I have come across other sites that are similar to Click 4 Surveys before. They all work essentially the same way (I will get into that in just a minute). I was surprised to find that, despite their generic name, their website is much more professional looking than any of the other online survey sites. They also seem to be more upfront about what they do. I appreciated the fact that unlike the other survey “guide or program” sites, they make no promises to reveal some well hidden “secret” of becoming rich through online surveys once you join up.


They do however promise to make you rich through their online surveys program, and that in itself is deceptive. In fact once I looked a bit more closely I found that Click 4 Surveys is just as misleading as the other websites, they just go about presenting their web page differently. If I had not had prior knowledge as to how these sites operate, I might have even been sold!

The first thing that you will come across when you come to Click 4 Surveys’ web page is a very well put together video. Opening the video are various “members” of the Click 4 Surveys’ program giving rather convincing testimonials about how Click 4 Survey changed their lives. After looking in the fine print section and finding that these so called testimonials are no more than a paid advertisement, they become much less convincing!

If you want to try a survey site that is actually honest with it's customers, try Swagbucks (Click Here to read our honest review of Swagbucks).

For act two comes a clean cut looking guy in a business suit. This guy does a great job at presenting the program. He even goes through the steps of the program which was actually refreshing because, like I said before, many other site are a complete mystery until you sign up. It seems pretty legit, but if you know about how these companies work, you will quickly realize that they are just the same as all the other guys. In case you are not familiar with the subject, let me break it down.

So they guy says that step 1 of Click 4 Surveys’ program is instant access to a database of all the best online survey companies where you can make larges sums of money. The guy takes it a step further by claiming that this database is not available anywhere else on the web. That is a pretty extraordinary claim, and it is simply not true! Not only does every other online survey “guide or program” offer the exact same thing but, you can also get the same information for FREE just by searching Google.

What the guy also fails to explain is that after accessing this database of companies, you have to sign up for each one individually. Signing up with these survey companies is time consuming, not to mention a headache! If filling out surveys is something it something that you want to do, you can do it without needlessly giving Click 4 Surveys your money.

On to step 2…apparently step 2 is choosing which surveys that you want to fill out. Business suit guys makes it look so easy, as if there are tons of surveys available that pay big bucks. Again, this is false advertisement! Although there are some surveys that pay higher sums, they are the exception, not the rule! The rule is more like $0.20-$0.30 a survey. Some surveys are even about 1-2 hours long!

It is also important to note that these survey companies must deem you “qualified” for certain surveys (mostly the higher paying ones). The worst part about it is that some of these companies will not even inform you that you are unqualified until AFTER you have completed the survey.

The 3rd and final step that business suit guy presents is getting paid. He explains to you that you have the option of getting paid by paypal, or by receiving a check. It seems very open and shut, but what you may not realize is what he does he NOT explain. If I didn’t know better, the way that he presents this I would assume that Click 4 Surveys personally provides you with your payment, but that is not the case.

What the guy is not mentioning is that each separate online survey company pays you for any money that you earn on their site. Why is this important? Well, business suit guy left out an important fact. Online survey companies have a payout rate. This means that you must first achieve a certain amount of earned wages before you are able to receive a payment.

Each company has a different payout rate.

Some companies’ payout rate is as high as $50. At $0.20 a survey this may take you a while to achieve! So, if you are using many different companies to fill out surveys your earnings are going to be stretched out over many different sites, and result in delaying your paycheck.    

Once you get past the video, just like all the other various survey guide companies sites, you are presented with yet another “founder” to telling you his “personal” story about how online surveys changed his life! Mr. Daniel Cooper makes it sound so simple to make plenty of money through online surveys. At one point he even claims that you can earn a good bit of cash in just 30 minutes “after putting the kids to bed”.

I have already gone over how most surveys only pay about $0.30 per survey and can take hours to complete, so you understand why this claim is completely unreasonable!

So, the bottom point that I am getting at here is, don’t waste your time or money on this site! If you are really interested in doing surveys, please realize that you will not become an overnight millionaire this way, in fact you won’t become a millionaire at all this way! If you are just looking for a way to pass time by completing surveys, you don’t need Click 4 Surveys, just use Google to search for surveys or use a reputable service like Swagbucks or MySurvey to find surveys for you.

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