Taking Online Paid Surveys For Money In New Zealand

With the masses of both the buying public as well as big business utilizing the Internet for buying, selling and communicating with people all over the world, it is no surprise that dedicated research companies, specifically those seeking input and feedback from consumers through targeted market research, have become more prevalent in recent years.


Taking Paid Surveys for Cash in NZ

For some, getting paid simply for offering an honest opinion seems too good to be true, but a paid survey can provide invaluable insight to the market research company seeking the information that is then used to make products, services, and the overall purchasing process for those items better for consumers, based on consumer preference.

However, as the bevy of on-line survey sites continues to grow, it can be difficult to determine which sites are legitimate and which are worth a panelists time, as each company prides itself on the fact that consumers are able to get paid (and at times, well) for participating in panel interviews and specified market surveys that allow for the company to gain insight into consumer behavior as well as buying preference.

In New Zealand, the desire for additional income through this type of market research participation is growing, and more online survey sites are consistently coming available for residents.

Before determining whether or not a specific survey site is right for you, it is important to understand who the company is, how the company works, how payment is made, and the disadvantages and advantages specific to each site.

For kiwis the top four survey sites are detailed below so that an appropriate choice can be made.



Ipoll Surveys

New Zealand residents are able to get in on the on-line paid survey action through ipoll.com.  Registration for this particular site takes just moments to complete and will require some basic demographic information including age, specific location, e-mail address and gender.

Once an account is activated after successful registration, users are immediately prompted to enter additional information, specific to shopping interests as well as buying preferences and experiences on the Profiles section of the site.  This information is then used to match active users to targeted market research panels and surveys in which they are eligible to participate.

iPoll.com provides a wide range of surveys and panels to its users, with each taking between 15 and 20 minutes, and those that match the user’s profile are sent directly to the e-mail address on file.  Additionally, users can visit the iPoll dashboard specific to their account which details what surveys are available to participate in and the anticipated payment for each offering.

Most users interested in signing up for a new survey site are most concerned with how payment, commonly referred to as rewards, is delivered and in what time frame.

iPoll offers users who complete surveys the ability to redeem rewards in variety of ways, including but not limited to Amazon.com gift codes, magazine subscriptions, music downloads, charitable donations, as well as cash.

As more surveys are completed, users accumulate a balance in the rewards account, and once it reaches $25 users have the ability to choose which reward best suits his or her needs.  It should be noted that the redemption of rewards through iPoll can take up to four weeks, but is transferred electronically once the redemption is approved.

Currently, the company is offering a $5 sign up bonus for New Zealanders who are new to the site and successfully complete the registration process.

So, how much can you earn?

Because surveys are sent based on completed profile information, it all depends on what market research is being collected and how well a user matches the demographics needed for that research.  On average, a user can expect between one and two surveys for which they qualify each month.



Any New Zealand resident over the age of 14 can sign up for the survey site MyOpinions.co.nz, with those under the age of 18 requiring parental consent.

Registration is simple, requiring only name and a valid e-mail address.  My Opinions sends a verification e-mail to the registered address in order to activate membership, and once this is complete, a user is prompted to complete his or her on-line profile that asks for more specific demographic information including age, gender, specific location, and a myriad of buying preferences and tendencies.

Although this process takes some time – on average, about 15 minutes to complete – it is necessary to have an up to date profile with accurate information so that the user may be sent surveys for which they are qualified.

At My Opinions, users are able to complete surveys and accumulate rewards that can then be cashed out either via PayPal or a donation to a specified charitable organization.

In addition to these options, reward points can be transferred to SmileCity, an on-line reward web site that allows users to accumulate points from a number of survey sites in an effort to grow balances quickly.

Reward points are earned by completing surveys within the given time frame, referring friends or family, or by playing the instant win game which is offered occasionally through the site.

In addition to earning rewards, users are automatically entered in a sweepstakes drawing with each completed survey that offers a chance to win $500 in cash for 5 selected users.  This drawing takes place twice a year, and is an extra incentive provided to those users who remain active on the site.

Unique to My Opinions, users who take surveys often enough are able to participate in the site’s loyalty program.

As more surveys are completed, higher loyalty levels are earned that result in bonus survey points that are determined as a percentage of total points earned while using the site.

For instance, a member at the gold loyalty level would have completed enough surveys to achieve a 5,000 point balance, and a 5% weekly bonus is applied to surveys completed after that point level.

It should be noted that it can take up to two months for points to be credited to a user’s account after a survey is complete.  The site claims that this allows for time to vet answers provided by users and ensure the information is usable in the particular market research they are seeking.



New Zealand residents over the age of 18 are eligible to join the survey site, OpiniSurveys.com, and registered users start receiving surveys after completing the short process to sign up.

As with other sites, OpiniSurveys requires just a short registration to activate an account, but then provides users the opportunity to add detailed demographic information to is then used to match them with market research surveys currently being offered.

Surveys offered through the site range greatly in topic, providing vital information to companies regarding specific products and brands, but on average only take a few minutes to complete after being sent to the user.

OpiniSurveys boasts that it is continually gathering new clients and therefore has an increasing number of survey rotations available to active users who have updated profile information.

Every survey completed through the site is paid in cash to users through the PayPal platform, providing an efficient and clear system for reward redemption.

No vouchers or gift cards are issued, as the site states that users should be able to utilize the money earned by taking on-line surveys in any way they see fit.

Reward redemption can be requested with as little as $15 accumulated, and this can be achieved fairly quickly as OpiniSurveys offers payment per survey that ranges from $1 up to $4.

The transfer to a verified PayPal account is immediate, unlike other survey sites that take weeks or even months for reward redemption.

Additionally, new members to the site are entered into a New Members Prize Drawing upon completing a profile, and referrals to friends and family result in a submission to the Tell a Friend drawing; both drawings are for $20, transferred directly to the user’s PayPal account if chosen.



New Zealand residents over the age of 18 are eligible to register for the paid market research survey site, OpinionWorld.com.

As with most other survey sites, registration is simple and quick, requiring an e-mail address and name, or a new user can use his or her Facebook profile to register directly with the site.

Upon receiving the verification e-mail from Opinion World, users are then prompted to complete their individual profile that compiles the user-specific information necessary to be matched with available on-line surveys.

The full registration process and profile completion takes about 15 minutes.  Once this is done, surveys that match the user’s profile demographics are sent directly to the e-mail address on file, allowing users to begin earning points fairly quickly with the site.

Surveys available to users through the site are kept fairly short, taking between 15 and 20 minutes to complete, on average.  Because surveys are sent based on up to date profile information, there is no way to accurately say how many surveys will be received by any given member for a specific time frame.

It should be noted that new users to the site Opinion World are eligible immediately to be entered into the company’s quarterly drawing.  This sweepstakes entry is for a chance to win $2,000 at random – a nice bonus for simply signing up.

Let’s discuss the rewards program available through Opinion World for active users.

Instead of a dollar amount associated with each completed survey, Opinion World assigns a point value to each offer, usually dependent on how long the survey will take a qualified user to complete.

The longer the survey, the higher the point value. 

Points are then accumulated in the user’s account after each completed survey is recognized by the site, and the minimum required for redemption of rewards points varies depending on what type of reward or prize the user wants to redeem.

Until recently, OpinionWorld.com only allowed for users to redeem points in one of two ways – through the site’s WebShop or by opting to donate points to one of OpinionWorld.com’s available charitable organizations as listed on their site.

The WebShop allows for redemption of reward points via gift vouchers, allowing users to select a retailer, such as Warehouse or Mitre10.

Gift vouchers that are delivered electronically are delivered within 48 hours of request, while those requested to be mailed can take up to ten days.

After some frustration from loyal users of the site with the limited options for reward redemption, OpinionWorld.com has added a PayPal direct transfer option for users who prefer to be paid in cash. 

The PayPal account that is linked to the user’s profile, however, must utilize the same e-mail address as was used for registration to the site.  PayPal transfers take up to 3 days, but provide an additional option to users that want to use their earned rewards in whatever way they see fit.



Overall, kiwis have some extensive options as far as participating in paid market research surveys, with a plethora of sites offering moderately paying consistent survey delivery specific to residents only.

It can be difficult to ascertain which sites are most beneficial as it relates to number of surveys available, type of information requested, and of course payment methods that are offered through varied sites; however, for the most part, the survey sites listed above are all viable options for those interested in joining the paid survey market research community and are free to join.

Surveys can provide an additional income stream, although participants need to be aware that no one will get rich from simply taking surveys on-line, and they can be a fun way to engage with the fact that we are all consumers.

Being able to offer honest opinions about buying habits, preferences, and specific product or service experiences provides companies requesting research the opportunity to improve products and services to better serve the buying public.

To get paid, even a nominal amount, to be a part of that process is a valuable thing.