Is Scholarship Points legit? When using a scholarship search engine it is important to make sure that the site you are using is credible. Applying for scholarships can be time consuming, so you want to make sure that you aren't spending your time on a site that will turn out to be a scam.


What is Scholarship Points?

Scholarship Points is a membership program for students who want to earn an opportunity for tuition rewards.  Students create a membership account through the website where they can earn points which translate into the scholarship drawing entries.

The Scholarship Points program awards over $100,000 to current and future college students annually.

How Does Scholarship Points Work?

To join the Scholarship Points program, you must be a student over 13 years old who is a legal resident of the United States or Puerto Rico.  Students must be enrolled in a university or college within the United States, or plan to enroll in the future.

After creating an account, students can start earning points immediately.  Some of the ways students can earn points on their profile are:

  • Check out websites from some of Scholarship Points’ preferred partners.
  • Play different online games.
  • Open and read e-mails sent from Scholarship Points.
  • Enter and participate in their contests for scholarships.
  • Follow and interact with Scholarship Points on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.
  • Read qualifying articles online with content about paying for college and how to plan accordingly.
  • Take surveys online after signing up for a survey panel.
  • Solve puzzles.
  • Refer other students and friends to the Scholarship Points Program.

Once a student completes activities on the website, they receive points to their membership account.  Use the points to enter different scholarship drawings.  Completing multiple qualifying activities will get you more points, therefore increasing your chances to win scholarship money.

According to the membership agreement contract, all points earned a member account will stay available until they are spent.  However, the website has the right to establish an expiration period for certain members.  So just make sure you understand your contract when signing up.  Points are not transferable to other accounts.

Each member is only allowed to have one account.  If a student signs up for multiple accounts using different e-mail addresses or phone numbers they will not be eligible for winning scholarship money.

How Many Scholarships Are Offered?

At a minimum, Scholarship Points has three drawings every month.  With the help of their partners, some months they have additional scholarship awards that members can apply for with their points.

Types of Scholarships Available

Scholarship Points awards at least three $1,000 scholarships each month.  Every three months they have a drawing for a $10,000 scholarship.  When a winner is selected, they get notified via telephone.  Winners have three days to claim their prize before another member is drawn.

The scholarships have usually had names related to the time of year.  For example, an April scholarship titled “You Can’t Fool Me,” which is an obvious pun on April Fools’ Day.  They also had a “Hop to it” scholarship as an Easter reference and “Green is the New Black” as an Earth Day themed reward.

Regardless of the scholarship name, all qualifying members can enter before the deadline to for a chance to receive their scholarship reward money.

Is Scholarship Points Legit or a Scam?

To prove their legitimacy, Scholarship Points has a winner's gallery page.  The page shows the scholarship name and amount, the winner’s name and a photograph of the student who won.  They also show the name of the school that student attends or plans to attend, if applicable.

The winners also have a short message that talks about their education path and goals.  Students express their gratitude towards Scholarship Points for the opportunity to help pay for higher knowledge to pursue their dream careers.

Their membership is 100% free, and they do not require any credit cards or sensitive payment information to sign up, enter a contest, or redeem your rewards.

If you run an Internet search about Scholarship Points, you may see a few negative points claiming the company to be a scam.  However, these articles do not necessarily have factual information that proves the business to be unrepeatable.  Instead, these articles explain that Scholarship Points uses data mining and partner referrals to generate profits, which is a common business model for most sites.

Scholarship Points has been in business since 2006.  Their owners, Edvisors Network Inc., are publicly listed and have a physical address and phone number in the United States.  If you run their website through scam advisor websites, all of the results come back with a high trust rating. So, to answer the question ‘Is scholarship points legit?' the answer is yes.

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Other Resources on

Besides offering tuition rewards and prize money, Scholarship Points also offers beneficial resources for current and prospective college students.  They have an active blog written by college students across the country.  Since the blog posts come directly from students, the first-hand advice is authentic and relatable to the audience.

The blogs offer content that is more than just academic advice.  For example, one of the most recent articles is outlined a girl’s experience of her boyfriend choosing her outfits every day for a week.

She included photos and witty commentary about that week and how they both felt about the experience.  Articles like this one showcase how the Scholarship Points website is more than just a tuition giveaway website; they are a community for young adults in college.

Other blog posts have some educational benefits.  Some of our favorites include a list and description of inspirational TED Talks, and questions that you should never answer during an interview.

In addition to the Scholarship Points blog, we also have our own guide to help you get scholarships quickly and easily.

How to Get Bonus Codes

If you join the Scholarship Points community on their social media accounts, you will be the first to know about their new scholarships, special offers, and secret bonus codes.  The special offers and bonus codes can give members extra points for simple activities and completed tasks.

Members that refer a friend to join the website will receive 200 points for each friend that creates an account using your referral code.  Members also get 25 points for each person who clicks a link shared via e-mail, Facebook, or Twitter.

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