What is Viewsbank?

Viewsbank is a market research company that is based in the UK. It is also only available to those of you residing in the UK.  They are owned and operated by Consumer Intelligence, a nationally recognized market research company.

Viewsbank is different from your typical survey site. It is a community of people who are encouraged to interact with others. Members have the opportunity to exchange thoughts and opinions on topics that they are passionate about. Everyone comes together for the same purpose. To make their opinions heard.

If you want your opinions to be heard on things that you actually care about, continue reading this Viewsbank review. By the end, you will have enough information to determine if this is an opportunity worth pursuing.

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Earning Potential

Viewbank provides their users more than just one way (surveys) to earn money. The following is a list of their earning opportunities…

  • Online Surveys- Viewsbank provides new surveys on a weekly basis.
  • Product Testing- Viewsbank will occasionally send you a product and ask for your opinion on it.
  • Mystery Shopping- Viewsbank will occasionally ask you purchase products with the goal of analyzing the store's quality of service and compliance with industry regulations.
  • Home Research- Viewsbank will ask you to complete various in-home tasks.
  • Online Focus Groups- Viewsbank will invite you to the occasional focus group which can be done through a group call or chat room.
  • Refer Your Friends- You can earn £1 for every friend that you refer who meets the payment threshold.
  • Create Your Own Poll- If your poll becomes popular within the first three days of being released, you will be earn £10.
    • If you vote on a poll that begins to trend, you will earn 1p.

Viewsbank has recently increased their payout threshold from £6 to £12. Luckily, there are plenty of opportunities to earn, so reaching £12 doesn't seem so bad.

Payments are always processed at the end of each month through PayPal. You will see the cash in your account the second Tuesday of the month. Viewsbank is very prompt and always processes their financial transactions quickly.

Certain tasks that you complete will reward you by entering you into a prize draw or sweepstakes. You can also have a check mailed to you if you prefer not to use PayPal.

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Pros & Cons


  • Free to join
  • Short, simple surveys that are matched to your interests
  • Easy-to-navigate site
  • Multiple opportunities to earn
  • Owned by credible company


  • Increased payout threshold
  • Only available to UK residents, not international

Legit or a Scam?

Viewsbank is absolutely legit. They are free to join, and offer their users many different ways to earn money. Also, they have a proven track record of always paying their users in a timely fashion.

Viewsbank is also owned by Consumer Intelligence. As mentioned earlier in this review, Consumer Intelligence is nationally recognized as one of the top market research companies in the UK.

Everyday, household brands use market research conducted by Consumer Intelligence. In addition, the The Office of National Statistics uses data provided by Consumer Intelligence that allows them to compile the Retail Price Index for the UK Government. Last, Consumer Intelligence complies with the Data Protection Act 1998, and is audited by the Direct Marketing Association.

It is safe to say that Viewsbank is a credible company. They are not trying to scam anyone. They want to conduct market research the right way and take care of their users at the same time.

How To Get Started

Getting started with Viewsbank is very simple. When you visit their website, you will click the option “sign up now”. It will simply ask for your name and your email address.

You will then receive an email that allows you to activate your account. Once that is done, you will be instructed to complete a survey called “Let's Get Acquainted”.

Now, you will receive 5 short profiling surveys that you will need to complete. These surveys enable Viewsbank to find out which surveys and projects you match with.

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Concluding Thoughts

Now that you have read this Viewsbank review, you are probably trying to figure out if this is an opportunity that is worth your time or not.

Viewsbank is best for people who understand the concept of Survey sites. You must recognize that this is simply a way to make some extra cash by completing enjoyable tasks. It is just not realistic to think Viewsbank will provide you with a full time income.

The money you make from Viewsbank is a nice little addition on top of your full time income.

After reading this Viewsbank review, you now have all the information you need to decide if this is an opportunity that is worth pursuing.

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