What Is 20Cogs and How Does It Work?

20Cogs is a company based in the UK that gathers affiliate deals with other companies, and then dishes them out to many of the users of the website.  

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The concept of 20Cogs having the deals with the website means that you (the customer) won't have to really   While 20Cogs isn’t strictly a survey website (their acronym stands for Competitions, Offers, Gaming & Surveys) it has survey in the name, which is good enough for me to put on the site.  If you want to check out a purely survey oriented website, check out our favorite survey site Swagbucks.  

There are a couple of different offers that get brought up on each of the 20 cogs that you fill out before you get rewarded (the company’s name is 20Cogs.  There’s 20 things you have to fill out.  COGS is an acronym.  The things you click on are like shaped like cogs.  See, get it!?).  There are two choices, making it for a total of  forty possible things that you can attempt.  The affiliates that the cogs link to can occasionally be sketchy and spammy, taking you to websites that may occasionally not be run by the most reputable sort.  However, the website promises that you will get paid, which is more than most survey websites can say.  Also, in order to get paid, you will have to wait for the service to be verified (for the cog to turn green), which can take anywhere from several minutes to a month, depending on the deal.  

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Cool Things About 20Cogs

There’s a couple of cool things about 20Cogs.  Number one, their interface is really cool.  All the surveys are set up like little cogs which is super cool (sorry.  You have to appreciate the small things in life).  It also isn’t very hard to make much money; the vast majority of people stated that they were able to get through all the cogs (the tasks that are required, you have to perform 20 of them) in a quick amount of time.  One awkward thing is the fact that you may have to spend some money to make some money; certain deals require you to at least enter your credit card, if not purchase a membership.  However, the rewards most of the time significantly outweigh this cost.  


The pricing for 20Cogs varies a huge amount.  Some of the tasks pay low, in the realm of under £1.00, to as much as £50.00, although those offers are few and far in between, and usually require you to spend money.  On that topic, some of the tasks will require you to set up an account with a company that you may have to pay for, or at the very least input your credit card information for a free trial.  The trick to these “free trials” is that you need to be able to remember to cancel these memberships.  Don’t worry, you won’t lose credit as long as the cog has turned green.  In other words, it must be approved and ready to rock!  20Cogs also has an excellent referral program.  

On top of a small bonus to recruit, you will get 5% of the total per month of any person you refers money.  So if a person you referred made £100.00 in a month, you’ll get £5.00!  And there’s no timeline to that.  As long as they stay active you’ll keep making money!

When you get paid, which is normally the end of the month, you can do it via check, or PayPal.  There are some gift card options as well, although they’re generally not as popular as straight cash.  

Public Perception of 20Cogs

The vast majority of reviews have been excellent.  There are a multitude of things that 20Cogs seems to be doing right.  One thing that is especially praised is the customer service.  Whenever someone sends a ticket to 20Cogs’ help desk, they aim to get a response to them in under 24 hours, which they seem to do an excellent job of.  They also have an active social media/question board presence.  The vast majority of questions that consumers posted were answered in a fairly quick amount of time.  The interface is also commended.  I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I get so hype over those little cool things!

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What We Think

20Cogs seems to be an excellent site with an awesome customer support base, awesome interface, and adequately paying easy surveys.  The customer service seems to consistently be there and be helpful, which is extraordinarily important.  The intereface is super easy to use, as the concept is well explained (it’s in the name!), and the surveys/tasks can pay very well.    There aren’t a whole lot of things wrong with it, with the possibility of some sketchy websites, as well as the possibility of having to pay.   Overall, I highly recommend 20Cogs to make a little extra money while burning some free time.