What is PanelBase?

Looking to make some extra money by simply filling out surveys? If so, you are in luck!

PanelBase is website that allows you to do just that! They pay you to fill out online surveys, however, you must live in the United Kingdom to be a member of PanelBase.

Seems pretty simple, right? Continue reading this PanelBase review to find out if this is a good opportunity for you to earn some extra cash!

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Now on to the cash…

PanelBase does not have a very high payout, which is important to keep in mind. It's the concept of a survey site. You do not get a high payout. You do not have an opportunity to quit your job or anything of that sort. This is an opportunity to make some extra cash on the side.

On average, you can expect to make between 25p-£10 per survey, which is really pocket change. You will also have opportunities to make money with PanelBase through focus groups, telephone/text interviews, product testing, and even prize draws. Also, you earn rewards for every person that you refer. When your referral successfully signs up, you receive £0.20 in your account. Still, this is a very small amount. Considering the amount of time it will take you to make a small amount of money, you might want to ask yourself if it is really worth your time. That is for you to decide.

Once you reach £10, you will have the option to withdraw the money you have earned. Luckily, you can withdraw your money straight into your bank account. To me, receiving money directly in your bank account sounds like the best option. You also have the option of withdrawing your money in the form of vouchers, which can be used at many high street retail outlets. The last way to withdraw your money with PanelBase is to simply donate it to a charity.

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Scam or Legit?

PanelBase is absolutely legit, it is not a scam. Many people have had great experiences with PanelBase. It is a genuine survey site that makes you real money. It is free to join, which goes to show that it is not a scam. If they were trying to scam you, they would probably institute a sign-up fee.

There are members, however, who are unhappy with PanelBase's service. This is to be expected. When you have a large number of members, there are bound to be some people who are unhappy.

Continue reading the next section to hear about some common member perceptions of PanelBase…

Common Perception

The majority of PanelBase users are happy with their experiences.

There are a handful of people, however, that are not happy with PanelBase. One of the most common complaints is that PanelBase constantly screens people out of surveys. Many people reported beginning a survey, and soon after starting, being kicked out. This is because you are not qualified for every survey. This can be extremely frustrating.

If you think that you would be easily frustrated by this, PanelBase might not be for you. Many people reported being screened out of close to 75% of the surveys that they attempted to take.

How to Get Started

It is very simple to get started with PanelBase. Before doing anything, you will need to fill out your profile. Your profile will ask you a plethora of questions about yourself that need to be answered. Your answers to those questions will help PanelBase determine which surveys you are qualified for.

From there, you will receive surveys through your email. These are the surveys you can fill out and get paid for. Unfortunately, you still have the chance of being screened out of surveys, even though you have been qualified for them.

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Pros & Cons


  • Multiple ways to earn rewards (Phone interviews, text interviews, focus groups, product testing, prize draws
  • You gain an extra £3 just for signing up
  • PanelBase's website has a nice layout and it is easy to navigate
  • Free to join


  • Infrequent amount of surveys being sent through email
  • Regular screening out of surveys (some people report close to 75%)
  • PanelBase is only available to people living in the United Kingdom. If you live in another country and hear about it, you might as well forget about PanelBase, unfortunately.

PanelBase vs. Swagbucks

One of PanelBase's top competitors is Swagbucks. While Swagbucks does not offer a massive payout opportunity, you have the potential to earn more than you will on PanelBase.

Swagbucks operates with the use of swagbucks (SB). Essentially, each swagbuck is the equivilent of one cent, but you will be surprised how quickly they add up.

Other than simply taking surveys, there are many other ways to earn money. They are listed below:

  • A search engine- If you use their search engine, you will receive a random amount of SB's.
  • Cash back for shopping online through Swagbucks on sites such as Amazon, Macy's, Target, etc.
  • Trial offers- You will be rewarded for signing up for trial offers through Swagbucks
  • Games- You earn a very small amount of SB's for simply playing online games.
  • Daily Goals- There will be a daily SB goal. Once you reach it, you gain a 10% bonus on the day's SB's.
  • Daily random winner
  • Referral program- If you refer a friend, you will get 10% of their lifetime earnings.
  • Swagbucks watch- You earn a small amount of SB's for simply watching videos.

Swagbucks has a lot to offer! There are so many ways to make money. It will eventually add up, and you end up making a nice little chunk of change.

Swagbucks is an absolutely legitimate survey website with the opportunity to make some money on the side. If you are interested in online survey taking, I highly recommend checking out Swagbucks. If you'd like to learn more first, check out our in-depth review, or click here to join now (free account).

Concluding Thoughts

The reality of survey sites is that you will never make a large amount of money, especially considering the amount of time that you will spend filling out surveys.

While this is definitely not a scam at all, you have to take it for what it is. PanelBase is a great resource for those of us with a lot of time on our hands and those of us looking to make a small amount of income on the side.

After reading this PannelBase review, hopefully you can now determine if this is a worth-while opportunity for you or not!

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