What is Knowledge Panel?

Knowledge Panel is a market research company that is owned by GfK Custom Research North America, which was founded by two Stanford University professors in 1999. They do represent and partner with many international companies, but this opportunity is strictly for families who reside in the United States.

Knowledge Panel is a leading source of information for multiple Fortune 500 companies, major universities, government, and news agencies. With that in mind, every survey you complete has an impact on the world.

You have the opportunity to be heard!

Continue reading this Knowledge Panel review to find out if this opportunity is worth your time.

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Earning Potential

There are a few different ways to earn money with Knowledge Panel, but the main way to earn in by taking surveys.

Knowledge Panel offers surveys in a wide range of different categories such as health care, entertainment, current affairs, new products, and many others. They also encourage their members to share their experiences, ideas, and opinions on the various issues via national polls and surveys.

Knowledge Panel uses a points system to reward their members. On average, you can expect to receive 2 to 6 survey invitations every month. Every survey that you complete is worth 1,000 points. Every 1,000 points is then equivalent to $1.00.

They also will reward you with 10,000 points just for becoming a member. Since 10,000 points is equivalent to $10.00, after completing just 1 survey, you already have $11.00 in your account. Pretty good deal, right?

If you are looking to redeem your points for straight cash, you must reach the $25.00 threshold. Knowledge Panel will then simply mail you a check.

If you do not want to redeem your points in the form of cash, you have the the following options…

  • You can redeem your points for games.
  • You can redeem your points for gift card.
  • You can redeem your points for some other kind of merchandise from their customized online marketplace.
  • You can use your points to try and win sweepstakes.

There may not be tons of opportunities to earn, but their surveys pay well in comparison to the rest of the market research industry.

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Pros & Cons


  • Multiple ways to redeem your points
  • High payout for surveys
  • Wide range of surveys on different topics
  • Credible company
  • $10.00 just for signing up
  • Free to join, if you are selected
  • If you do not have internet access or a computer, Knowledge Panel will set you up with internet and give you a computer to use


  • Invitation only, you cannot just go to to the website and sign up
  • No referral program

Legit or a Scam?

Knowledge Panel is an absolutely legitimate market research company. This is one of the few survey sites that I can say, with 100% confidence, that they will never scam you.

As mentioned before, Knowledge Panel is run by GfK Custom Research North America, a globally recognized market research company. They are a company that can be trusted.

Knowledge Panel is the only online consumer research panel that accurately represents the U.S. population. GfK Custom Research North America has offices in over 100 countries, including several in the U.S. Honomichl Top 50, an annual list of the world’s top market research companies, ranked GfK Custom Research North America as the 7th best market research company in the entire world.

GfK Custom Research North America is also held to industry standards because they belong to several market research associations such as ESOMAR and ARF.

That about sums it up! When it comes to market research, Knowledge Panel is one of the best. They are a trustworthy, credible company that we are confident you will enjoy.

How To Get Started

Here's the catch…

GfK Custom Research North America randomly invites only a few households in the United States every year to join the Knowledge Panel.

If you are not selected to participate, you cannot just simply join them. However, if you are selected, it is free to join.

If your household is selected, your entire family has the opportunity to earn. The only requirement is that kids ages 13-18 need parental permission to participate. Your entire family will be eligible for the $10.00 start up bonus as well. If you have 4 people in your family, you can make a quick $40.00 immediately.

Also, if your family is selected, it is very easy to get started. They will simply send you a six-digit code. You then visit Knowledge Panel's homepage, click “join now“, and you will immediately see where you can enter your code. From there, you will answer an introductory survey that tells Knowledge Panel a little bit about you. It will not get too personal, they just need to know a little bit about you so that they send the right surveys your way.

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Concluding Thoughts

Knowledge Panel is an awesome opportunity, especially if you want your opinions to be heard on topics that matter to you. They are an extremely credible, legitimate company that does market research the right way. The only problem is that you must be randomly selected, you cannot just visit their homepage and sign up.

Once again, if you are looking to make money immediately, I recommend checking out Swagbucks. It is a credible online rewards site that keeps money earning opportunities coming your way, and it also pays you efficiently and on time. Also, if you are interested in learning more about Swagbucks, check out our Swagbucks review.

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Let's say you do get randomly selected, although.

You might be asking yourself if you should join or not? Is it even worth your time?

Survey Sites are best suited for people who understand the concept of a survey site. This is not an opportunity for you to quit your job and make a full-time income by using Knowledge Panel. You have the opportunity to earn some extra cash on the side by completing simple, easy surveys that do not take very long. If you have some extra time and value a company that takes you seriously, this is a great opportunity.

After reading this Knowledge Panel review, you should now have plenty of information that helps you determine if this is a good opportunity or not. In the case that you are selected, of course.

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