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Although lots of people want to make money online, no one wants to have their time wasted or risk being scammed. So, is iPoll.com to be trusted? We decided to review it to find out.

There's a lot to be mentioned about iPoll. They sport a clean, professional interface and offer an excellent mobile app (which we'll be discussing later!). Although having a readily available privacy policy is a great sign for any survey site, there are some aspects of iPoll's that we think users should be aware of.

But we'll get to all that later. First, the big question!

How do I make money on iPoll.com?

Nothing is for nothing and iPoll doesn't claim any differently. Like many other paid survey sites, iPoll offers you the opportunity to take polls and surveys (ranging usually from 5 to 35 minutes) in exchange for rewards.

One thing we like about iPoll is that they measure all rewards directly in cash, as opposed to a points system, which can sometimes be tedious. This means that before you even begin, you can see exactly how much you will make for the survey you're taking. iPoll also provides an estimate time it will take so that you can decide whether or not that particular poll is worth your time.

As usual, there is a small catch – you must have a minimum of $25 to your account before you can redeem any rewards.

As far as rewards go, iPoll has good options, but not the widest range of them. You can cash out directly through PayPal (with a verified PayPal account) or redeeming your cash through Amazon or iTunes in exchange for reward codes.

Sign Up Process

Signing up for iPoll is quick and easy. All you have to do is create a password and confirm your email, then you're ready to go! Alternatively, you can sign up using your Facebook, Google, or Linkedin account.

Once you've signed up, we recommend that you complete the profile survey. It takes about 20 minutes, but this will save you loads of time in the future because it allows iPoll to select good surveys for you and eliminate ones which you don't qualify for. Also, unlike other sites, the profile survey is paid! You'll be rewarded $.50 cents upon completion.

Taking Surveys

When you click the ‘Take a Survey' button you are directed to a brief questionnaire which iPoll uses to determine the best survey available to you.

The surveys can take anywhere from 5 to 25 minutes, asking your opinions on a wide range of topics. iPoll offers a mix of surveys existing directly on their site and others which are provided through third party websites.

Privacy and Security

When looking to take surveys online, it's good to be aware of what information will be required of you and how it will be used. Like many other survey sites, iPoll usually requires personally identifiable information such as your name, address, phone number, occupation, and date of birth.

In addition, iPoll often requires you to provide what they call “sensitive information” in order to be eligible for surveys. This sometime includes your medical conditions, sexual orientation, political views, and religious beliefs. It should be noted that iPoll considers you giving this information as consent for it to be exported to the U.S. for storage and processing.

It's also important for you to be aware that iPoll takes license to disclose some of its users information to third parties. This may include, although is not limited to, age, gender, income, number of people in the user's household, level of education, and employment status. 

In our experience using iPoll, we have not been spammed or had any of our personally identifiable information given to third parties; however, iPoll does not provide any clear guarantees against this.

To learn more about iPoll's privacy policy, click here.

The App

For us, this is one of the selling feature of iPoll!

The free mobile app is fun, easy to use, and offers a wide variety of missions and other activities that allow you to stack up rewards. You can earn rewards for visiting certain stores, uploading pictures of products, purchasing and reviewing items, or just taking mobile surveys.

The iPoll app is available to Apple and Android users.

Our conclusion: Is iPoll a Scam?

As far as we're concerned, no!

There are some negatives to the site, such as their some what weak privacy policy and the often month-long processing delay when redeeming rewards. But nothing we've found in our use and extensive research has suggested that iPoll is a scam.

An other reassurance for users is that iPoll.com was reviewed by the BBB (Better Business Bureau), a company that analyzes businesses to verify whether of not they are trustworthy. iPoll.com received a B+ in its review which, for the BBB's standards, is not bad at all.

So, should you sign up for iPoll?

We say yes!

The site is easy to use, almost always has paid surveys available, and offers cash rewards. In addition, the mobile app is a fun way to earn money for activities you might already be doing. Although it's not the absolute best survey site out there, it's definitely worth checking out.

If you're interested in iPoll.com, you can sign up here!