Some of the most popular work from home jobs are work from home call center jobs. Often, creating a virtual call center in your home can provide you with several work from home opportunities, as you pick up new clients to offer your services to. It can also be flexible work, allowing you to balance your professional life with your personal life.

Some work from home call center companies match independent agents with clients in need of call center services, like customer service, answering services, or lead generation. There are also several companies that offer call center jobs from home, for either part-time or full-time agents.

If you think a work from home customer service or call center job is right for you, this guide will provide helpful information to get you started at home call center jobs.

How to Get Started At A Home Call Center

Work at home jobs are in such high demand that it can seem impossible to find one. However, the virtual call center has been picking up speed, and creating more demand for jobs, in recent years. More companies are looking to outsource their customer service jobs to at-home agents, which can reduce overhead and labor costs.

Starting Your Own Call Center Business

You can start your own at-home call center business with little startup costs. Owning your business gives you more control over your finances and schedule than typical jobs. But, you’ll also be responsible for paying your own taxes, since you’ll be considered an independent contractor and you won’t have an employer to do it for you.

If this is the route you’d like to take, you can sign up for call center companies that match at-home agents with clients in need of call center services. You may be able to find clients that meet your scheduling needs, and pick up more clients as needed.

For taxing purposes, it’s extremely important that you set yourself up with a spreadsheet to track your income and expenses. You’ll also need to set aside money from your income to pay quarterly taxes, including federal, self-employment, state, and local tax, if applicable.

Working for a Company’s Virtual Call Center

Many top companies are now allowing customer service agents, sales specialists, and reservation agents to work from the comfort of their home offices. Although you’ll usually be considered an employee in this case, you may still be able to benefit from a more flexible schedule than a typical 9 to 5 job. Additionally, as an employee, your taxes will be taken care of for you!

Most of these telemarketing jobs from home are entry-level jobs, but they still may prefer you to have some references and a resume available for your application. Make sure your resume is up to date, and consider crafting a cover letter that explains your experience and desire to work for the company.

Required Skills and Tools

One of the best things about work from home call center jobs is that they don’t typically require a lot of skills or equipment to get started. It’s a relatively affordable business to start, and usually, no college degree is required.

Required Equipment

Every call center opportunity will have specific guidelines for the kind of equipment you’ll need for the job. Even different clients for the same call center company may require something different. However, there are a few general things you’ll need for success in a call center opportunity:

  • Call center software. This isn’t always required, but call center software can help you keep track of your incoming and outgoing calls, log call times, and manage data.
  • Reliable computer. Your computer shouldn’t be more than 5 years old, and have virus protection installed. You’ll likely need the Microsoft Office suite, including Word and Excel.
  • Reliable, high-speed internet. A broadband connection can help ensure that you have adequate internet speeds to access information without interruptions.
  • Email account. Some companies or clients may require a specific email provider, like Gmail. You’ll need a dedicated account for any information related to your call center business.
  • Landline phone service. Although some companies have all connections completed through the internet, others still require a landline phone to take calls. Usually, mobile phones are not acceptable.
  • The video messaging service is sometimes required so you can meet with your clients or call center company to discuss business matters.
  • USB headset. If your call center company uses an internet-based system, this is how you’ll be connecting with callers.

Your Home Office

Your home office space is one of the most important things to consider when it comes to customer service jobs from home. Your callers will likely not have a good experience with you as an agent if they hear barking dogs, yelling children, or excessive background noise during their calls.

A home office for your call center should be a dedicated space of your home, free from noise and disturbances. This can prove to be a challenge if you have pets or children in your home. You may find it in your best interest to look into a babysitter or pet sitter, if this is the case.

Invest in a comfortable work space, since you’ll be using it for several hours a day. A standing desk can be a good way to keep your blood flowing and maintain good posture. Or, use a comfortable, high-back chair and keep your monitor at, or a little above, eye level.

Keep your office well-lit and ventilated. Natural light and air can keep you more alert as you work.

Helpful Skills

Most call center jobs require specific personality skills more than professional skills. Still, some may prefer applicants who have had at least a year of experience in customer service or sales, depending on the type of call center. If you have any experience in related areas, be sure to list your experience on your resume or application.

Other qualities that successful call center agents typically possess are:

  • Self-motivated
  • Dependable
  • Outgoing
  • Friendly
  • Organized
  • Attentive to detail
  • Excellent verbal and written communication
  • Ability to multi-task
  • Good memory skills
  • Flexible

Of course, some of these are skills that you’ll likely strengthen as you gain more experience working from home for a call center.

Top Work at Home Call Center Job Opportunities

If you’re constantly Googling “call center jobs near me”, but finding few leads, you may be able to land a position with one of the following virtual call center jobs.

American Airlines

If you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, you can be a Customer Service Agent for American Airlines. In addition to taking incoming phone calls, you may also be assisting customers with their questions through email. This full-time employment position requires potential agents to have two years of customer service experience and two years of experience working with a team professionally.

American Express

The credit card company is one of the top 20 remote jobs companies, offering call center opportunities for Customer Care Professionals. You’ll be expected to suggest products, solve customer issues, and help meet the needs of American Express customers. You’ll need a 4-year degree, or 4-year relevant working experience for this full-time opportunity.

Amazon’s Virtual Call Center agents are part-time or full-time employees. The company contracts extra agents through peak seasons, like the Christmas holiday, who may be able to get hired on full-time for exceptional performance. Only those residing in certain states are allowed to apply. At least one year of customer service experience is preferred.


JetBlue offers Reservation Agent jobs from home. This job may require training at a specific location, after which you can work from your home office. You must have excellent team skills, a very flexible schedule, and at least two years of customer service experience for this full-time position.


As a Customer Service Representative for Enterprise, you’ll work on an assigned schedule that may include nights and weekends. Enterprise hires employees for 40 hour per week schedules only. You’ll process incoming calls, answer requests and questions, search information in multiple databases, and more. The company will provide the required headset if you’re hired.


CenturyLink provides technology services for personal and business use. It hires both Tech Support and Virtual Sales Agents to work from home in part-time positions. You must reside in a state and city that is serviced by CenturyLink. Most positions require a mandatory Saturday shift.

Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus offers location-specific employment positions with paid training and benefits. You’ll be responsible for taking orders from customers over the phone, helping customers complete their orders, or answering customer questions. Training is at an on-site location and takes about three weeks. Schedules range from part-time to full-time, and you may be eligible for more hours, based on outstanding performance.

Kelly Services

Kelly Services is a workforce solution company, with one of its specialities being call center solutions for businesses. The company seeks those with exceptional customer service skills to provide virtual call center services to its clients. You’ll be eligible for bonus pay, based on performance, advancement opportunities, and weekly pay. These positions are full-time.

Cox Communications

You can apply for a variety of work from home call center jobs with Cox Communications. The company offers openings for tech support agents, inbound sales representatives, customer care specialists, and more. The company’s full-time positions offer competitive benefits packages, including health, dental, and vision insurance. Cox Communications requires its employees to live in specific locations close to its sites.


As a Customer Care Representative for Asurion, you’ll be hired as an employee and remain on the same shift for six months. Your main job duties will be assisting customers with insurance claims and following up with them, as needed. Asurion lists its base pay as $12.50 for English-speaking representatives, and $13.50 for bilingual representatives, but also offers bonuses of up to $600 per month.

The Home Shopping Network hires full-time Customer Service Representatives to work from home fielding inbound HSN customer calls. You may be helping customers with their orders, offer upsells of products, or providing solutions to any issues the customer experienced. Previous sales or customer service experience is preferred, and you must have a dedicated, standard landline phone.

Hilton Hotels

Work at home Reservation Sales agents and Customer Care agents can find employment opportunities with Hilton Hotels. Training occurs online, and can take anywhere from four to seven weeks. After training, you’ll be eligible for the Hilton benefits package, including special travel rates, paid time off, 401(k), and more. There is also an incentive program for Reservation Sales Specialists, with bonuses for performance.


TeleFlora is an online flower delivery service that hires call center representatives, both throughout the year and seasonally at peak times. The company says that all agents should be expected to work on Mother’s Day, but your schedule may vary between 20 and 40 hours per week during regular weeks. You’ll be required to go through a training process, which will pay at least your state’s minimum wage.


U-Haul hires for several types of work from home call center jobs, including seasonal reservation agents, sales representatives, and customer service agents. You must be available for 32 hours per week, but the company can’t guarantee a full 32 hours. At least 6 months of call center, sales, or customer service experience is preferred, depending on the position.

Starwood Hotels

Starwood Hotels and Resorts’ @Home program customer call center agents to help take reservations or provide excellent customer service to its guests. As an employee of the company, you’ll be eligible for a benefits package that includes hotel discounts, exclusive events, savings plans, emergency child care, training opportunities, bonuses, and more.


Alorica is a leading call center solution company, and its Alorica@Home program continues to provide work at home job opportunities for those with virtual call centers. The company provides paid, virtual training to qualified applicants. You can specify if you’d prefer a tech support, customer service, or sales position, and your assessment during the application process will help Alorica match you with the perfect role.


PointClickCare provides technology services to the senior health care industry. The company hires virtual call center agents experienced in sales, pharmacy sales, and customer service. All of PointClickCare’s remote jobs require a college degree, with some requiring more experience than others. The company may require you to work weekends, depending on your role.


LiveOps links clients to professional call center agents like you. LiveOps agents can have a number of skills, like sales, insurance claims, health care, and even roadside service. You’ll be an independent contractor for LiveOps, and it will help match you up with ideal clients that need your services. You can choose when to work, and how many hours to work, each week.

If you live in any state except California or Hawaii, you can become an at-home Cruise Sale Agent, Customer Service Agent, or Online Support Agent. Trainings are web-based and occur at specific times throughout the year. To apply, you just need to send your resume, with relevant skills and experiences included, to the email listed on the website. You will need at least one year of relevant work experience for each position.


1-800-Flowers is a flower delivery service that offers seasonal work for at-home call agents during its peak seasons, like Valentine’s Day through Mother’s Day, to assist customers with orders and questions. The company will sometimes keep employees on permanent positions, if interested. You’ll receive full-time paid training to begin, which will turn to part-time as busy seasons approach. The pay is bi-weekly and starts at about $9 per hour.


ARO is a contact center provider for businesses. The company sources virtual call center agents to work between 25 and 35 hours per week as a Customer Service Representative for assigned clients. You can choose between two different shifts: 7am – 2pm CST and 4pm – 10pm CST, Monday through Friday. Bilingual representatives are preferred.

Working Solutions

Working Solutions sources independent contractors to provide call center services to its clients. When you apply, you’ll also need to pass assessments to ensure that you’re a good fit for the company. If you’re accepted, you’ll complete an orientation process and then can apply to opportunities that fit your interests. Your pay depends on the program, as some clients pay per-minute, and others pay by the hour.


TeleNetwork offers several positions for call center agents, including sales, tech support, billing specialists, and customer service. Most positions are entry level, and can be either part-time or full-time, depending on your needs. Full-time employees will receive a full benefits package, including health insurance, 401(k), paid time off, and holiday pay.

Gutter Helmet

Gutter Helmet is a company that sells a roofing product of the same name. It hires part-time at-home Customer Support Agents to answer incoming calls related to the product, website promotions, or any questions a customer has. You’ll be tasked with setting up in-home appointments for the company to visit with homeowners. You’ll receive paid training and have opportunities for bonuses.


Transcom sources at-home call center agents to provide its customer service, sales, collections, and tech support services to clients. You’ll have a set schedule of more than 30 hours. After your application is accepted, you may need to wait for the next training to open, so your start likely won’t be immediate.

At, you can work from home as a Client Services Technician, providing support for current or prospective clients. You’ll need some retention and sales experience for this position. You can also apply for the Remote Services Technician, where you’ll provide inbound customer support answering questions and offering basic troubleshooting.


TeleTech@Home agents may provide customer service or technical support for clients through social media, live chat, or phone calls. You can choose your hours of availability, and a recruiter will match you with the right projects, accordingly. You’ll need to pass MatchPoint tests during the application process for the company to assess your skills.

Windy City Call Center

Windy City Call Center hires home-based Call Center Representatives for home improvement or education referral services. Each position starts at $9 per hour, with an increase to $10 after 90 days. Part-time and full-time positions are available, but you must commit to a set weekly schedule.

Carenet Healthcare Services

Carenet helps connect patients, plans, and providers to offer better health care solutions for everyone. If you’re a Registered Nurse, you can work from home as a Care Advisor, providing care instructions for patients over the phone and answering their questions. Must be open to a flexible schedule that may include nights and weekends.

Denihan Hospitality Group

Denihan is a hotel operation company that seeks Reservation Sales Agents to work from home. You’ll assist potential guests in booking reservations for hotels across the country through inbound calls. Paid training is 6 weeks long and will be on-site, but you can then work from home. Positions are typically part-time only.

Apple At Home

Apple At Home Advisors can provide customer service or technical support to Apple customers who need help with their devices. Apple offers paid, online training, paid time off, product discounts, and opportunities for advancement. Must have at least 2 years of professional experience in a similar field.

Xact Telesolutions

Xact Telesolutions has work at home positions for Customer Care Representatives, particularly those who are bilingual in English and Spanish, to provide customer support for its clients. Part-time and full-time positions are available, and evenings and weekends are required. Representatives to fill third shift, from 10pm to 7am, are in high demand.


As a Customer Service Representative for Ver-A-Fast, you’ll work from home making outbound calls to the company’s newspaper clients. You’ll provide feedback to the newspaper about its customers’ experiences. Must commit to working at least 16 hours per week, mostly in the evening and on weekends.


Advanis hires Telephone Research Interviewers in virtual call centers, conducting market research over the phone. You’ll be working a flexible schedule, between the hours of 3-10pm MST Monday through Friday and 10-5pm MST on Saturday. Paid training and a set hourly wage are available.

Time Communications

Time Communications offers answering services, emergency dispatch, order taking, tech support, and more, for its clients. The company has full and part-time positions available for Customer Service Representatives, who will provide a number of services to clients’ customers. Hourly pay, bonuses, 401(k), profit sharing, and other benefits are available.

The Newton Group

The Newton Group is a team of sales professionals who help clients gather, and retain, new business leads. As an Elite Sales Associate, you’ll help find potential leads, set appointments, and manage your leads. Most associates work four hours per day through the week, and optionally on Saturday. A minimum of 20 hours is required.

Extended Presence

Extended Presence looks for work at home appointment setters, lead generation specialists, and sales specialists to provide virtual call center services to its clients. Part-time and full-time positions are available, but you must be able to meet weekly commitments, as outlined by each job description.

Smart Office Solutions

Smart Office Solutions provides communication technology services to a variety of clients. It sources at-home Customer Service Representatives to handle inbound customer inquiries, respond to customer e-mail, update account information, and more. At least two years of customer service experience is preferred.

GE Retail Finance

GE hires work from home Customer Service Representatives, as well as other high-level careers, like Project Managers and Account Managers. As a Customer Service Representative, you’ll handle mostly inbound calls answering questions and handling issues. Part-time and full-time employee and contractor positions are available.

Convergys Home Agent Program

Convergys offers a variety of customer service and technical solutions for its business clients. As one of its customer service agents, you’ll receive paid training, a flexible schedule, paid vacation, college tuition reimbursement, and more benefits. You’ll work 40 hours per week, with some overtime available.

Expert Global Solutions (Now Alorica)

EGS is a company of Alorica, another company that hires at-home call center representatives. You’ll assist customers over the phone, by e-mail, and via chat. Training is paid, and you’ll also be eligible for paid time off, performance bonuses, 401(k) with company match, and more. You must have a fairly open, flexible schedule and at least one year of call center experience.


ThinkDirect is a marketing solutions company that hires Inbound Sales Associates, residing in Florida, Alabama, South Carolina, and Tennessee, to work from home. The company offers a $100 sign-on bonus, split into two payments. On average, associates earn between $10 and $14 per hour. Paid training will last for two weeks, and all shifts are full-time, at least 37 ½ hours per week.

Accolade Support Call Center Services

Accolade Support offers custom call center solutions to its clients with the help of virtual call center representatives. You’ll be an independent contractor, rather than employee, with an hourly pay rate plus commission. You’ll provide technical support, customer service, or sales services, depending on the client’s needs.

NexRep (formerly Stewart Response Group)

NexRep sources at-home professionals for a variety of positions, including customer care for online auto sales, inbound and outbound sales, virtual receptionists, and more. Most positions require a commitment of at least 25 hours per week, and schedule depends on the client. NexRep allows you to invoice a minimum of $10 per hour.


If you’re looking for a part-time call center position, AdviseTech offers part-time telemarketing for those who want a few hours per week. Its position requires between two to six hours per week to start, with opportunities for more work later. The schedule is flexible.

Dialog Direct (formerly NOVO 1 Contact Centers)

Dialog Direct offers a number of business solutions to its clients. The company uses Work At Home Customer Service Advocates in full and part-time positions to answer incoming calls from clients’ customers. You’ll have a set schedule with health insurance and retirement benefits available.

Alpine Access/Sykes

You’ll be a customer service agent for Sykes. A virtual interview will be required if your application is accepted, and you’ll have to complete assessments during the process to assess your skills. The company offers paid training, insurance benefits, bonus incentives based on performance, and a set schedule.

Sitel Work@Home

At Sitel, you’ll provide at-home inbound customer service for its clients. The work will vary, and can include anything from billing services to appointment setting for technical troubleshooting. Paid, online training and full or part-time shifts are available. You’ll also receive a benefits package that includes vacation and holiday pay, a retirement plan, and medical insurance.

Staples And Staples Canada

Staples, an office supply company, hires virtual call center representatives to handle inbound customer service calls, including assisting customers with orders, answering pricing questions, and handling issues. Full-time and part-time positions are available, with night shifts more available than others.The company offers flexible schedules, advancement opportunities, scholarship programs, and more.

BSG – Third Party Verification

BSG offers a variety of health care, administrative, and technology services to clients. Work from home representatives can enjoy many of the benefits of on-site employees, such as employer-matched 401(k) after one year of employment, vision and dental insurance, and paid time off.

Aspire Life Styles (formerly VIPdesk)

Aspire Life Styles provides a variety of services to assist small and large businesses. You can work as a Brand Ambassador part-time, providing exceptional customer service and upsells to meet clients’ needs. You’ll have a base pay plus commission, and can choose from several different shifts.

OnPoint@Home Advocacy

As an Advocacy Coordinator for OnPoint@Home, you’ll be responsible for handling inbound and outbound calls, logging information into the appropriate computer program. You’ll be matched with programs that take between 2 and 12 weeks, and must be available to work at least 25 hours each week.

J. Lodge Corporation

J.Lodge provides quality assurance solutions to businesses. The company hires part-time QA Call Monitoring Agents, Call Analysts, and Customer Service Specialists to work from their virtual call centers. Your schedule will be set, and you’ll receive an hourly pay rate that varies with each position.

Affiliated Computer Services Inc. (a Xerox Company)

Affiliated Computer Services is a sub-company of Xerox, which hires at-home specialists for tech support, customer care, data entry, quality control and more. Most customer care positions will require you to handle customer inquiries for specific products you’re assigned to, so you can gain expert knowledge of the products. Depending on the position, there will be set schedules to choose from.