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One of the more lucrative things to come from the widespread technology we enjoy these days is the chance to earn money in many different ways. You no longer have to leave your home and find a job outside. Whether you need to earn a lot or you just want a way to fill time and earn some extra cash, you can often find something perfect online.

In addition, many people look for fun ways to earn money. The idea of being able to do it anywhere is quite popular. Many people look for ways to combine their hobbies and making money. One option to do so is through RewardTV. As the name suggests, you can earn by watching television. It is an interesting way to turn a couch potato habit into some extra spending money or great prizes.

If this sounds like something that would interest you, it might help to learn a little bit more about what RewardTV is and how it works. We've written up an unbiased review of this website, including information we've gathered from user reviews and from the website itself. Find out everything you need to know to decide if RewardTV is worth your time or not.

What Is RewardTV

What Is RewardTV?

RewardTV is a website where you can earn money by watching and answering trivia questions.  It is based in the UK, so you have to live in the UK to participate in the program. The company covers all associated costs, so it 100 percent free to you. Even if you win prizes, RewardTV handles all shipping costs, so you pay nothing ever to participate.  You also have to be at least 18 years old and cannot be affiliated in any way its parent company, Nielsen IAG, Inc.

By answering questions and playing the various games, you can earn points, which are the currency of the program. Points are only usable within the RewardTV program. Points do have expiration dates based on when they were earned. It is typically at the end of the calendar year. Points may also expire if your account is inactive.

To play any games on RewardTV, you must sign up, which includes providing your name and email address. You do this on the RewardTV website. It is accessible via computer or mobile device at uk.rewardtv.com.

Ways To Earn Points

The only way to earn points through the program is to play on the site. There are several options for earning points.

The main option is through trivia games. These are released each evening after the evening broadcasts and reflect that night's schedule. Games are centered mainly around broadcast television programs, but also do include some cable shows, along with movies and game shows. Games are open until the following day at midnight. You can play five trivia games for each day's programs.

The trivia game involves answering questions about the program. These may be multiple choice or survey questions. Every time you get a correct answer, you earn 100 points. You may also get to play the bonus round, which increases how much you can earn. You must completely finish a game for the points to be added to your account. If you get disconnected, the site saves your progress, so you can return later and finish the game to get your points. You can quit a game by clicking the quit button, but you forfeit all points and that game still counts towards your five-game limit for that period.

You can only play each game one time. If you try to play more than once, you may be kicked out of the system and no longer eligible to play.

You may also get access to bonus content from time to time that allows you to earn more points. RewardTV may release surveys, promotions or deals that give you more ways to earn points. These are not guaranteed, though. They are released at the discretion of RewardTV. One ongoing option is to get money for getting others to sign up. You can be used as a referral for up to 20 people. Each person you get to sign up under your referral earns you 2500 points if they play at least one game a week for two weeks and sign up within 30 days of your referral email.

Redeeming Points

Redeeming Points

Once you start accumulating points on RewardTV, you can start thinking about redeeming them. You cannot redeem them directly for cash. Instead, you use them to “buy” products in the Rewards catalog. Rewards include a variety of great options. You can use them directly to get Amazon gift cards of varying amounts.

There are also options to use your points to win prizes. You can use them to enter pay for my stuff drawings. These drawings enter you for a chance to win a prize that will pay for certain things, such as your car payment or your utility bills. You can buy three entries each day for this drawing.

You may also use your points to bid in auctions on prizes. Typically, you will be bidding on Amazon gift cards. This is your chance to get these cards for less than they would cost through directly redeeming your points for a card.

Each week, you have the option to redeem points for a shopping spree with a selected vendor. You have to shop with the chosen vendor.

Win Prizes

You may also win prizes through various options. There are special drawings held continuous each day. If you play, you are automatically entered to win in the daily prize draw. This is for £5,000. If you play more than one game, you get an entry into the £1,000 drawing. Your chances to win either depends on the number of players each day.

Often RewardTV will offer the chance to take bonus surveys. If you complete a bonus survey, you get an entry for a chance to win even more prizes.

FAQ About RewardTV

How do I sign up?

You must be at least 18 years old and a resident of the UK. You sign up on RewardTV's website.

Is it hard to get points?

How many points you win is based on how often you play and how much you play. If you play everyday and play all five games you are allowed, then you could earn points quickly. As for actually earning the points, the trivia is not difficult if you actually watched the program.

Can I earn actual money?

No. You only earn points. You can redeem those points for Amazon gift cards or you could win a pay for my stuff drawing, which is kind of like earning money. There are many ways to win prizes and gift cards that will help you earn from playing the trivia games.

Is RewardTV a scam?

It is a good idea to be wary of possible scams, but RewardTV is not a scam. You do get a return on what you put into it. You never have to pay money. Plus, it is backed by a well-known company that has a strong reputation. So, you can use the program without any fear that you are being scammed.

Do I have to pay taxes?

You will have to pay taxes on anything you win, but RewardTV does not handle those. You are responsible for handling any tax liabilities you incur as a result of playing games or wining prizes on RewardTV.

Can I play completely on my mobile device?

You should be able to play the games on your device and redeem points. However, you cannot edit your account information on the mobile site.

What do I do if I can't access my account?

You should first make sure that you have verified your email. After you sign up, you are sent an email with a link you must click to verify the email address is correct and that you signed up for the program. You can log into the site and play three times without verifying, but on your fourth visit, you will have to verify your email or you will be locked out. If that is not the problem, then you may be having technical difficulties or your account may have been locked by administration. You should contact RewardTV for help.

User Experiences

User Experiences

There is always a mixed bag when people review something like RewardTV. You have to weed through the comments to get to the heart of things and to get a realistic picture of what to expect. With that in mind, here are some of the top things people had to say:

  • The rewards earned aren't all that great. People didn't like that you cannot convert directly to cash as you can with other similar programs. They felt the sweepstakes and auctions were also a letdown. With the sweepstakes, you have to spend your points and may never get anything in return. The auctions often leave you spending too many points for too little return. However, the ability to “buy” gift cards was still nice and often was enough to keep people on board.
  • The amount of points required to “cash in” are too high. Another major issue with people is that it takes too many points to ever earn a reward with the program.
  • Your private information is shared. Many people do not like having their information shared within the Nielsen company. This results in a ton of unwanted emails in your inbox.
  • People did feel that the trivia was very easy to play. As long as you actually watch the show, you should not have any issues answering the questions as they are not too difficult.
  • The design of the program and the trivia game was also a good point. People thought it was easy to play.
  • Signup is also easy. You fill out a simple form, and you can get started right away. It doesn't require answering a lot of questions or a complex process.
  • People also felt that the overall design on the program was easy to understand. They didn't have to read through pages of information just to figure out how to play and redeem points.
  • The referral program is also a big hit. The amount of points awarded is pretty generous. If you know a lot of people who love watching TV, then you could really get a lot of points fast through referrals. Although, the limit on the number of referrals and the requirements for play for those you refer were seen as annoying and often cost people the referral rewards.

A Comprehensive YNAB Review: A Partner For Financial Planning​​​The overall user experience for RewardTV is on the negative side. The main concern is that you are required to do too much for too little and it is a waste of time when there are better options out there.

Our Verdict

Our Final Thoughts

Whether you are happy or unhappy with RewardTV really depends on what you expect to get out of it. If you are hoping this is a good way to earn some extra cash, then you will be disappointed. On the other hand, if you are looking for a good time killer that can also help you earn some free money to spend at Amazon, then you probably will enjoy it. Playing the trivia games is pretty simple and won't take a lot of your time. However, what you can earn doing this is not very substantial.

The biggest issue we found with RewardTV is that there are other comparable programs out there that offer much better rewards and even the chance to earn cash. So, for many people, this will just be a waste of time. A lot of people won't like the setup of the rewards and opt to stick with the competitor programs. However, if you enjoy trivia, you may just play on RewardTV in your free time for fun.

The bottom line here is that RewardTV is not for everyone. This review goes over every aspect of the program, so if you have read this far, then you should be pretty well-versed in what to expect. Whether you play or not is up to you and what you are looking for.

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