Everyone likes to make extra money now and again, but getting that second job isn’t always an option. If you have been wondering how to make money from home, we’ve compiled a list of tips and possible avenues to explore to reach that goal.

Between the internet and your skills, there are many ways you could be making money from home. The only tools you'll need to have are the internet, a computer and the motivation to turn them on every day.

Start Earning Money Online

Start Doing Online Surveys

One of the quickest ways to make money is by harnessing the power of your computer and the internet and exploring online surveys. Websites such as Swagbucks and Ipsos i-Say host surveys that earn you points towards gift cards or merchandise simply for answering about twenty minutes’ worth of questions. Other places such as Vindale Research offers cash payments for completed surveys.

Take Part in an Online Focus Group

Joining a focus group is a solid option for making money online. There are no special skills needed. If you are comfortable sharing your opinions on products, television or your ideal night out, you have something to offer. Sites like Focus Group offer up to $125 per group, and the only requirements may be the occasional use of a webcam and telephone.

Start a Website or Create a Blog!

If you have a hobby or perhaps you are considered an authority on a niche topic like healthy cooking, starting a website or blog is a great way to make extra money from home. It’s not as daunting a task as you may think. Web sites such as Wix, allow you to create a free website that can host a blog, small store, or both.

Let’s say you want to start a personal finance blog, then include pay-per-click advertising on the site that will generate ads that visitors to your site will be interested in. The more they click, the more you earn, increasing the additional revenue in your account every month.

Examine Search Engines

If you have a good handle on the internet and can navigate your way through various websites, consider taking on the task of a search engine evaluator. Tasks for this job include looking at the results of a certain phrase typed into a search engine and grading the responses from the best match to the worst match.

These jobs may be a bit harder to find, but if you know where to look, they can be a lucrative way to earn money. One of the larger job boards with part-time positions like this is Appen Butler Hill.

Once you sign up and complete your user profile, you can begin searching for jobs. The task of a search engine evaluator is normally paid by the hour, so whatever you can put in is what you’ll make. Some jobs offer between ten and thirty hours per week.

Become a Freelancer or Freelance Writer

Maybe a part-time job isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, but just want to pick up some extra spending money each week. If you like to design websites, write, create audio tracks, play music or make digital graphics, freelancing is one way to go. Websites like Fiverr and Upwork have a large variety of categories for freelancers to post their skills or choose from jobs posted by clients.

In some cases, you may by competing for jobs with other freelancers, but this is where prepping ahead of time will pay off. Have a strong portfolio of your work and a detailed resume about your experiences in whatever your particular field is, and you’ll be in a better position to be awarded the job or contract. You can search for these jobs whenever you have the time or are ready to make money from home.

Get Paid to Search the Web

If you’re looking for easy ways to make money from home, you can earn that extra income by searching the web for things you’d already be searching for. Some companies provide a rewards program just for using their search engine.

You’ll get points for each search that can be redeemed for gift cards or even streaming subscriptions. Qmee is another option that works as a browser extension and provides other search results with a value shown. Each time you click one of the results, your account gets the credit and the money is paid through PayPal.

Get Paid for Being Healthy

Why not kill two birds with one stone and get paid for living a healthy, active lifestyle? There are numerous apps available for mobile devices that are compatible with a variety of fitness programs for Android and iOS.

You can sync the data, and earn points for walking, running, logging calories, sleeping, and weigh-ins.

In some cases, like with the app Pact, you earn money by completing your goals, with the money coming from other users who didn’t hit theirs. Other apps, like We Fitter, award points for goals met that are redeemable for items like sports gear and healthy food through their website.

Get Money Back instantly for Stuff You’ve Already Bought

Grocery shopping isn’t everyone’s favorite chore, but it can be one that earns you money back on many of your purchases. Apps like Checkout 51 lets the user search their offers, choose the ones they like and earn money back on those purchases.

Make your purchase at any store and scan in the receipt. Once your account hits a certain threshold, a check is mailed out to you.

Test Websites

Another recommendation on how to make money from home website testing. Many times, after a website is built, the developer may want input from a typical user on the design, ease-of-navigation, and even the additional functions like a web-based store or an application form.

The only real requirements to test websites is to have a computer, laptop or PC is fine, a high-speed internet connection and possibly a webcam.

One of the leading sites for website testing is UserTesting. Users are asked to watch a video, complete some tasks and speak your thoughts out loud via webcam. They pay $10 per evaluation that can be sent through PayPal directly to your account.

Associate Marketing

Associate Marketing, also referred to as Affiliate Marketing, requires a little a bit more time to make it fruitful. However, by promoting other people's products, you could make money through commissions each time you get someone to purchase the product or sign up at a certain link. You can promote these products a few different ways, but the bigger your audience, the better chances for more sales.

Others who’ve explored Associate Marketing have done so through their websites, social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, and through sites like HubPages. This site uses revenue-sharing and allows users to create hubs with a variety of category-focused content.

Sign Up for Free Gift Cards

Nowadays, you can get just about anything through Amazon, including free gift cards. It is as simple as adding the Amazon app to your smartphone, sign in with your account and within seven days of the first sign in; you should have a $5 gift card waiting for you.

Other options to earn free gift cards including taking online surveys and purchasing products through affiliates listed on sites like Granny Rewards. Through this site, you can earn points redeemable for gift cards for completing actions like signing up for the weekly newsletter, refer a friend to the program and leave feedback on your experience with the site.

Start Tutoring Online

Are you a student or substitute teacher wondering how to make extra money from home? Use your experience in academia to help others by online tutoring. Some websites allow you a very flexible schedule to pick up sessions whenever you have spare time.

Upon completing an application process and being accepted to the site, tutors can change their availability on a weekly basis. Tutors are paid by the hour and will receive payment directly from the website.

Play Online Games

Signing up to be a member on gaming sites like Paid Game Player provide you with more than just some time-killer virtual pinball. Play a variety of the games and leave reviews to earn extra money.

You can also complete surveys, refer friends and compete in different tournaments and champions that offer cash prizes. If you have a fondness for video games, you can always apply to be a game tester with one of the bigger video game companies.

Or, if you consider yourself an expert in a certain game, sites like Killer Guides will pay you to help them write a manual on how to play that game.

Technical Freelancing

The world of freelance isn't limited to writing and graphic design. If your skill set is more of the technical kind, there are still many freelance opportunities available.

Through websites like Field Nation, individuals looking for legit ways to make money online can offer their services in areas like security, digital storage solutions, hardware support, telecommunications and wireless networking.

Create an account, and being searching through the posted projects to find one that is compatible with your qualifications.

Become an Online Juror

Looking for a job online is one thing, but if you’re just looking for ways to earn extra money from home, consider signing up to be an online juror. On OnlineVerdict.com, you can create an account, and you’ll be contacted to review cases online. You choose the cases you want to review, spending up to an hour’s time and earning between $20 and $60 per case.

Through eJury.com, you can take part in focus groups and mock juries that can help attorneys prepare for cases or determine the value of a case. Payment is sent one a month by check from the site to the address you use in your profile.

Review Stuff

Everyone has an opinion on just about everything, so why not use yours to make money online from home. From reviewing new products to writing reviews on hotels, restaurants, clothes and more, websites like Review Stream will pay you for your opinion. They provide a wide variety of products, movies, books and stores to leave reviews on and pay-per-review.

If another member up votes your review, that adds a small bonus to your account. Once you hit a threshold, you can have the money sent to you via PayPal.

Work for Amazon

There are several ways to earn money from home working for Amazon. Signing up to be an affiliate for Amazon where you sell their products on your site is a fitting example of affiliate marketing.

However, if you are looking for a more secure income with Amazon, you can apply to be a home-based customer service representative. Paying by the hour, the only equipment you'd need is a computer with high-speed Internet and a dedicated phone line.

The Amazon MTurk program that offers pay for Human Intelligence Tasks for a variety of topics and products. For this program, you’ll have to take a qualification test, but once approved you’ll be able to start completing tasks for cash payments.

Data Entry Work

Data entry work is one of the best ways to make money at home. The amount of money you could make all depends on your proficiency with a variety of programs such as Microsoft Excel, Word or even Access, as well as your current typing speed. Within the field of data entry, there are several diverse types of job options to choose from.

There are sites that offer filling out survey forms, copy and pasting data from one program to another, Captcha entry, adding text to images, medical transcription and basic typing jobs.

Watch Movie Previews, YouTube and Like Videos

If you have spent more than a few minutes online, you've probably noticed that nearly every website, company, and organization have a video playing on their site. Did you know that there are companies that will reward you to watch these videos?

Websites like Zoombucks will give you points for watching viral or trending videos. You can sign up with your email or Facebook account, and the points will be stored in your profile until you are ready to cash them out for items from rewards catalog. App Trailers can be found on Google Play or iTunes and pays you in Amazon gift cards or cash to your PayPal account for simply watching video trailers through their site.

Maintain Fan Pages

If you have ever wondered, ‘how can I make money from home without a product to sell?’ Aside from the several examples offered above, maintaining a fan page for a movie, television series, book, actor or musician can be a way to make money online.

Start off with a free URL and website from one of the site builders such as Wix or WordPress, depending on your comfort leveling with website design. This option would require a bit more work on your part because you would have to create the content posted on the site.

Adding a pay-per-click advertising program such as Google AdSense will help earn revenue as people begin to visit and interact with your site. When you have a niche fan site, you may even get other fans who are selling products related to your focus that could buy ad space on your site.

You’d be responsible for growing your reader base by learning about keywords and SEO (search engine Optimization), as well as building a strong social media following.

Fix Google’s Mistakes

In the world of computers, internet, and technology, not everything is done perfectly. There are still a lot of human interactions needed to be sure that information is accurate. If you’re wondering, how to make money from home with this method, there are a few possibilities.

As mentioned earlier, being a search engine evaluator and ranking the searches to the keywords is the most popular avenue, but by downloading the app Google Screenwise, you can earn reward points by searching the web with Google that is then redeemable for gift cards.

So, while you aren't technically fixing Google's mistakes, you are helping them be sure that their users are getting the right results and helping them to gather information on user behavior and demographics so they may provide more tailored search results.

Rate Pizzas

Who doesn’t love pizza? Who doesn’t love free pizza? Better yet, free pizza and a few dollars in your pocket! There are companies out there like, The Source, that is actively looking for people to try their local places and rate the pizza. Start by filling out an application and carefully reading the independent contractor agreement.

Once you’re accepted, you can start by searching the assignments in your area, and call to order your pizza. You’ll be required to pay attention to certain details from the phone order, to the quality of food.

You will have to take a digital picture of your pizza and receipt to submit with the report. After turning it in, you’ll be reimbursed for the pizza and receive an extra $5. Not a bad way to earn extra money.

Sell Lesson Plans

Are you a teacher, experienced musician, computer genius or an excellent crafter? Did you know that you could take that knowledge and use it to make money online? This is different from online tutoring or homeschooling.

When looking at how to make money from home, using your well of skills and knowledge will not only cost you nothing but can help you provide information for others looking to learn.

An example of this is the site Teachers Pay Teachers. The site is a collector of educators creating and uploading their lessons plans that other teachers can then purchase and download to use in their classroom. However, you don't just have to be a teacher to make this work.

If you know how to play guitar, you can create lessons people can purchase and download from your personal website; same goes for craft patterns, computer tutorials, and even art lessons.

Online Travel Agent

If none of the above ways to make money from home have struck a chord with you, another option is to start your online travel agency.

This may require more time online because you will have to stay on top of the various travel discounts, changing travel laws and travel insurance solutions. Making money as an online travel agent is a little different from the other options discussed already.

To start, you would have to establish a working relationship with a host agency as an independent contractor. Payment would be determined by the commission agreement you have with the host agency.

With some time and experience, some online travel agents have been able to establish a direct relationship with the suppliers, i.e. the cruise lines or airlines themselves. But if you are just starting out trying to figure out how to make money from home through booking vacations for others, become an independent contractor with a host agency.

Become a Virtual Assistant

One of the best ways to make money from home is to consider being a virtual assistance. Entrepreneurs know that the cornerstone of their business is a solid product or service, a strong customer relationships department, and transparency in what they do.

With all these responsibilities, the last thing on their mind is sorting emails, building a social media presence or having to deal with administrative work.

All the current freelance sites have job postings searching for a virtual assistant that can help schedule meetings, perform some data entry tasks, and possibly make phone calls on behalf of their employer.

These jobs may be part-time, full-time or even on a case by case basis. Web sites such as Belay offer their clients a variety of virtual assistances to help them run their business with a perfect virtual assistant match that tends to be more of a permanent position.

Start Renting

Rent Your Bike, Snow Sports, or Any Other Gear

Is that snowmobile sitting in the garage collecting dust? Do you still have that set of golf clubs or skis you purchased with great intent, but now just sit waiting for someone to use them? If you're wondering how to make money from home, look no further than your garage or shed.

There are many peer-to-peer sites, like Zilok, which allow you to post a rental of your property to others in your area.

Rent Parking Spaces

If you live in an apartment or condo building that provides a parking space, you could even rent that if you aren’t using it yourself.

In any city, big or small, parking is rarely ever easy. Most buildings only offer one or two spaces per unit, and if you are a mass transit commuter, or only use one of two parking spots, consider listing your extra spot online with a site like JustPark. You list your space for free, control the availability, and you can easily make money at home.

Rent Your Car

Renting a parking space isn't the only vehicle-related easy way to make money from home. If you have an extra vehicle at home, or simply don't use yours for long periods of time, you can list your car as an available rental on sites like Turo.com.

Once you register and they determine the market value of your car, you’ll be able to set a minimum daily price for trips. Then, pick an insurance protection package and earn up to 85% of the trip price. Turo will send you a direct deposit within five days of the journey's conclusion.

Rent Your Student Space / Musical Instruments

Consider renting out your studio space to others, along with the instruments too. Plenty of people is looking to rent a dedicated studio space for their music or artistic projects. This option will require you to sit down and think about a few conditional elements, but once the details are hammered out, it's one of the good ways to make money without much effort.

Rent your Clothes Online

One of the other ways to earn extra money from your home is to rent your wardrobe out online. Maybe you have several cocktail dresses or suits that are put away with no need insight. Why not rent them out to others who need a special occasion outfit, but not the funds to purchase one.

Through sites like Rent the Runway, you can list your outfit by categories like wedding, gala, prom and party, where others can rent your garment for their big night out.

Take Care of Pets!

If you aren't interested in renting out your personal items, but still questioning how to make money from home, there's always taking care of other people's pets. Technically you would have to leave your house, but it's a way how to make extra cash and keep a flexible schedule.

You can keep it as simple as dog walking once or twice a day. Or, offer more services such as overnight pet sitting in their home or your own, grooming services and even just keeping them company if their owners are gone for extended days.

Make Money Selling Your Stuff

Buy Groceries and Get Rebates

One of the quick ways that will earn you some extra cash is to coordinate your grocery shopping with a big sale week where they manufacturers are offering rebates to customers who buy their products.

These ‘extreme couponers' have been able to not only save hundreds of dollars on a good number of goods, but the rebates they receive in turn pay for the groceries that are not on sale or offering cash back.

Have an eBay “Garage Sale”

Do you have an overabundance of products or collectibles? There are a few websites like eBay and QuiBids that you can start listing any of these items on, allowing you to reach millions of people with your unique items, and if you do it the right way you may make more money than you spent!

Holding a virtual garage sale on these sites not only allows you to declutter your home but earn extra money in the process. You’re aren’t limited to collectibles either. People search these auction sites for the most basic of items that they don’t mind having used or don’t want to spend a lot of money on.

Open a New Bank Account

Were you aware that some banks pay you to open an account with them? Many time there are minimum deposit requirements and some other fine print, but a quick search of banks in your area will help you to determine how much they will add to your new account once you make your initial deposit.

Share What’s in Your Fridge

If you're genuinely wondering how to make money from home without leaving its comfort, try signing up with the Nielsen Consumer Panel and show them what is in your refrigerator. Every time you buy new groceries, scan them and send in the data.

The process takes about an hour a week, and there may be the occasional survey to complete. You earn points for every interaction and the longer you stay on the panel, the more points you earn. Points can be redeemed for rewards.

Start Selling Antiques

Antiques aren't limited to the things our grandparents have left behind that once belonged to their grandparents. Nowadays, antiques can include baseball cards, movie posters and even a record player in good shape. If the items are in a good to great condition, and it's possible to get a true appraisal, you could make a good amount of money from parting with the memorabilia.

Shop Online and Get Cash Back

Some websites will offer cash back bonus for shopping on their site. These bonuses can be applied to future purchases or are processed as an actual cash back reward.

Flea Market Tossing or Flipping

Are you creative? Can you take a few random items and combine them into something entirely new? Then you may be successful at learning how to earn money from flea markets. Many times, people who set up at these community rummage sales or flea markets just want to unburden themselves with extra possessions.

Their garbage can be your gold. By refurbishing an item and reselling for a profit, or crafting discarded items together into something unique and eye-catching, using flea markets to earn extra money is a good way to go.

Sell Old Books

There are two ways to make extra money from selling your books. The first is to go to a store like Half Priced Books, where you will be paid for cents on the dollar for current books. This may not earn you much, but it's a couple of dollars that will let you buy a new book! Another option is to check the value of the book you want to sell through BookScouter, and then list it on Amazon or eBay to sell.

Sell Your Photos

Remember that family vacation you took a few years ago? There’s probably a dozen or so snapshots of the landscape, or maybe of the wildlife you encountered. Did you know that sites like Shutterstock will pay you to use these as part of their catalog?

Even the simplest of pictures, like the flowers in your garden or the sunset from your backyard, are purchased because they want to provide a diverse collection of photography for graphic designs to use in their projects.

Sell Your Old Cell Phone

Do you still have your old cell phone sitting in a drawer somewhere? Sites like Gazelle and Amazon will compensate you for sending on that old phone. Amazon offers gift cards for working phones, specifically iPhones, but Gazelle offers cash for the phone regardless of the manufacturer.

Bed and Breakfast or AirBnB

Location can work to your advantage if you have a larger home with extra rooms, opening a small bed and breakfast could help you earn some extra money. Living near a tourist spot, college campus or even a convention center or arena could provide you with a steady stream of customers, and the flexibility of booking is entirely at your discretion.

If you have a spare room or travel a lot for work, you can earn money by listing your home on AirBnB. You can list your entire house, a room or a shared room and AirBnB will help you work out all the details from a check-in plan to messaging your guests. They offer a Host Protection Insurance where your home and belongings are covered at no additional cost.

Return Printer Cartridges

Many of the big box office supply stores will offer you in-store credits if you return your empty ink cartridges.

Be Creative!


Have you wondered how to get money by doing something more creative? Try your hand at calligraphy. Providing the art of hand-lettering isn't a common skill in today's day and age. People are seeking those who can do this type of work for wedding invitations or other stationery accessories.


Having a good ear and quick fingers on a keyboard are great qualities to earn money online as a transcriptionist. Medical transcription is a big field always looking for new people, but it does require a bit of training to find a good position.

Other sites like eLance or Freelancer post-transcription jobs regularly that need no extra training. You may have to pass an accuracy test, but once you pass, you can apply for any of the jobs posted.


If cooking or baking is a passion of yours, you can earn extra money by selling them to your community to various events and organizations. To cover yourself, do a bit of research into food safety laws, and then start looking for events or free advertising opportunities to sell your pies, cookies, bread, or whatever delicious dish you specialize in cooking.

Start a Side Business

If you want to know how to make money from home, but want it to be something that has lasting potential, consider starting a side business. Launch a craft store on Etsy, a catering business from your kitchen, or even a workshop out of your garage.

Use your skills and hobbies to work for you by offering them to the community and online shoppers. The more you put into your side business, the more it will provide for you that extra income you’re looking for.

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