What is Scholarship Owl?

Scholarship Owl provides an advanced platform that speeds up your application process and gives students direct access to scholarships.  Kenny Sandoriffy, the website’s creator, recognized the need for scholarship search tools during his experience of applying to schools individually and then for scholarships one at a time.

Kenny, a native of Austria, became frustrated that the current system was a tedious process and wanted to create a network that simplified things to help give students and families access to all financial aid that they are eligible for.

Scholarship Owl is one of the many resources that you can use to get a scholarship for college.


How Does Scholarship Owl Work?

Rather than figuring out which scholarships you qualify for, then applying to each of them one by one, Scholarship Owl simplifies and combines the process.  College Scholarship experts agree that scholarship search engines are the best way for you to receive money.  The procedure takes less than 15 minutes and sends your application to hundreds of available scholarships.

The first step requires setting up your profile on the website.  They require information such as your name, age, location, and evidence about your school enrollment.  Scholarship uses your general information to match you with relevant scholarships that you are eligible for.  Make sure you do not omit any information, or you may not get matched with certain scholarships.

Next, you will find a bunch of different scholarships that might interest you based on your profile.  You can look over the details of each one and decide which ones you want to apply for.  Applying for all of them is another option and naturally, increases your chances at receiving more money.

Some of the scholarships will need more information than what is available on your standard Scholarship Owl profile.  When this happens, you will get notified and asked to fill in the required information.  Most of the time these extra tasks include an essay or writing sample that is specific to the particular scholarship or organization.  Once you complete the additional requirements, Scholarship Owl automatically updates and applies it to your application.

After everything is complete, all you need to do is wait for a response from the scholarships you applied for.  Scholarship Owl helps ensure that you do not miss any deadlines and will notify you whenever your scholarship applications get approved or accepted.

Is Scholarship Owl Legit or a Scam?

Scholarship Owl is a legitimate website and company.  There are plenty of valid success stories online of students that received scholarship money from using the Scholarship Owl platform.  Their system has hundreds of real scholarships available for students to apply for.

Creating a profile on Scholarship Owl help you save time and money while applying for tuition rewards.  Forbes business explained Scholarship Owl’s success story, which is another validation of their legitimacy.

Types of Scholarships Listed

Scholarship Owl has a large selection of scholarships, and the number continues to grow.  Each month new scholarships are available for students.  The scholarships are broken down by category; we will outline some of the most popular ones.

Need-Based Scholarships are intended for students with that need the most financial aid.  If you are a fresh high school graduate without money saved or help from your family, you may qualify for one of these scholarships.  Single mothers who want to further their education are another example of candidates for these awards.

Merit Scholarships are offered to students who went the extra mile in the classroom.  Students who have an impressive grade point average, leadership roles in the school or community, and showcased outstanding performances that stood our from their peer group are eligible for merit scholarships.

No Essay Scholarships are not as common and readily offered as other financial aid opportunities, but they are an option.  Most scholarships require an essay or writing-based assignment, but the No Essay Scholarships typically entail some form of drawing or artistic task to win the tuition money.  Although they are not easy to find, students with a creative background should consider applying for No Essay Scholarships when they are available.

Athletic Scholarships provide student athletes with the opportunity to further their education in the classroom and advance their careers on the playing field as well.  If you are a student that wants to pick a college based on their athletic programs rather than their educational credentials, you may qualify for an Athletic Scholarship if the school’s team has a need for you on their roster.

Artistic Scholarships offer students with creative minds and unconventional career aspirations with an opportunity to receive tuition money to pursue their dreams.  If you would rather paint a picture, carve a sculpture, or become a photographer, you should try to find available Artistic Scholarships to apply for.

Minority Scholarships support the need for diversity across American universities.  These scholarships target prospective students from a variety of backgrounds.  Sometimes minority scholarships target specific ethnicities, backgrounds, or genders depending on the diversification needs of the applicable schools.  If you have a unique family background or heritage, you could be the perfect candidate for a minority scholarship.

International Student Scholarships encourage foreign students to study in America.  The majority of financial aid programs require students to be American citizens to qualify.  These international scholarships help bring students from other countries to an American university.  Typically, these awards also cover supplies and living expenses in addition to classes.

Unusual Scholarships are designed for students with hidden talents or unique accomplishments.  If you are an expert in an uncommon field, then colleges will love to have you join their student community.   Let your distinctive endowments shine and apply for one of these unusual scholarships.

“You Deserve It” – Scholarship Owl’s Exclusive Scholarship

You are eligible for a $1,000 scholarship just for signing up for an account on Scholarship Owl.  Each month, Scholarship Owl draws a lucky winner who created a profile on the website during that period.  You do not need to make any purchases or provide any payment information to have a chance of winning.  Creating an account is all it takes for you to get automatically applied for the tuition reward.

In addition to the scholarship prize, you will also receive one month of free access to all of the Scholarship Owl benefits.  Only residents of the 50 United States can win this prize, except for people living in Rhode Island.

You must also be at least 16 years of age and currently enrolled in a qualifying high school or university in the United States.  Also, you need to be registered for the Scholarship Sweepstakes or within three months of enrollment for that program to qualify.

Scholarship Owl estimates that your chances of winning are approximately one in 60,000, but the actual number depends on the total number of applicants that sign up.  The winner is responsible for any wire transfer fees or related charges that incur as a result of claiming the reward.

What Makes Scholarship Owl One of the Best?

Scholarship Owl is one of the best digital platforms for students to apply for scholarships because of their automation feature.  Instead of filling the same information on multiple scholarships applications, you just need to fill it out once, and Scholarship Owl takes care of the rest.

In addition to their automatic information-filling feature, they also have an automatic sending process.  Once your application is complete, they send it directly to the source, which makes sure you do not miss any deadlines.

Since Scholarship Owl sends out applications in bulk, and faster than you could one at a time, you increase your changes of getting more money to pay for college.  Their website is organized, easy to follow, and reduces your stress during a time that is notoriously known for high pressure.

Scholarship Owl also offers spam protection.  You will not have to worry about getting unwanted e-mails from because they shield your e-mail information and filter your results.  Their increased security features also ensure that all scholarships on the website are 100% authentic.


We identified and answered some of the most frequently asked questions on Scholarship Owl.

How Many Scholarships Does Scholarship Owl Have?

Scholarship Owl has hundreds of scholarships available on their website.  They update their database every week, and new scholarships get added to the list.

Is Scholarship Owl Free?

Signing up for Scholarship Owl is 100% free.  They have optional features and add-ons, which gives you access to more features and an account manager for $20 per month.

Is Scholarship Owl Safe?

Scholarship Owl is safe.  Their website is secured, and they are a reputable company.  You do not need to worry about your personal information getting compromised when you set up an account through their platform.

If you want to remove your profile and the information that you provided, Scholarship Owl has the necessary steps in place to accommodate your request.  Review their Privacy Policy and follow the instructions.

Other Sites Like Scholarship Owl

Some other online platforms that help students apply for scholarships include Scholly, Scholarship America, ScholarshipPoints, Cappex, and Chegg.  These websites are alternative sources, each with slightly different features and benefits.  For more information and other resources about digital scholarship applications, check out our list of best scholarship sites.