What is Chegg?

Chegg is an online platform for students to buy, rent, and sell textbooks at discounted rates.  They also offer study and tutoring services, ACT and SAT preparation, internships, and scholarships through their website.  We’ll take an in-depth look at their services in this chegg review, and give you some insight on their reputation and reliability.


Services That Chegg Offers

Chegg Books

The Chegg Books service allows you to rent, sell, or buy Chegg textbooks and digital textbooks.  You can save up to 90% the original price of a textbook, and you receive free shipping on all orders over $85.

Chegg understands that students drop classes or switch to another course once the semester starts, so they offer a 21-day period for risk-free returns.  Now you can have all your textbooks available for the start of the semester, knowing that you can return them within three weeks if your schedule changes.

After the semester is over, use Chegg buyback to get those books out of your hands and some extra cash in your pockets.  If you sign up for Chegg Books, you get to experience a four-week trial of Chegg Study for free.

Chegg Study

Chegg Study includes step-by-step guides and solutions for over 22,000 international standard textbooks.  If you have trouble with homework assignments and need further explanation, the Chegg Study feature is an excellent resource.

Students can get help with courses that are related to business, chemistry, computer sciences, engineering, math, and science.  You get your first 30 minutes of online tutoring for free.  After that, you still have live access to instantly connect with an online tutor 24/7.  You can also ask questions to experts within the study community.

Chegg updates their website with new coupons each month.  So check to see their best offer and coupons for Chegg Study before you sign up for an account.  You can apply coupons after you sign up as well.

Chegg Tutors

Chegg Tutors are available 24 hours per day, so you can get help at whatever time best fits your schedule.  The tutors are experts in their field and have either graduated from a college or university or are currently enrolled in a program.  Tutoring is available for students in high school and college levels.

To get started, you explain what you need help with.  Next, Chegg matches you with a qualified tutor.  You and your tutor have some time to get acquainted with a proper introduction, that way you can verify that you both want to work together.  If not, they will match you with another tutor.

You can also download the Chegg Tutors app to get help with your academic work from a smartphone or tablet while you are on the go.  The mobile application is a great resource for students that have busy schedules and can’t always find a desk and computer to study at.

Chegg Test Prep

Chegg Test Prep helps students prepare for the both the SAT and ACT tests.  The online course is tailored towards you individual wants and needs.  You set the date of your test and practice by taking multiple tests and quizzes for each academic section.

The initial practice test helps you and the software understand how much work you need to complete to reach your desired score.  After you take the practice test, it identifies your strengths and weaknesses to customize your study plan based on areas that you need the most practice.

All the tests and questions have detailed explanations to each solution so you can learn and improve from your mistakes while you study.  It also offers video lessons, which offer useful teaching points and tips for your upcoming test.  The Chegg Flashcards mobile app is another resource for studying and test preparations.

Chegg Internships

Chegg Internships is a platform that allows students to match with employers for work opportunities.  Instead of filling out long and tedious applications, you create a profile, upload a resume, and apply to jobs with just one click.

The internships offered through Chegg’s network give students real life work experience so they can consider future professions.  These are great for students who prefer hands-on learning experiences rather than taking notes in a lecture hall.

Chegg Scholarships

Chegg Scholarships gives students the ability to browse over 25,000 scholarships on their website.  You start by creating a profile with basic information such as your name, age, and level of education.

Next, you can browse scholarships that you qualify for and apply directly online through the platform, or save it to apply at a later date.  All of the scholarships show their name, deadline, and amount, so it is very easy and organized for students to find.

The Chegg Scholarships page is one of the many tools available online for students to find tuition money.  There are plenty of other resources to learn how to get a scholarship as well.

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Is Chegg Reliable?

Chegg is a reliable company and service.  If you order textbooks and they arrive late, contact them, and they will issue a refund for your shipping costs.  The Chegg Satisfaction Guarantee gives you 21 days to return your books, absolutely free.  So if you are unsatisfied with your book, change a class, drop a class, or just determine you don’t need it for any reason, they will give you your money back.

If you sign up for the Chegg Study or Chegg Tutor services, you have access to online experts 24 hours per day.  These are great options for late night study sessions or any time you need help with homework or other assignments.

Is Chegg Worth It?

Using Chegg Books is one of the best ways to save money on textbooks.  There is no reason for you to pay full price for brand new textbooks from your school’s bookstore when you can find them on Chegg at a fraction of the price and in great condition.

The Chegg Test Prep, Chegg Study, and Chegg Tutor services are all proven to boost student test scores.  If you need help with the SAT’s, ACT’s, or help with your high school or college coursework, signing up for those memberships is worth the high scores and added knowledge benefits.

Other Chegg Reviews

For the most part, Chegg’s customers are happy with their service and would recommend Chegg to their friends.  However, like most businesses, not everyone is happy with their experience using the website.

Customers on Site Jabber complained that the service costs were too high and some others said their books took too long to arrive.  Other negative comments detailed stories about Chegg automatically signing them up for subscriptions, which they never ordered or authorized.  That particular customer claims the refund process was not positive, so just be careful when navigating the site and fully understand your agreements.

Consumer Affairs has several chegg reviews as well, most of which are not favorable.  It seems as though the majority of the customers had a negative experience with late arrivals or customer service issues.  There are also positive chegg reviews stating that books arrived before the promised date and great customer service evaluations.

Chegg Coupons

If you want to learn how to get Chegg for free, you can find a coupon code from Valpak offering free trials for different services.  Groupon also offers a coupon for Chegg that gives you a free four-week membership to Chegg Study.  RetailMeNot is another source for discount codes.

How to Get Started

If you are interested in Chegg, start by signing up for a free chegg account.  With your chegg login, you can get a free four-week trial with Chegg Books.  Chegg also gives you a free 30 minutes of tutoring with a Chegg Study subscription.

Your best option is to get started with Chegg Books, so you can try the other services for free.  Then you can decide which services you want to continue using.


We have identified and answered some of the most common and frequently asked questions about Chegg.

How Do I Cancel My Chegg Study Account?

If you want to your Chegg Study account, you do not need to terminate your entire Chegg membership.  Instead, log in and visit the “My account” page.  You will see “Chegg Study” listed in the “Subscriptions” section of the page.  Click “Pause membership” and select how long you want to pause.

Another option is to completely cancel the Chegg Study subscription.  Click “Cancel membership” underneath “Chegg Study” on that same “Subscriptions” menu.  After the cancellation is complete, you will still be able to use your account for the duration of the current billing cycle.

If you bought your membership via iTunes or Google Play, you need to contact them to pause or cancel your membership.

How Do I Track My Books?

Visit the “View Orders” page from your account on the Chegg website.  From there, you can click “Show Shipment Details” to see where your books are.  If your tracking number is not valid on the UPS website, click the number and delete and % signs in the number.  Chegg is working to get that glitch fixed.

It takes up to two days for a tracking number to get issued after a new order.  So if you just placed an order, your tracking number will get sent over soon.  If you received your books later than they were promised, contact Chegg, and they will refund your shipping costs.

How Do I Delete My Chegg Account?

If you want to delete your account, the process is simple.  First, log in to your account.  Next, you have the option to chat online with a Chegg representative that can cancel your account, or you can call the customer service number instead.

If you have open transactions such as returns, refunds, or rented books, you need to complete the transaction before the membership is terminated.  If you want to cancel your Chegg Study subscription or Chegg Tutors subscription, you can do so without closing your entire account.

What is a Chegg?

The name Chegg is a combination of the words chicken and egg.  Chegg’s founders were in a paradox after graduating college.  They had trouble finding jobs without any work experience, but could not gain work experience without a job.  Their chicken and egg dilemma inspired the name for the company.

How Do You Return Books to Chegg?

Chegg has a simple return process.  From your online account, print your prepaid UPS return label.  Take the books that are due and put them into any box you have around the house.  Next, just seal the box, attach the return label, and drop it off at the closest UPS location before or on the due date.

If you ship your books back via UPS, it’s completely free, since Chegg provides the prepaid UPS return label.  You can ship your books back using another method or shipping company if you prefer, but you are responsible for those costs.

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