Online survey websites are all over the internet. You have to be careful as to which site you are going to be taking the surveys on because believe it or not there are scam survey sites out there. To determine if they are a legit survey site or not you should know what to look for to see if it is not a scam. Vindale Research is going to be reviewed to help you better know if you should use it or not.

This video offers 3 huge points to consider.

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Customer Reviews

A survey site wants to prove that they are worth the time so they will often ask for a review from the survey taker. They do this so they can improve themselves. Vindale Research does not appear to be a favored survey site. The customer ratings average was a one and a half out of five stars according to Consumer Affairs. People were either very satisfied with the site and rewards or else some people were very disappointed in what they experienced.  One great customer review that they received was from Mike in the United States. He said, ” I persisted and have received 4 50 dollar payments. Thank you Vindale.” On the opposite hand, most people spoke badly about Vindale Research. Jessica from the United States said, “I have no other way to earn money. But I am through with this scam!” Hearing that the site is a scam from another customer doesn't mean it is a legitimate survey site. There are many other factors put into the process of determining this answer.

Rewards and Opportunities

Vindale Research is not the favorite survey site because it has limited rewards. The one reward that they specialize in is paying cash through PayPal. If they pay through this, its usually and okay site because they don't have access to anything but your email address. PayPal is a very secure way of paying and getting paid. But due to the fact they don't offer any different rewards except PayPal transfers, this survey site seems to be on the verge of being a scam.

Privacy Policy

On the Vindale Research site, the privacy policy is available and this is a very good sign. Usually scam website don't bother to put a privacy policy up. This is because they are worried it could be used against them because they are a scam website. Due to this policy being present, this site appears to be legit because it does offer rewards and it shows its privacy policy.


Company Information

The company information can easily show you if the site is a scam or not. Vindale Research offers an' “About Us” page, and this is usually a sign that they have their company information avalable in many ways. Having this information present is a big factor in determining if the site is a scam or not and this site has proven that it is not a scam and has provided the right tools and information to be considered a legit survey site.

Yes or No?

Vindale Research is a yes. Even though they received many bad reviews, that is the least important way in determining if the site is a scam or not. They provided everything they needed to in order to be considered a legit survey site.

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