If you've heard about Scholarship America and are wondering what it is and how you can benefit from using their website, keep reading for our in-depth review.


What is Scholarship America?

Dr. Irving Fradkin from Fall River, Massachusetts, founded Scholarship America in 1958.   Dr. Fradkin had a simple mission to advance students in the American education system.  Their goal is to support and aid students to break through financial barriers and give them access to higher education.

As a nonprofit company, Scholarship America works with students, parents, universities, communities, and businesses to help students achieve their educational goals to pursue the careers of their dreams.

Helping students further their education creates a better country for all Americans.  A well-educated youth will use their degrees and knowledge to attain professions that can advance their communities.

The initial vision from nearly 60 years ago was that if every person in a given community donated one dollar to an educational fund, it would be enough to educate all students that particular community.  They called the idea “Dollars for Scholars,” which expanded into Scholarship America, the largest private sector nonprofit educational support system in the country.

Who is Eligible?

Students can use the Scholarship America website to browse and explore open scholarships managed by the organization.   Employees have the option to use Scholarship America to and the Scholarship Management Services to create scholarships for through their companies or further their personal educational careers.

High school seniors and graduates have access to the Scholarship America platform and resources if they qualify for financial help.  Scholarship America also offers assistance to students who are currently enrolled in college, ensuring that these candidates have the finances to complete the degree that they started.

Scholarship America students are not limited to students from the United States.  Their programs have helped and reached students in over 100 countries across the world.

How Does It Work?

Scholarship America works by providing students with resources to further their education at a secondary level without financial barriers.  Students have the ability to apply for various scholarships, programs, and initiatives from the Scholarship America platform after they create a free account.

The organization also teams up with communities, businesses, and individuals who want to help give students and families financial help.  Scholarship America also has options for people to donate, volunteer, partner, or work for the cause.

Scholarship America helps distribute roughly 17,000 scholarships annually with donation money that they received. They offer online application and management for all scholarships with trademarked protection and Collegiate Partners affiliation.

Scholarship America provides tax-exempt status for a charitable organization with IRS tax filing to encourage donations through Dollars for Scholars. According to the experts at Charity Navigator, Scholarship America has a high trust rating and overall score.


The Scholarship America Dream Award is offered to students throughout their years of post secondary education.  The purpose of this scholarship is to change the ongoing problem of scholarship funds exceeding their limits and drying up after a student’s freshman year.  By applying for this scholarship, students can afford to complete the degree that they started.

To be eligible for the Scholarship Dream Award, the student must plan to complete a full year of collegiate education in the current academic calendar year.  These students must also plan to enroll as a full-time student at qualifying two or four-year universities, colleges, or technical schools in the United States for the entire academic year.

Dollars for Scholars is another program available for students in need of financial support.  To qualify for this program, you must have a local Dollars for Scholars affiliate available in your area.   To get started, create an account that will help you apply for multiple scholarships through their program.

The Scholarship Management Services through Scholarship America works with private foundations, communities, trusts, unions, individuals, and businesses of all sizes to offer legitimate scholarships.  55% of United States employers have educational assistance resources for undergraduates.

To set up one of these programs, Scholarship America helps you create a unique logo and design to brand your company and identity.   They guide you through the application process as well as the selection and award notification.  Management Services also offers yearly renewals and monitors the success, cost, and timelines for your scholarships.


Inquire about specialty scholarship programs that you or your family may be eligible for. For example, students who tragically lost a family member on 9/11, Scholarship America has a Families of Freedom Scholarship Fund.  The Families of Freedom Scholarship Fund has donated nearly $116 million to over 2,800 students whose lives were affected by the 9/11 attacks.

The Dreamkeepers Emergency Financial Assistance program primarily focuses on grants for two-year colleges, because these schools only have about 60% full-time scholars, a lower retention rate than other institutions that offer degrees. 95% of students enrolled in the Dreamkeeper Emergency program complete their terms.

How to Get Started

Scholarship America understands that college is expensive for students and families to pay for.  That being said, they do not want the price to be a deterrent for students to receive their college degrees.  Scholarship America families obtain the necessary funds to put their scholars through school.

The first step is to create an account and research the available open scholarships available that are managed through Scholarship America.  Students and families can create a free profile, which gives them access to a “Dollars for Scholars” program in their local community.

Browse the website’s Collegiate Partners.  These partners consist of over 325 institutions that agree to honor and treat the Scholarship Awards programs fairly.  The Partners apply student’s scholarships without reducing a student’s financial aid package.  Some of these Collegiate Partners even match the scholarship money dollar for dollar, up to a pre-determined figure.

Students can also download the Scholarship Coach e-book, which is a free resource courtesy of Scholarship America.  For inspiration and guidance, you can also meet some of the students who participated in the scholarship program and hear the success stories that changed their lives.

With your Scholarship America account, you have access to all of their resources.  You can also check out our guide on How to Get a Scholarship.