The increased popularity of the internet has made it much easier for people to make money from home. Thanks to survey sites, like MyOpinionNow, you don't even need any special qualifications. But is MyOpinionNow legitimate?

There are tons of scams online, so you need to make sure you choose a survey site that's reliable. Luckily, the internet is also the perfect place to learn if a company is a scam or not.

So if you want to share your opinion with companies and make some money on the side, consider MyOpinionNow. It may be the survey site for you.

What Is MyOpinionNow?

MyOpinionNow is one of many websites claiming that you can use their website to make money taking surveys. The surveys are typically for products or services, and you get to share your honest opinion of them.

With MyOpinionNow, you can participate in online surveys, and you can even try products for free. And of course, you can make some money along the way.

Every company wants to know how people feel about different products and services. However, many companies don't want just anyone's opinion. That means you might not qualify for every survey you see.

Still, you might want to give MyOpinionNow a try. But first, you should know how the company works.

How it works

Before you can start taking surveys, you need to join You can join by filling out the form on their website, or you can connect your Facebook account to log in that way. If you log in with Facebook, you'll still need to fill out any details that don't transfer from Facebook.

There's no cost to sign up or be a member.

Next, you'll want to fill out your profile. After that, MyOpinionNow will send you an email whenever there's a survey available for you.

But don't plan on getting a ton of surveys. The company admits that you shouldn't expect more than two surveys per month. That's right; you'll probably only get a survey once every couple of weeks.

Now, sometimes, you will get to complete an informational survey to help determine your eligibility for surveys. However, the number and type of surveys you get primarily depends on your demographics as well as product usage.

There may be times when you don't receive any survey invitations. That's because there may not be that many surveys available, and fewer surveys mean fewer invitations. If you want to increase your chances of getting an invitation, make sure your profile is complete and up to date.

When you do get a survey invitation, the survey can be as short as a few minutes, or it could take the better part of an hour. Longer surveys will pay more than shorter ones.

And the more surveys you complete, the more points you earn.


MyOpinionNow calls its payment system Rewards. Instead of earning cash for surveys, you earn RewardPoints. To redeem your points, you'll need at least 20,000, or $20 worth.

That means it takes 10 points to equal a cent or 1,000 points to equal a dollar. We couldn't find the average point value of surveys. However, you do get 1,000 points when you sign up.

You can also earn extra RewardPoints for referring friends or family members. You'll get a unique link to share, and when someone signs up through that link, you get 250 points. After a referral takes their first survey, you'll get 500 more points.

To cash out on your points, you have to reach one of their redemption levels. The levels start at 20,000 points and go up to 200,000 in increments of 20,000. But if you have 30,000 points, you'll only get $20. The remaining 10,000 points will stay in your account.

Another problem with cashing out is that they cut you a check. They don't use PayPal or other online payment methods, which means you'll have to wait even longer to receive your earnings. But that can be nice if you don't use PayPal.

What others have to say

From our initial review, MyOpinionNow has some pros and cons. However, we wanted to know how other people felt about the survey site.

The writer behind One More Cup of Coffee had a good first impression. They appreciated the email notification system since it keeps you from wasting time looking for surveys. However, they were disappointed with the low number of surveys.

While they said the site is easy to navigate, the sheer lack of surveys means it's not a viable option if you want to make money.

However, we did find that MyOpinionNow has been accredited by the BBB since 2007. It currently has an A+ rating. Though there are a couple of customer complaints.

One customer said they were offered a reward, but the provider refused to pay. Another customer said they were locked out of their account and couldn't access the RewardPoints they had earned.

Customers reviews on SurveyPolice were also pretty negative, with an average rating of 2.0 out of 5 stars. One customer said the company didn't credit them for a long term survey. A second customer also said they didn't get paid what they deserved, and the company was unresponsive.

Is MyOpinionNow a Scam?

When you're looking to make money online, it's crucial that you avoid scams. You want to choose a legitimate website or job, for obvious reasons. So is MyOpinionNow a scam, or can you sign up without worry?

From our research, we don't think MyOpinionNow is a scam. The website is easy to use, and you can learn a lot without having to sign up.

However, we don't see it as a side hustle. Even if you get two high paying surveys in a month, points aren't worth much. It takes 20,000 points to get paid, and that's only $20.

But if the low pay doesn't put you off, you should know what the company will do with the personal information you provide.

What they collect

When you sign up, you'll have to provide your location, name, and email. They'll also ask for your birth date, gender, and whether or not you're Hispanic. You'll also have to create a password.

What they do with that info

Once you provide your personal information, what happens? Well, your name and email are important so they can contact you with survey opportunities.

Your birthdate and gender could also help filter surveys and send you ones that are most relevant to you. For example, a man probably won't have an opinion on maternity clothes.

In their Privacy Policy, MyOpinionNow states they won't give identifiable information to a third party.

The Results Are In

To get a thorough look at MyOpinionNow, we started by perusing the site. We looked at the process of signing up and how you get paid.

However, we also considered other reviews and ratings. We wanted to know how users feel about the survey website. To do this, we read a professional review, found the BBB page, and read customer reviews.

Then, we compared MyOpinionNow to similar survey sites. From there, we were able to make a final verdict on the legitimacy of MyOpinionNow.

Just Another Survey Site

If you want to make money with survey sites, you've probably learned that you should use multiple sites. That way, you have backups when one site doesn't have anything to offer.

So, should you add MyOpinionNow to your arsenal? Or are there better choices out there?


With OneOpinion, you can earn money easily and share your opinion with companies. Joining is free, and you can sign up in less than a minute. Then, you can participate in a variety of research studies.

To get paid, you'll earn points. Once you get enough points, you can redeem them for cash or gift cards. Payout options include PayPal as well as Amazon and Visa gift cards.

You'll want to have a PC or Mac because that will make taking surveys much easier than a mobile device.

To make sure you get relevant surveys, they'll ask for your name, address, email, and date of birth. You can also add your hobbies, political opinions, and other interests. OneOpinion will keep your information safe and private.

OneOpinion has an average rating of 5.5 out of 10 on Trustpilot. One customer said they love taking surveys, and points add up fast. A second customer said that once they started nearing the payout threshold, they stopped getting surveys.


If you have heard of online surveys, you've probably heard of Swagbucks. The company has over 20 million active users, and they offer over 10,000 survey opportunities each day.

Like other survey sites, you earn points whenever you take a survey with Swagbucks. You'll even earn points if you don't qualify for a survey, though the payout will be smaller. Also, their points system is easy to understand with one point (or SB) equalling one cent.

Some surveys pay up to $50, though most surveys range between $0.40 and $20.

In addition to traditional surveys, you can also earn SB by taking a special daily survey. There's also a daily poll, which pays you, too.

Customers on Trustpilot give Swagbucks an average rating of 8.3 out of 10. One customer said it's really easy to build up points and redeem them. However, a second customer said they lost about $13 after Swagbucks refused to pay out a reward.


Like Swagbucks, InboxDollars is another well-known and trusted survey site. It's free to sign up, and you'll even earn $5 after you confirm your email.

Once you sign up, you can take surveys from your computer or smartphone. The InboxDollars app makes it super easy to make some money on the go.

As you take surveys, you'll earn rewards, like cash and gift cards. Most surveys pay $0.10 to $5, but some might pay more than that.

The company processes payments every Wednesday. You can get paid through PayPal or via a check. Or you can opt for an electronic gift card to Amazon, Target, or other retailers.

InboxDollars has a respectable average rating of 7.9 out of 10 on Trustpilot. One customer said they love the company and that it's one of the few legitimate sites out there. Another customer said it was promising at the start but soon went downhill.

Voice Your Opinion

Almost nothing sounds better than the idea of making money at home, on your own schedule. And if you can also share your opinion? Well, that's even better!

That's why survey sites, like MyOpinionNow, exist. They aim to help people make some extra cash from home.

Unfortunately, MyOpinionNow isn't the best option out there. You might only qualify for a survey every couple of weeks. Therefore, it might take a while before you can request a payout.

Have you made money with surveys? Comment below with your favorite survey sites!