there was a few good reviews. To show you both sides of the story, one person said good things about Zoom Panel and ,” Zoom panel is great because they give you points even if you screen out of a survey.

Rewards and Offers

Zoom Panel offers limited rewards. They specialize in a lot of Amazon gift cards. This is what they rely on most as a form of reward for the people who take the survey. They also offer the latest books and movies, electronics, appliances, home decor, charitable donations and more. These rewards are from legitimate businesses so this is a thumbs up for Zoom Panel. Although it doesn't offer customer reviews the site still had reviews on another site that you could read. This isn't as much of a red flag because it has honest reviews just on a different site.

Privacy Policy

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All legit survey sites need to have a privacy policy. People want to know where their information is being spread. It is good for the site to have this policy available because it shows everybody that they aren't going to misuse your information. Zoom Panel has their privacy policy at the bottom of the homepage on a link. This is a very good sign because it shows that Zoom Panel has nothing to worry about.

Company Information

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There is usually one sure way to see if a site is legit. That is the company information and a way to contact them. Sites that were scams wouldn't have company information. Zoom Panel appears to have an, “about us” page. This is a very good sign because the company information being available and the privacy policy present on the site outweigh the customer reviews. They might nit like it because its not their type of survey.

Yes or No?

Zoom Panel is a yes in my book. This is because they have the company information present and the privacy policy can be seen. The customer reviews seemed to be a little harsh because what I've found is that this site seems to be nothing but good. In my opinion this site is a yes.