NCPonline, or National Consumer Panel, is an online program that pays consumers to scan their groceries and participate in other various offers. They seem to be a reputable company because they are affiliated with CASRO , but are they actually legitimate? In our full review, I will discuss all aspects of this GPT (get paid to) site.

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About The Company

NCPonline gives you the opportunity to earn rewards from scanning your groceries, participating in surveys, and other various tasks. You could change the face of your favorite brands or improve your shopping experience by becoming a member.

Nielsen and IRI are two of the top market research companies in the United States.  In 2009 they decided to become partners, and NCPonline was the result. They use NCPonline to collect data on consumer behavior for their clients in the manufacturing and retail industries.

Getting Started

Signing up is completely is free, but they do not accept all new members who want to join. There are few spots available, so the people who are accepted represent the US population as a whole.

You are eligible to apply as long as you live in the United States and are 18 years or older. All you need is your name, contact information, date of birth, and a few other demographics.

The next step is to wait while they sift through the demographic information and choose the people that best fit the needs of the panel. It can take a couple weeks to get accepted, but they will contact you via email when a space opens up.

When you become a panel member, you will be sent a free bar-code scanner. Use this scanner to scan your grocery store purchases and earn rewards for your participation.

1,000 gift points are rewarded as a signup bonus, and you will also have the opportunity to take a short welcome survey about the website for another 500 points.

NCP is available online, and now on most mobile devices thanks to their new mobile app.

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Points are accumulated by scanning purchases and taking the occasional online survey. These points can transformed into rewards once a minimum of 8,000 points is in your account. It may seem like a pretty high bar, but the points rack up quickly.

The longer you are on the panel, the more points you can potentially earn. You'll start by earning 150 points per transmission, and by year 5 the rate bumps up to 280 points. 7,200 gift points is roughly equal to about $10.

If cash isn't your thing, order merchandise from NCP's catolog. After you've placed your order, your gift will arrive in about 6 to 8 weeks.

NCPonline also gives you the opportunity to do your good deed for the day by donating your earnings to one of the charities made available.

As time goes, by you can check your rewards history and point balance by clicking the “Rewards” tab in the members' area.

Earning Potential

The key to success with NCPonline is time. The longer you have been a member, the more points you will get credited to your account each time you participate. 

Regular participation also means automatic entries into  sweepstakes that are held weekly, monthly, and quarterly. I cannot stress enough how important participation is with this GPT site.

Sorting through all the sweepstakes can be overwhelming, but I am going to walk you through some of the ones you will definitely want to take notice of.

  • “Super Scanner Sweepstakes”: Each quarter, 40 panelists will win a $500 Visa gift card.
  • “Lucky Weeks Sweepstakes”: Every week 10 members will win a $50 Visa gift card.
  • “Monthly Sweepstakes”: 25 active members will win a $500 Visa gift card monthly.
  • “Grand Prix”: Each quarter, 1 active panelist will win their choice of a brand new car from Ford or a check for $20,000.
  • “Pay for Your Shopping”: Monthly you have the chance to be reimbursed for your most recent shopping endeavor (up to $300).
  • “NCP Connect”: Each quarter, 10 NCP Connect participants will win a $500 Visa gift card.

Remember that only active members will be selected as winners in their sweepstakes offers.

NCP will also give you 250 bonus points on your birthday, 1,500 bonus points on your 3-month anniversary, 1,000 bonus points on your 6-month anniversary and 1,000 bonus points on your 1-year anniversary (and each year after that).

Aside from sweepstakes, try out out products with their product testing program. If you are unfamiliar with product testing, it's actually quite simple. In most circumstances a company will send you a specific product which you will test for a marked period of time. This is an effective way companies to assess the effectiveness of their products. It's great for the consumer, too, because they get points and a free product.

One of the things I like most about this survey site in particular is how many fun offers they bring to the table. It's very hard to be bored as a panelist for NCP.

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Is NCP safe to join?

Privacy is a make-it or break-it when determining the legitimacy of a survey site. NCP's Privacy Policy is pretty straightforward, there are no concerns here. They promise to keep your private information well-protected.

Why did I not get a bar-code scanner?

Your household may not have qualified for one. If not, you will have access to an NCP mobile app to scan your bar-codes instead.

What is CASRO?

CASRO, or Council of American Research Organizations, is an group who oversees professional standards for survey research organizations. They partnered with the Marketing Research Association to form the Insights Association.

NCPonline: So Is It Legit?

NCPonline is completely legitimate, certainly not a scam!

They keep their end of the deal by paying panelists and keeping their information safe. The fact that they are associated with CASRO, and are a result of two of the top market research companies in the United States joining together, also gives an extra boost of confidence that they are actually legitimate.

Overall, NCPonline is a good survey site. Should you quit your job? I would not recommend it. They will not make you rich, but their endless amount of money-making opportunities make for a great way to earn some extra money.

So on that note, I'm giving you the go-ahead. Click here to sign up now!