What is

TreasureTrooper is an other site following the “get paid to” model. They go all out with their Indiana Jones treasure hunt theme which, although somewhat tacky, can be a fun aspect of the user experience. The site has plenty of different ways to earn such as taking surveys, playing games, answering trivia, making phone calls, shopping online, and other tasks.

Signing Up

One great thing about TreasureTrooper is that they pay you $1 just for signing up!

After providing your email and first name you'll have to create a password and give your mailing address. Once you’ve received the confirmation email and clicked the link, you’re ready to go!

Ways to Earn Money

When you log on for the first time there are a ton of offers to choose from. Unlike some survey sites which allow you to complete third party offers without being redirected, nearly all TreasureTrooper offers will send you to third party sites. Because of this, once you've completed a task you have to go back TreasureTrooper and click the ‘done' button in order to be rewarded.

Surveys: There are 8 new surveys available on the site every day with payouts up to $1.00 each. In addition to these you can receive survey invitations via email which many users believe to be one of the best money making opportunity on TreasureTrooper.

Tasks: In addition to survey offers, there are lots of other ways to earn. You can get paid for downloading mobile apps, making phone calls, playing mini games, and answering trivia. You can also earn cash while watching video clips or browsing the web using the TreasureTrooper search engine.

Shopping: If you like shopping online, you can get cash back for certain purchases. However, this is only really useful as a way to save money on purchases you were already intending to make.

Referrals: Possibly the best way to make money on TreasureTrooper is through their referral program. What makes the program so great is its two tier system. This allows you to earn from the friends you refer and from the people that they refer. The rates are 20% at the first tier and 5% at the second. This is one of the best referral offers out there and if you sign up, we definitely recommend taking advantage of it!


TreasureTrooper allows you to cash your rewards through PayPal or in the form of a mailed check.

Once you've reached the minimum cash out balance of $20 you can request payment. The check option often takes a few days but PayPal transactions are generally quick and easy. Be aware that it can take up to a week for rewards to be credited to your account after you've completed a task.

For some tasks you may receive treasure themed tokens like gold coins, gems, or dragon scales. These can be redeemed at the “Mabutu’s Trading Hut” page for gift cards, iPods, MP3 players,  and other rewards.

Pros and Cons of TreasureTrooper

Pros: The site is free. Offers a wide range of money making offers. Referral program is excellent. Earn $1 just for signing up. Has a valid privacy policy.

Cons: Most surveys are only available to US users. Indiana Jones theme is somewhat tacky.  Takes a long time for rewards to be credited to your account.

Is it a scam?

During all our research and use of Treasure Trooper there haven't been any red flags. There's nothing shady about the privacy policy and users confirm that TreasureTrooper delivers when you cash out.

They claim to have paid $7 million in rewards to their users and the number is steadily climbing. An other good mark is their highly active user forum which hosts helpful Q&As and discussions as well as tips on the best ways to earn.

So. . . should you sign up

We say yes!

TreasureTrooper is a legit way to make some extra cash online! And if you're into clue-hunts and hidden treasure, you'll enjoy using the site even more.

To sign up now, click here!