Qmee is an online shopping tool that allows shoppers to secure discounts, offer their opinions in surveys and click links in exchange for rewards. Some say that it is the fastest-growing search-loyalty application on the Internet, but are they actually legitimate? In my full review I will discuss the highs and lows of this online program.


About The Company

It was launched in 2012 by two experienced and successful businessmen, Jonathan Knight and Nick Sutton. They believe that making money through advertising on the Internet should not be restricted to just the power players. Their vision is for the money to be distributed to smaller GPT sites as well.

Currently Qmee.com is operated by teams in both the United Kingdom and the USA. The Qmee teams consist of  experts who are passionate about building a platform that connects consumers with their favorite brands.

Since it' an interactive process, you have to install their software in order to use Qmee. No sweat, it's available on most devices and browsers. 

The company works with big names like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Amazon and Ebay.

Coming soon is their mobile app for both Android and iPhone. With the mobile app you can share your opinions by taking surveys, as well as gain access to coupons and deals from numerous brands.

Over the past few years the traffic has spiked tremendously, and their growth hasn't gone unnoticed. The company has been featured in an impressive list of top-dog magazines. The Huffington Post, Forbes, CNN Money and Mashable all have had published articles basing off of their get-paid-to program.

How Does It Work?

Once you have successfully downloaded the software onto your desktop browser, it works as your own personal online shopping and saving companion. It appears on sites you search on as a sidebar on the left side of your screen.

How is all of this possible? Brands pay to appear in Qmee’s search results. The commission is split in three ways: between the brand, the shopper and Qmee.

Earning Potential

While you are surfing the web and shopping for your best-loved brands, Qmee tries to match what you are searching for to their sponsors. Once it decides there could be reasonable match, links are placed inside the sidebar to the left of your screen. Click on any of the links to earn cash!

However, Qmee has a system in place that monitors your clicks. If they think that you are clicking the sponsored links just for the sake of rewards, with no intention of engaging with the sponsors, they may take action that could eliminate future opportunities.

Each search link is valued between $0.05 to $0.20, although some are as much as $1.

You can withdraw your rewards at any time in the form of cash or giftcards. Both appear shortly after the time of request. Cash withdraw is limited to PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account you can sign up for one, or you have the option to donate your earnings to charity.

If you choose to withdraw your credit in the form of a gift card, it cannot be exchanged for a different gift card in future so make sure you choose carefully. A redemption code will be sent via email. 

Make money online by shopping for your favorite brands, and receive price savings when they find you a better deal with their price comparison tool. This tool is great because not only does it save you money, but it also saves you time because you don't have to go looking to different sites in order to compare. It does everything for you. All of your savings can be viewed by clicking the “Q” icon in your browser toolbar.

Qmee Surveys

On occasion, you may get a paid survey invitation. There is no specific way to make these surveys appear because like ads, they appear randomly. Just answer a few opening questions to see if you qualify. If you qualify, you can continue and complete the rest of the survey offer. Most surveys are not long, and are usually worth about $0.50 a piece.

You also have the option to invite your friends with Qmee's referral program. Once you've been a member for some time, you will receive an invite link that you can share with friends. Click on the “Invite friends” tab on the Qmee dashboard. You can share this link via email or through your social accounts. For each friend you invite, you earn some extra cash. It's beneficial to both you and your friends because while you earn money for their participation, they are being introduced to a new way to earn some extra dough.

Keep in mind that your referral must sign up with your link in order for you to earn a reward. This is very important if you want to earn any cash from this process.

If you are looking for more great survey opportunities, I recommend Swagbucks. It's rated #1 on our website because they're reputable and they have great earning potential. Click here to sign up now!

Privacy Policy

When evaluating any GPT (get paid to) site or software, safety is always an important factor to consider. In Qmee's Privacy Policy, they promise that they will not disclose, sell or rent your personal information to a third party unless they have your consent.

In order for you to use their service, you must provide the following information: your e-mail address, country of residence, PayPal account details, search history and details of the sponsored links that you click on when using Qmee.

Still unsure? Qmee encrypts your password on their servers so that it cannot be read by anyone who shouldn't. By using PayPal to cash out your rewards, they don't hold any financial information either.

Getting Started

In order to signup, you need to provide an email address and some basic demographics. Once information is entered in full, they will email out a verification link, as well as a download link that allows you to install their web browser extension. You must be a United States or UK resident to be eligible to join. If you are not from one of these places do not be discouraged because they're in process of moving to other countries as well!

Installing any type of new software can be tricky depending on the browser or device you use. With my personal experience, I had a PC and used Google Chrome as my browser.

First click the “Get Qmee” button. Chrome will ask you to confirm a new extension. Click the “Add Extension” button and Chrome will notify you when Qmee has been added.

For further help on installing your Qmee software you can access help here.  A small reminder that the steps may be different depending on your device and browser, but overall the steps are relatively the same.

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Is Qmee actually legitimate?

Yes, Qmee is completely legit. They value your privacy, pay in a timely manner and there are little to no complaints from users.

What should I search for on Qmee?

Anything. The great thing about this software is that it gives you the freedom to search for all of your favorite products and services as long as it's registered in their database.

How much will I earn?

There is no limit to how much you can earn.

How can I invite my friends?

You can invite your friends to earn even more cash. All you have to do is click the “Invite friends” tab on the Qmee dashboard. 


Any good survey program pays and is safe. Qmee.com checks off these two boxes. They are a completely legitimate way to make some extra pocket money, and you do not have to worry about your information being sold to sketchy third-party sides. There are no red flags here, which is why I'm giving you the green light with this GPT program!

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