So you’re looking to make money online? It doesn’t matter if you’re new to affiliate marketing and just starting to navigate the waters or a well-seasoned veteran in the practice. Finding a marketing company you can trust is a must. No matter your level of expertise, learning more is always wise.

Here, we offer this Wealthy Affiliate review to address the question of whether it’s worth your time as well as address the notion of a Wealthy Affiliate scam.

What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is an online-based marketing company. It is a resource for entrepreneurs that offers assistance in building and growing online businesses. A look closer shows that there is so much more than the basic definition.

It turns out that Wealthy Affiliate is a learning hub for anyone who wants to learn more about digital marketing and online business. If you want to learn, they are ready, willing, and eager to teach you how you can make money online from the comfort of your own home. An internet marketing company such as Wealthy Affiliate is a great place for beginners to learn all about online marketing, and how to earn money from home so that you can become a successful online entrepreneur.

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They offer step by step online training courses designed to keep you ahead of the pack in the ever-changing world of technology. This ensures that relevant customers consistently find their way to your website. If you’re interested in learning more about affiliate marketing and how you can use your own websites to generate income, then Wealthy Affiliate has all the resources and information that you need to become a successful online entrepreneur.

Arming yourself with the knowledge from these courses that websites such as Wealthy Affiliate offer often opens the eyes of newbies to a full potential they might not realize they had. It also provides the confidence level required to build exciting and promising businesses.

The online affiliate program promises to teach you all the ins and outs of digital marketing and online business. This includes information that will really benefit affiliate marketers such as lessons on how to target people within a particular niche, how to use keyword tools to dominate search engines, and how to build niche websites that will attract people to your business. It also promises to ensure you are trained to use what you’re taught. Wealthy Affiliate will not only educate you but also give their support so you can get the most from your learning experience.

Yes, that’s a lot of promises. To assist in delivering on them, Wealthy Affiliate also provides an online business community, where owners of websites and people who want to learn more about affiliate marketing can come together. This online community offers a place for you to socialize, interact, and network with other entrepreneurs. It’s a place to share answers, experiences, and advice which is invaluable no matter what your business may be or what websites you may own.

The online business community is diverse and can be described as a “tight” community. Wealthy Affiliate understand the importance of sharing knowledge and experience with other entrepreneurs. That shared knowledge and experience gives you the ability to learn from the successes, mistakes, and failures of others giving you yet another advantage over the competition. The lessons that you can learn from being a part of this affiliate community can be very beneficial and sometimes essential for becoming successful online.

Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t stop at offering education, support, and network building. They also have a superior website platform that makes building your website not only easy to do but fun as well. With over 3,000 templates for websites, the possibilities are virtually endless and the results are spectacular.

Then they take things a step further by also providing some of the most complete and comprehensive tools to analyze and manage your website’s ranking and security. They know that keeping your website safe can be the difference between running a business and running a successful business. That’s why they have 24/7 monitoring of all your sites.

Wealthy Affiliate also removes worrisome site speed issues by hosting your WordPress site on the most powerful and current servers in the world. Daily backups also mean that if you make a mistake that you can’t simply undo, they have your back.

They also offer double hosting so that if for some reason your site were to go down, there’s an exact “twin” for your clients to view and use. Those daily backups mentioned earlier? That means that your twins will always be mirrors of each other.

What Type of Person Is Likely to Benefit from Wealthy Affiliate?

Many who dig deeper on the subject find themselves asking, “Is this something that’s right for me?” Answering that question is as easy as answering this one: Do you have the time? It’s that simple.

You could be a student looking to learn to make yourself more marketable in the job field. The skills you learn could quite possibly take you to your dream job in the future.

Maybe you’re a stay at home parent with a passion, and you’re pondering on turning that passion into a business. Perhaps you’ve seen others doing it but aren’t quite sure how to get started. Or maybe you’re just interested in the field of websites and affiliate marketing and want to broaden your knowledge. Your new business venture could be up and running in no time with the right plan of action.

You could be retired and looking for something to occupy your time. When you’ve got all the time in the world, bringing in extra cash flow can quickly become a new hobby.

If you’ve got time you can devote to completing the business required to turn that time into an extra monthly cash flow, then yes, it’s right for you. If you’re willing to put in the sweat equity required to take your level of success to where you’ve set your sights, then yes. It’s right for you.

The exception to this rule is perhaps business owners.

As a business owner, you must recognize the importance of creating an online presence. Your business might be new, and your goal is to get its name and brand out to the masses. Your business could be well-established, and you’re trying to bring it into the new millennium. From either end of the spectrum, having an online presence for your business in today’s world is essential.

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Pros of Wealthy Affiliate

As you’ve probably already surmised, there are several advantages to becoming a Wealthy Affiliate member. The list of reasons that support becoming a member is undeniable. Just to name a few of our favorites:

  • Get started for free
  • Get educated and trained in areas like social media marketing, keyword research, WordPress, and SEO
  • Friendly staff support via live chat 24/7
  • Helpful online community
  • Innovative, easy to use website tools
  • Website backup and mirroring
  • Networking opportunities
  • Results are up to you
  • You can work from home!

Cons of Wealthy Affiliate

After careful research, we find that there seems to be only one con.

  • Results are up to you

No, that is not a typo. It’s no secret that the same things that can help us succeed can also cause us to fail.

Taking the classes takes time. Getting the training takes time. Applying your training also takes time. It is entirely up to you to make this time available and to use it wisely. You must remember that this is an active process. It requires active participation to achieve success. Planting seeds doesn’t make a garden. Tending it does.

To succeed, you must put in the effort. If you graduate from any school or university with the expectation that your work will magically happen for you, you’ve set yourself up for disappointment. Educating yourself was the only first step to succeeding. The same is true with Wealthy Affiliate and the educational opportunities they offer.

Success requires work, and the results are a direct reflection of your efforts. If you want to be successful, you must be willing to work the program so the program can work for you.

Wealthy Affiliate Memberships: Starter vs. Premium

We mentioned in the beginning that we would touch on the notion of a Wealthy Affiliate scam. That brings me to their programs. They offer two – a Starter package and a Premium package. This would be the first scam that I’ve ever seen that allows you to try their services for free before letting you decide whether to upgrade or remain at your current level.

The Starter is ideally suited for those who might be skeptical. If you’re asking, “Why would they be willing to offer membership for free?” They do it for the same reason any company gives free samples. They know the potential of their product. If you don’t like it, you don’t buy it. Period.

The free package offers many of the same features as the Premium package, such as website backup and video walk-throughs. You get the benefit of the beginner training course and personal affiliate blog. Both programs also include the ability to earn while you learn.

However, opting for the free membership means limitations on other features. Your free membership limits your access to the keyword research tool to 30 searches, for example. The option of one-on-one coaching is limited to seven days. It also provides you with only Phase 1 of the seven phases of affiliate boot camp training.

As a Premium member, the website security package is included within your Premium membership. You have unlimited one-on-one coaching opportunities and unlimited access to their keyword research tool. This membership allows your business to receive the benefit of having website feedback as well as website comment platforms and access to website analysis tools to better manage your online presence.

The Premium package is $49 per month which might sound like a lot more than “free,” but it includes features like an additional 48 websites, 12 training classrooms, and live video classes. For that price, you also receive unlimited live help, private messaging, and two times higher payout.

If you’re serious about making money, the Premium package is the much better option.

How Much Money Can I Expect to Make with Wealthy Affiliate?

As we said before, one of the pros and cons is that the results are up to you. The results you will see are ultimately dependent upon how much work you put into achieving them.

It’s a simple format to follow. Follow all the training modules and take advantage of the countless bells and whistles Wealthy Affiliate offers. Take the process and work seriously and your earnings will reflect it.

Some members report making $10,000 every month.  That’s a reflection of how much they're putting into the program.

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Public Perception (Other Wealthy Affiliate Reviews)

We did an extensive search to answer many of the same questions you probably have also. After searching high and low, we found the consistent consensus to be that Wealthy Affiliate is:

  • First and foremost, legitimate
  • A wealth of invaluable resources
  • A learning hub
  • A helpful community
  • Equipped with staff that is always ready and willing to help

While the Wealthy Affiliate complaints found were few, the Wealthy Affiliates success stories we uncovered were numerous. Each of these stories are testaments to the fact that Wealthy Affiliate puts their members in a position to succeed. All in all, if done the right way, you will be able to earn good money.

Final Thoughts: Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam or Legit? Is It Worth the Time?

Now, on to the real question. Is Wealthy Affiliate legit? It is our opinion that Wealthy Affiliate is absolutely legit. The training and services offered are entirely at the customer’s discretion. The success of said training and services is a direct result of the customer’s application of them.

As for the idea of the whole thing being a scam, they’ve given their customers two package choices. Among those two choices, they offer a completely free membership. What kind of Wealthy Affiliate scam is that? How do you scam someone out of nothing?

There are free websites out there that offer some information on affiliate marketing. However, Wealthy Affiliate provides all of the information you need to succeed, and has the added benefit of lessons and 24/7 staff support. Having the staff support is a huge bonus because they are always there to answer any questions you may have. If you’re a novice to affiliate marketing, then chances are you will have a few questions about the information that you would like the answer to. This is where Wealthy Affiliate comes up trumps above their competitors, as they offer that constant support whenever you need it.

The results are entirely dependent on personal effort and perseverance. As Forbes points out, one of the biggest myths about affiliate marketing is that it’s a quick and easy way to get rich. Affiliate marketers that become truly successful online doing what they do never find that success quickly or easily. It requires work. It requires knowledge of websites, search engines and marketing in order to succeed. Even they will tell you that, in order to succeed with affiliate marketing, you have to be willing to put in the work necessary to achieve that success. You can’t expect to earn money from affiliate marketing without putting in that necessary work beforehand.

If your goal is to build an online business that is both long term, viable and profitable, it’s worth your time to invest in a marketing company that offers real strategies that can help you achieve that goal. What better than a marketing company with over 10 years of experience as well as an A- rating with the Better Business Bureau?

Any business owner knows that customer service must be one of their top priorities if their business is to be successful. Customers are one of the most important driving forces behind the success of our businesses. If they didn’t exist, how successful would any business be?

Wealthy Affiliate’s rating of A- is the result of a total of nine customer reviews. Of those nine reviews, eight are positive and one is negative. The one negative complaint is regarding the customer being charged an automatic renewal fee which appears to an option when signing up as well as a decision you can make at any point.

Looking further into the few complaints they’ve had over the years in the past, most of them consistently regard the same issue. It appears that customers signed up for automatic renewal but forgot until it was too late or they changed their minds about automatic renewal about the same time their automatic payment was taken.

In each instance, Wealthy Affiliate worked with their customers and issued refunds to those who requested them. Any other complaints were also resolved satisfactorily after researching the issues and working closely with the customer.

How Do I Get Started?

The question we asked ourselves after careful research and consideration was, “How do we get started?” It’s quite possible you’re asking yourself that very same question.

It could be that you’ve realized how much more you need to learn and want to ensure you receive optimal training. The thought of earning while you learn obviously doesn’t hurt.

Maybe it’s the idea of having your business benefit from having a connection to an online business community. Especially when it’s almost a million entrepreneurs strong providing a wealth of knowledge based on many combined years of experience.

Whatever your reasons, the first step is to visit Wealthy Affiliate's website. Take the time to consider it. Educate yourself on their services and try their starter package. It’s free, so you lose nothing. The only way you can lose anything is by not taking the opportunity to investigate it for yourself. Try it.

The next step you need to take is the cornerstone of your new network. You want to get together with like-minded people and Wealthy Affiliate is there to help with this endeavor. Their classroom training and boot camp training will be your doorway to meeting those individuals.

If you’re asking yourself, “But what if I need more help than these individuals can provide?” Wealthy Affiliate has you covered. Their experience has taught them that every business has roadblocks. This knowledge led to the provision of not only live chat and video support, but also training modules and 24/7 website support.

The third step is to take what you learn and formulate a plan of action. If you need help with figuring out what that plan looks like, Wealthy Affiliate offers a blueprint plan. This blueprint plan has been thought out and well developed, giving you the boost you need to stick to your plan.

The last and most crucial step is the simplest yet hardest step. Be diligent! You must continue to follow your plan. Remember to take advantage of every one of the vast resources you have with your membership.

These steps are your first on the path to start making money. It really is completely up to you.

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