Taking surveys online can be a lot of fun and profitable. On the other hand, finding the correct survey can be a very time consuming task. Finding one that is legitimate is the key to participating in a fun survey. If you want to profit off of taking a survey, you need to be extra cautious about which survey is legitimate or not. Follow these suggestions to make sure you are getting the most out out taking your survey and you find a legitimate survey website.

1. Make Sure There is a One Page Sign-up Form

You want to make sure they are asking for more information than your name and email address. Ones that are not asking for more information are usually a scam. Market Research Panel surveys are usually legitimate. Keep these scam sites out of line by being aware of these specifics.

2. Company Information Present?

Just like the sign up form, scam survey sites wont give you anything dealing with their business. They deliberately disclosed this information to the survey taker. You need to make sure there is  a page on the website called, “About Us”. If there isn't this website is usually a scam website. This is just another way to make sure a survey site is legitimate.

3. No Privacy Policy Visible

A website that does not have its privacy policy available for you to see is probably a scam website. Its a similar comparison to the other problems on a scam survey site. Legitimate survey panels give you the list of panelists by displaying it in a privacy policy. If this is isn't present on the website, should be completely avoided. Usually the privacy policy is available with the terms of use page.  The Privacy Policy is very important because it outlines how your policy is handled. The Terms of Use agreement gives the details of the relationship you're forming with the survey panel or website.

4. Promises That Are Too-Good-To-Be-True

Occasionally some survey websites will tell you that you can win large sums of money. Any websites that say you can earn up to $150 a day is probably a scam survey panel. A true survey panel is really more interested in your opinion and honest answer to get the right idea about the survey. Reasonable but not ridiculous incentive is given to the people taking the survey. In no way is this huge money maker for you. The ones that do claim to be a big money earner is probably not legitimate. Do not complete the online registration form if you have any question in your mind as if this survey site is legitimate or not. You don't want to submit information on scam websites because if you do you are agreeing to have your information used in ways that you don't want them to be used for. Feel free to set up an alternate e-mail account if you want to test out the site. Therefore, if it is a scam survey panel, you can have the emails sent to the less important e-mail account.

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After going through the above the steps and the survey site seems to check out, we'd also recommend checking out what other people had to say about those sites. Survey sites that are vouched for by outlets like Millenial Money Guide, are definitely legit.

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