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With all the noise of different survey sites out there, it's important to know which ones to invest your time in and which to steer clear of. Here we'll give you the rundown of QuickRewards.net!

What is QuickRewards Network?

QuickRewards.net is a website where you can get paid to complete different tasks. These include playing games, shopping online, visiting websites, and taking surveys.

How to Earn Rewards

There are lots of ways to earn on QuickRewards. It's important to know that nearly all the offers on their site are provided through third parties. This means that you will frequently have to sign up for different third party sites in order to complete the tasks.

Of all the great money earning options on QR, survey taking is the least efficient. The surveys take a long time to complete and rarely provide sufficient rewards. In addition, it is very common to be rejected from a survey after 5 minutes of filling out the qualification poll. These factors make it generally a waste of time compared to the other cash earning options.

There are a lot of interesting content related ways to earn on QR. You can earn rewards for watching videos, visiting different websites, playing trivia games, and reading paid emails. With the paid emails, users who take advantage of the offers embedded within have the opportunity to earn extra rewards.

QuickRewards has an online shopping feature that allows you to save money on select brands when shopping through their site. However, this feature is only really an advantage if you were looking to buy those items anyway.

QuickRewards also offers a referral program! You can earn 5% of your friends earnings when they sign up through your link and start using the site.

The Rewards

QuickRewards has both cash and point earning options.

You can earn cash by taking surveys, playing trivia games, shopping, and viewing ads. There is no minimum cash out amount so you can redeem your earnings whenever you want. This can be done through PayPal (which usually takes only 24 hours) or in exchange for a variety of gift cards.

QuickPoints can also be earned by answering trivia as well as by viewing certain ads, watching video clips, and visiting different webpages. There are roughly 10,000 QP to the USD.


Like most other online money making opportunities, QuickRewards requires some personally identifiable information, like your name and email, as well as some other personal and demographic information in order for you to participate.

The QR privacy policy promises never to sell your information to third parties. However, by participating in surveys and other opportunities provided by QR through third parties, the latter is given access to some of your information and can contact you through email. Should a third party contact you, you are free to opt out of their mailing list at any time.

So, nothing shady there.

Pros and Cons of QuickRewards

Pros: It's free and easy to use. With no minimum cash out amount, rewards can be redeemed at any time. Usually takes only 24 hours to receive rewards.

Cons: Offers are only available to residents of the United States, Canada, and the UK. Site design is a bit outdated and can be somewhat difficult to follow. Users may be contacted by third parties.

So, is QuickRewards a scam?

The short answer is no.

QuickReward isn't the greatest way to make money online and certainly could not replace a real job, but it's not a scam. You actually can win real rewards on the site. While using the site may result in some third party contact, QuickRewards will not sell your information. The presence and availability of a thorough privacy policy is another good mark toward their name.

Should you join?

As we've said, there are better sites for making money online. But if you're into exploring different survey sites, QuickRewards is a viable option! We recommend that anyone looking for multiple paid survey options check out QuickRewards.

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