Picking the right credit card can be a confusing process. Every credit card company has their gimmick or benefit, and it’s often difficult to tell which card is the best decision for you. In this review, we take a look at the Citi Double Cash card, and whether or not it’s worth signing up. Read on and see what you think of the Citi Double Cash card and if this credit card is the right selection for you.

What is the Citi Double Cash Card?

The Citi Double Cash card is a cash back card that is directed towards those with a good to excellent credit score. If your credit score is down at the moment, you may want to apply for another card as it’s likely you won’t be approved. Although the standards are a bit high, they are far lower than some of the comparable cards that require excellent credit. If you have good credit, the Citi Double Cash card is a good way to earn cash back on purchases, both when you buy and when you pay.

This card isn’t as flashy as some others that change their reward system every month. Some find their stratagem better, though, as its rewards system is more dependable while it’s static. Instead of offering 5% or 6% for specific purchases, then changing every quarter, the Citi Double Cash card gives you 1% cash back on every purchase. You don’t have to use the card exclusively for gas or groceries to get the reward, meaning this option could be your primary purchasing credit card.

How the Citi Double Cash Card Works

The main feature that sets the Citi Double Cash card apart from the competition is the 1% cash back when you buy and 1% cash back when you pay. As stated above, this feature works on all purchases, so you won’t have to stay up to date with the quarterly offerings. The double cash back cited in the card’s name also offers a strong incentive to pay your credit card bill. The sooner you pay, the sooner you get the second half of the reward.

There are several other benefits to the Citi Double Cash card apart from the main cash-back feature. The card offers a late fee pass on your first missed payment. If paying for your monthly purchases slips your mind, you’ll be able to make them up one time without being penalized.

Another benefit the card offers what they call “Citi Price Rewind.” This program ensures that you get the lowest possible price on an item. If they find the same product at a lower rate in the next 60 days, you should receive the difference. By signing up, you’ll also be eligible for the Citi Private Pass, which offers exclusive presale tickets to concerts, sporting events, movie screenings, and more.


The standard variable APR of the Citi Double Cash card is 14.49% to 24.49% depending on your creditworthiness. On balance transfers, though, the Citi Double Cash card offers 0% APR for the first 18 months. After that, the fees will revert to the standard rate for any unpaid balance. There is no late fee for your first tardy payment, but after that, it will cost you up to $35. The same goes for a returned payment.

The annual fee for the Citi Double Cash card is $0, which is good for those who don’t want to pay attention to how much they need to spend to break even. This feature means you can use the card as much or as little as you like without losing money in the long run. Annual fees can be a pain to keep track of and require you to use their card to get your money back.

Steps to Get Started

  1. Check your credit score.
  • First, you’re going to want to check your credit score.
  • Unlike some competitors, the Citi Double Cash card accepts good credit and isn’t exclusive to excellent credit.
  • You’ll want to know if you’re in the range of credit before you apply
  1.  Look at the competition.
  • Take a look at some competing offers to see what works best
  • f you have excellent credit, you may want to get a card with a more personalized reward system
  1.  Decide what you’re using this card for.
  • If you’re only going to use the card for gas, you could choose one that rewards exclusively gas purchases.
  1. Apply on the Citicards.com website
  • Apply for the Citi Double Cash card if you think it’s the right selection for you.
  • Use their website to fill out your information, and see if you qualify.

Pros and Cons of the Citi Double Cash Card


  • No annual fee
  • Great rewards system
  • 0% APR for the first 18 months on balance transfers
  • Accepts good credit, not just excellent credit


  • No signup bonus
  • No 0% APR for purchases
  • Low credit limit

Public Perception (Other Citi Double Cash Card Reviews)

The general opinion of the Citi Double Cash card is that it works well for those who want a versatile card with a high cash back system. People who add the card for substantive purposes tend to be happy, but those who use it as their main card have run into some trouble. From user experiences, it would seem that the fraud detection can be a bit trigger-happy. Having a secure card isn’t the worst thing, but it can be annoying to have your card declined for possible fraud multiple times.

Another issue that users seem to have is the low monthly limit. It would appear that no matter your income, the Citi Double Cash card doesn’t offer too much in the way of monthly spending limits. This card is ideal for those who want to use it here and there, but not as good if you’re looking for a card that will take care of all of your expenses.


Consider the Blue Cash Preferred Card from American Express if you’re interested in the static rewards system of the Citi Double Cash card but want to take a look at other options. It comes with an annual fee of $95 but offers 6% cash back on groceries, 3% on gas, and 1% on everything else. It will require a similar credit score but is another option that doesn’t change its reward scheme.

If you won’t qualify for either of these cards, the QuicksilverOne card from Capital One is a reliable choice. It offers 1.5% cash back on everything, with a small annual fee of $39. There’s a higher APR with this card, but that you should expect if you’re searching for a card for a lower credit score.

Should You Apply for the Citi Double Cash Card?

The Citi Double Cash card is worth applying for in most circumstances. For no annual fee, it offers a total of 2% cash back on all purchases with no limit. It’s hard to match this reward system, especially when it’s combined with the other perks you’ll get with the card. There are some drawbacks, namely the spending limit, but these negatives can be mitigated if you have other cards at your disposal. Overall, the card is solid and is at least worth strong consideration if you’re looking for a new card.