OnePoll is just one of the many survey websites out there on the internet. Hundreds are out there but some of them are scam survey sites. To be aware of this, you need the right knowledge so you don't get scammed. You need to read the customer reviews and make sure there is a privacy policy. There should also be the company information on the website, or some way to contact them. After that you will need to determine your choice because there's going to be pros and cons with each. OnePoll will go under review because survey takers want to know which site to use.

Customer Reviews

One of the key factors in looking at a survey site to make sure its legit is the customer reviews. Customers can be some of the best ways to determine if the site is okay. They offer many great and not so good information about sites. OnePoll has some amazing reviews on their homepage. One guy said, “Thank you for all your hard work.  I would have no hesitation in recommending you and the team to others.” Nothing but good reviews across the board for OnePoll and this is a very good sign.

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Reward Offers and Choices

OnePoll doesn't seem to have rewards so this is not a good sign for people looking to cash in. This doesn't mean the site is a scam, this simply puts up a red flag because the site asks for your email and some more information and they shouldn't need it if they aren't rewarding. OnePoll appears to be a risky site because of this.

(if you want to actually get rewards for doing surveys, check out MySurvey, one of the most reputable reward-based survey sites on the web)

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy is the most important thing to look for when determining if a website is legit or not. If it is present the site is usually legit. In OnePoll's case this is a little different. They have a privacy policy so this means that they are most likely legit, The site doesn't offer reward but still want the data from the surveys. This site just wants the information so they can use it for better.

Company Information

Having the company information present is a good sign. This shows the organization has nothing to be afraid about. If it is not present but there is a way to contact them, this isn't as good of a sign but is still solid. OnePoll doesn't appear to have any company information but they do have an about us page. This has available numbers and emails that you can reach them at.

Yes or No?

OnePoll is more to the middle on the scale but its a yes. This is because if you want to still provide number for the survey it is a good site to use. The privacy policy available and the customer reviews really are convincing to the legit side. OnePoll is a legit survey site.

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That being said, there are a lot of better sites out there that will actually reward you for doing things on their sites. If you want to start making a little extra cash, check out MySurvey or Swagbucks, the two best survey sites we at Surveys Say have been able to find. If you want to know more about either site before signing up, you can read our reviews by clicking here for my honest MySurvey review or clicking here for my Swagbucks review.