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You're looking to join an online survey site and you come across Media Insiders. There are many debates on whether they are legitimate or not, but in our full review we will discuss the highs and lows of this survey site.

About The Company

Media Insiders is owned and operated by Symphony Advanced Media. Their research focuses on the most the most popular technologies currently being used by consumers around the globe.

Their software is used to gather research on your phone. Once installed, it will run quietly in the background, slowly gathering information. This data is then sold off as market research, and you as a user will get a small portion in the form of cash or gift cards.

Media Insiders is accessible through Android, iPhones and most PC systems.

Many look to the BBB (Better Business Bureau) as a source to determine the legitimacy of a company. Media Insiders is not accredited with them, but don't be discouraged. There are plenty of successful companies that do not have an accreditation with the BBB.

Signing Up

As long as you live in the United States and are 13 years or older, you can sign up for this online panel. The signup process is completely free and simple. All you have to do is give out your name, email, phone number, race, household income, and answer some questions concerning your family and living situation.

After you sign up you can earn points for each week that you keep the app or program installed on your device. There are some requirements you’ll have to meet, but they are pretty basic. How much you make depends on how many devices are connected and how long you’ve been with the program. The average amount you can earn off of this has proved to be around $15 a month.

The payment structure while signing up for Media Insiders can get a bit confusing, which is why we've laid it out for you.

  • Earn 50 points ($.50) for setting up your mobile device.
  •  If you only have a Smartphone connected you’ll earn 100 points ($1) a week.
  • If you only have a PC running you’ll make a total of 50 points ($.50) each week.
  • With both a PC and Smartphone hooked up, you can earn a total of 200 points ($2) a week. They call this complete compliance.

For each household, you can have a maximum of 3 mobile devices and one PC registered. If you have all four running and are tracking your TV behaviors, then you will earn $15/monthly. Panel members will also receive $5 for each device installed, and get a bonus of $5 after the 12th week.

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Earning Potential

As a member you are entitled to participate in their various rewards programs. To qualify for member benefits, all you have to do is install, activate and continuously run the MI program.

The company has three sets of sweepstakes: $10,000 Grand Prize quarterly, $100 Tango Card TM monthly, and $25 Tango Card weekly. The great thing is that they refresh themselves annually, monthly and even weekly. The chances keep on coming. Enter these sweepstakes and take your chance to win a cash prize!

M-Connect is is a virtual private network  that can be provided to panel members. Joining the M-Connect VPN will allow you to earn some additional rewards. For instance, if the MI app hears a TV running, you will automatically begin collecting rewards. 

On occasion, you may be asked to share your opinions through surveys via email or their app for extra points.

Invite your friends with Media Insiders's friend referral program. Make money for each friend who signs up and is active for 4 weeks.

Remember that Media Insiders offers more rewards for their users who are continuously active! Some users have claimed that they've made over $200 a year.


Media Insiders pays you points for every week that you keep their program running on your different devices. After you build up some points, you can exchange them for gift cards and PayPal payments

Cash is solely paid via PayPal and there are many gift card options to choose from. Gift cards for Amazon, Starbucks, Tango, Target, restaurants, concerts and hotels are all up for grabs.

If you do not have a PayPal account, you can sign up for one or donate your cash earnings to charity instead.

The minimum amount you need in your account to be eligible for payout is $5. With 500 points in your account, you may request a $5 gift card. With 2500 points, a $25.00 PayPal deposit.

If you meet the requirements for 13 straight weeks with just a smartphone connected, you’ll earn a 500 point ($5) bonus with their Loyalty Bonus.

If you meet the requirements for 13 straight weeks with both a smartphone and PC connected you’ll earn the Total Loyalty Bonus. This bonus rewards you an additional 500 points plus the 500 point bonus you already received from the “Loyalty Bonus”.

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Is Media Insiders safe?

Yes, Media Insiders is completely safe. They use the best technology to protect your personal information, and they promise to never share any of it without your consent.

What is a Tango Card™?

Tango cards are given as sweepstakes prizes.  You can redeem your Tango Card for merchandise from top brands like Gap, Target, Starbucks, Home Depot, and dozens of other leading retailers. They are redeemable in stores, online or via your mobile phone.

Does the Media Insiders VPN slow down my Internet?

No, they have established very high-speed connections to ensure that their VPN technology does not slow down your Internet access or your device.

How can I contact Media Insiders?

You can contact Customer Support with the email [email protected] or by phone.

Media Insiders: What We Think

Media Insiders is a good website, but it's not enough to be your main source of income. It is a great site if you're looking to make some extra dough, though.

Even though we don't recommend you to quit you day job with this site, there are still many great opportunities for members. From online surveys, mobile surveys, sweepstakes and their friend referral program, there will be always something to do.

After reading this full review, you should have enough information to decide whether Media Insiders is a completely legitimate GPT site or not.


To our disappointment, Media Insiders has recently closed their doors and are no longer active.

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