Trying to find gifts for college students can be extremely difficult. If you're currently looking for that perfect gift for your college student, you’ve come to the right place! Here are a few of my top choices of gift ideas for students.

Being a student is not always easy. The rigorous course work, sleepless nights, insomnia, and we cannot forget the papers, and papers, and more papers. There are a myriad of items students can benefit from, but it’s important to also remember the student’s individual wants and needs. Personalized gifts are the most impactful and memorable items for individuals. The recipient will be more appreciative of the friendship, or relationship when they receive an item that was well thought out just for them.

1. Stress Ball

A great gift idea for a college student is a stress ball. College students go through loads of course work and spend countless hours studying. They stress over their future and career goals, what better item to help them relieve some of that built up tension? Stress balls come in all shapes and sizes, be sure to buy one that’s individualized for the student and ties in well with their personality. They can also utilize the stress ball for décor or use it for daily inspiration.

2. Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes
Other great gifts for college students are sticky notes. There are so many sticky note options, with a wide variety of patterns, shapes, colors, even scents. This is a college student’s handy tool, where they can use sticky notes to add information regarding deadlines, or even use it for doodles. These note papers can be added to any notebook, desk, or any other location the student may think of. Add pens, and pencils to the gift package with the sticky notes and they’ll be ready to head to class.

3. Portable Charger

Best College Gifts for Students

In today’s technological world, we utilize smartphones day and night for all purposes. College students are no different. With the rise of social media and smartphone games, students are draining their batteries quickly and when they need that extra boost, they do not have a charger handy. A portable charger is a great solution for college students. They never know when they’ll need their phones, so it’s important for students to always have them handy and fully charged. With a variety of shapes, and styles, it’s also a very stylish and personalized item for the recipients.

4. Laptop

Best College Students Gifts

Speaking of technology, what better gift for a college student than a laptop? From MacBooks, and Chromebooks, to even tablets too, you cannot go wrong with an item like this. It’s essential for students to have some sort of laptop during their collegiate career, they will be able to create documents, write their papers, send emails, study for exams, and so much more on these portable items. It’s not always easy for students to get access to a computer, so allowing them to have this crucial item will make them extremely happy and will benefit them in their college and career goals.

5. Coffee Mug

Best Gifts For College Students

A lighter item which would be a wonderful present for the student would be a coffee cup. Coffee cups are unique items that can represent the student’s style and personality. The wide variety of options allow the gift giver to choose one that best fits the receiver. Personalized cups can also be made, these could include personal pictures, quotes, inspirational images, and more. The options are limitless when it comes to mugs/coffee cups. Students can utilize these for not only coffee purposes but cereal and soup as well. Any college student on a tight budget knows using coffee mugs as food bowls is convenient and delightful. Add a package of their favorite coffee brand or tea, and it’s an extra special treat. They’ll need that coffee to keep them active and awake during finals week.

6. Frame With Photo

Best Gifts For College Students

Like I stated before, personalized items are the core values of a great gift. What is more personalized than a picture? Picture frames are one the best gifts for college students. Some students venture off on their own and stay at college dorms, rent apartments, or study abroad, picture frames are the items that help the student feel close to home. Numerous ideas can be put into play when gifting a picture frame. Choosing the right picture is important, adding that significant others picture, family member’s images, furry friend, or inspirational quote can truly make the students day. Other ideas are personalizing the frame itself by adding letters, colors, quotes, or anything that may inspire or brighten the receiver’s day up. The frame can include a picture, or just the frame itself so the student can put their creative talents to work by finding an item or image that fits well within the personalized frame.

With such a vast variety of gift ideas, it’s difficult to narrow down the perfect gift for a college student. There are a plethora of items that can be given to a student, from laptops, to coffee mugs. Now you know a few great gift ideas for students; it’s not the size or price that’s important but rather the thought and inspiration behind it.

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