valued opinions review company logoHundreds of survey sites are available on the internet at any given time. Trying to figure out if these sites are not scams can be really stressful, especially if you are looking to gain profit. Feel free to refer to our previous article to go through the steps of figuring out if a survey site is legit or a scam.

Valued Opinions will go under the same type of review to see if it is a legit survey site or a scam. Whenever you are looking into a new survey site, you want to make sure that they have a privacy policy and their rewards are worth the time of the survey. Hopefully after you take some time to read the reviews and view both positive and negative ends of the spectrum, you will be able to decide if Valued Opinions is right for you.

Customer Reviews

Valued Opinions received just under 3 stars. Mediocre ratings from survey takers isn't a great sign. Some people have commented their thoughts about the site. Megan from the United States says, ” I seem to be earning there faster than I used to. More surveys are becoming available.” On the other hand, Nancy from the United States says, “Definitely going downhill, the worst customer service ever. They will just keep ignoring your emails. It takes weeks to be able to claim a voucher although you get paid fair.” It's very important to know both perspectives about any survey site. It's better knowing everything than only half of it and later making a wrong decision because of it.

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Reward Offers and Choices

Just like anything other legit survey site, Valued Opinions offers rewards in many different forms, but their main way of paying their members is through gift cards. Your gift card could potentially be from Amazon, iTunes, Visa, various restaurants or Target, just to name a few. Obviously there are many more. We are especially excited about the Visa cards. This is a great reward because you can use them anywhere that accepts them.

Another form of reward that is available to users is airline miles. This is great for people who like to travel because it saves you so much if you earn enough.

Most businesses like to promote themselves. They can do this by offering e-vouchers as rewards to attract business. Valued Opinions offers them as a reward too. They are usually delivered within 24 hours. If you're in a hurry we recommend to go with the e-vouchers because it can take up to a month for an offline (physical) gift card to be delivered in the mail.


Rewards are earned by taking surveys. Surveys dish out cash which is turned into gift cards or e-vouchers once a minimum of $10 is obtained. Most of the surveys are worth between $1 and $5, although sometimes you may be sent unpaid surveys to help with determining your unique interests. The typical survey takes 15-20 minutes to complete, however the estimated time is always outlined before you actually take it.

Member Badges

Valued Opinions offers a unique program where you can collect “badges” based on your level of participation. There are 5 levels that can be achieved by completing various mini tasks. The five levels include Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond.

Valued Opinions' Privacy Policy

Their Privacy Policy is a very important piece of information to have because it's a huge determining factor in whether the survey site is legit or a scam. On the Valued Opinions site you can read their Privacy Policy by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page. It takes you directly to it. This shows that they are a legit survey site because if it wasn't there, it would most likely be a scam site.

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In their particular policy, they state that they use the information they collect to provide you with relevant market research surveys, as well as for their own research purposes. It's promised that they will not send any unsolicited commercial emails (“spam”) to you or sell your contact details to third parties, which is a great thing.

If you're comfortable with cookies, you can also sign up for their advanced Cookies program. With this program, they may provide you with customized pages based on information in your Member account or profile whenever you visit the site. Remember that this is completely optional.

Company Information

Valued Opinions is GPT (get paid to) survey site that is owned and operated operated by ResearchNow. With over 3 million members, the panel is available in over 15 languages across more than 20 different countries.

It's always a positive sign when a survey site has been given an award or certification. Not only are they accredited by the BBB (Better Business Bureau), but they have a 4 out of 5 star rating from TrustPilot and a privacy certification from TrustArc. Looks legit to me.

Sometimes you can get a better feel for a company based on what their profiles are like. Make sure to check out on your favorite social media sites like Facebook and Instagram to get updates on the latest surveys.

valued opinions company information

If it's available, the company information shows the survey taker that they are a legit website. Scammy websites usually won't have this type of information because they don't want to get caught, so if it's readily available this usually means that the site isn't worried about being considered a scam. They put this information on the site because it shows they want you to trust them and know they are legit. Valued Opinions has all of their information available which shows that they are a legit site.


How do I get in touch with Valued Opinions?

If you have any additional questions about the site or need to get in contact with an administrator, you can fill out a contact form. To ensure a quick response, include the subject of your inquiry and as many specifics as possible.

I am unable to register, what do I do?

Their security system may block an IP address or internet domain that is used by a lot of people. Before you give up, try joining from another PC, location and/or another email address.

Can I reactivate my account if I haven't used it for a while?

Yes. Within 365 days of deactivation, you can contact them and choose “Question about registration” as the subject and submit your request.

How do I update my account information?

Updating your account information is quite simple. Click your name and the “Account” drop down menu to make the necessary changes.

Yes or No?

They aren't the highest-paying out there and there were some sketchy reviews, but Valued Opinions has proven that they are a legitimate website. This is because of the rewards they offer, various certifications, and the fact that they have the privacy policy and organization information available for you to see. In conclusion, Valued Opinions is a legit site and it is a yes!

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That being said, Valued Opinions isn't the most popular survey site on the web, but it is a respectable one. If you want paid survey sites with plenty of surveys, extra opportunities to earn cash, and a reliable transparent interface, click on the links to check out our top two survey sites, MySurvey and Swagbucks.