Online surveys are a great option when it comes to making money on a time crunch. Finding a legitimate one is the tricky part. There are a lot of scams out there, but if you do  some sifting there is potential to find gold.

While searching for your which survey sites to join, you may have come across Grab Points. In this full review I will be discussing the pros and cons of Grab Points to help you determine whether this GPT (get paid to) site is right for you.


Grab Points is an online survey site that rewards cash and gift cards to its members who complete tasks like downloading apps, completing surveys  and watching videos.

It all started when parent company Grab Rewards Ltd bought the website Zoombucks. A series of updates resulted in a well organized and clean-looking site currently known as Grab Points.

Although they are not accredited with the BBB (Better Business Bureau), they have pages on many of your favorite social media sites. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter to keep updated on special offers.

On occasion they release promo codes that pay 7-10 points. To redeem these codes you just enter them into the promo code area when you're signed in and you'll get free points for doing nothing which is pretty cool in itself.

Many people compare them to fan favorite, Swagbucks. If they're similar to a top-dog site like this, then you know they're the real deal.

Earning Potential

Grab Points offers both cash via PayPal and gift cards after you rack up a certain amount of points. After signing up, members can earn points by taking surveys, playing games and much more.

Here is the full list of tasks that Grab Points offers as of 2017.

  • Take surveys
  • Download apps
  • Complete free and paid offers
  • Watch videos
  • Play games
  • Promo codes
  • Refer your friends and share apps
  • Enter contests

Users can earn between 2-10,000 points depending on the selected activity.

Now that I've laid out all the different ways to earn rewards with Grab Points, I am going to go further in depth about some of the most their best offers.

Surveys, the main money-maker for any self-proclaimed survey site. There’s usually 10-25 surveys available at any time, but there are a few pre-qualification questions you have to answer first. It's really no hassle, and it allows Grab Points to find surveys that are more specific to who you are.

Most pay from 500 to 2500 points, and the time required to finish a survey is shown in its information section.

A lot of the surveys and apps they use are from third-party sites, which isn't a bad thing if they are safe. After some careful research, I couldn't find any reviewer who have had a problem with any of the third-party offers. From that, I conclude that they're safe. 

If your happy with Grab Points,  then what's the hold up? You can invite your friends to opt into the money-making experience as well! For each friend you refer you earn 1 point. Once they earn their first 1000 points, you are rewarded with an additional amount of points. The amount of points you will receive for referrals depend on the country you're in.

They don’t provide a referral link, so you cannot directly invite people using our blog. It's a minor inconvenience, but it can be solved easily.  After your friends create an account, they just manually insert your Promo Code.


Companies are always looking for potential customers to help their business grow, and one of their go-to strategies lies within offers. These offers are either paid or free. A company offer could look something like a trial period or discount on a specific product.

I'll explain how offers work using Grab Points as an example. Each time you sign up for an offer, the merchant will pay them. A percentage of the profit is then paid to you.

Whether you're on a plane or inside on a rainy day, you can sit back and get paid to watch videos. You can find a list consisting of 10 or more videos in the “Watch Video” tab. Under 2 minutes long, each video pays an average of 10 points each.

Grab Points will also reward you for promoting their site on popular social media platforms, forums or your YouTube channel. 100 points are given to you for each promotion as long as you follow the exact rules and provide the URL where the promotion is.


Once you’ve collected enough points, you have the choice to redeem either a gift card or money via PayPal. On Grab Points $10 is equivalent of 10,000 points, with a minimum payout threshold of around $2. The minimum amount required is significantly lower than a lot of survey sites out there.

Their reward catalog contains a variety of different gift cards from many of your favorite stores. Amazon, BestBuy, Walmart, Sears are just skimming the surface of what they have to offer.

Users normally receive redeemed gift card codes directly into their email inbox within 72 hours of request.


Before joining any survey site, it's beneficial to consider the aspects of privacy because their policies can be a lens into whether they're legitimate or not. It's important to know that your personal information is being handled responsibly.

After a thorough read-over of their privacy policy, I have decided that it is completely safe to use. None of your personal information is collected unless you choose to provide it to them; they only use information like your email to send you things like your rewards and important updates.


Here are the top-five reasons why I joined a site like Grab Points.

  • Well-organized
  • Accessible around the globe
  • Consistently pays
  • Offers both cash and gift cards
  • Minimum threshold for payout is low

Seeing all the reasons why I love this survey site may have been the deciding factor you needed determine whether you should make the jump or not. If you are excited to sign up and get a head start on your money-making debut, wait no longer!

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Unfortunately every rose has its thorn, and Grab Points is no exception. The main complaint deals with income.

Do you earn money with Grab Points? Yes, absolutely. Is it enough to quit your job. Not at all- but truth is there's no survey site that would ever be steady enough to have as your main source of income.

Instead, it's best to keep survey sites as extra ways to make money on the side. If you keep it at that, you will be much more happy with the outcome.

Grab Points: Legit or A Scam?

I determine the legitimacy of a survey site by asking myself 4 simple questions.

  • Do they have a one page sign-up form?
  • Is company information present?
  • Do they have a privacy policy?
  • Are their promises too good to be true?

Just by answering these questions, I can better understand the company and how to rate it. Luckily Grab Points passed the test, they are completely legit. No fraudulent scams here!


Grab Points is not only legit, but they are convenient and they pay consistently. Compared to a lot of survey sites, it is certainly one of the better ones.

Most survey sites prove to function best as a way to make cash on the side, and this is true for Grab Points. While you won't be making a years-worth of income,  there is still definite earning potential.

So far, I have been happy with my experience on Grab Point. It's not a waste of time because I've had great results. In short, it's a great way to rack up some extra spending money.

How To Get Started

Signing up is easy, and you can earn points instantly with an invite code that's sent to you via email.

Grab Points is accessible with both mobile devices and desktop. Many members say that they prefer using Google Play or Amazon while taking part in offers

Once you've signed up you can upload your own avatar that will set you apart from all the other survey-takers out there. Grab Points recognizes that each member is unique, and wants everyone's voice to be heard.

Hopefully by now you will have enough information to decide if this website is right for you.

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If you want to maximize your survey earnings, it's always beneficial to join more than one survey site. Swagbucks ranks at the top of our review list because it pays and is reliable. You can access our full review on this exceptional site here.