Hits4Pay has been paying their members to read emails in exchange for cash since the early 2000's. They used to be a popular program, but what happened? After 19 years, Hits4Pay was closed due to lack of traffic. In this full review I will be doing a brief overview of this seasoned GPT (get paid to ) site, and share a profitable alternative as well.

Hits4Pay Logo

Run by Multiple Stream Media, LLC, Hits4Pay has existed for years and  it is one of the oldest online money-making programs. Upon signing up members are gifted $5.

Compared to the signup bonus, the actual payout to Hits4Pay members per email is tiny- usually around 2 to 5 cents. 
There are some discrepancies but most people say that they receive only up to 3  emails per day.  With both a low  income rate and email rate, the prospects are looking like  less than a dollar per week.

If the site has a large database of advertisement campaigns at its disposal, you may even

get more than 20 emails per day. Normally that wouldn't be the case, and you'd be stuck with the normal amount.

As a result of the low pay rate, people mainly focused on the referral side of the pay-to-reads. The equation was simple. If you gain a lot of referrals and your referrals read their daily emails, your profit will go up. The increase wouldn't have been a lot, bu it was still something.

The difficulty with recruitment is that new members have to remain active email readers to count as your referrals.  As soon as they stop reading emails, you no longer earn commissions. Having to refresh your recruits was more and more common.


Upon completing the registration process, members wait until their application is manually approved. As soon as it's approved, a notification will alert newly accepted members.

You get paid once your account balance breaches the minimum threshold, which is $25. Payments are made on a monthly basis while the site usually pays you within a month’s first week itself.

While some had an opinion that this was a rewarding concept, others lamented how it’s a massive time waster.

Hits4Pay: So Why The Shutdown?

Interestingly enough, their parent company also operates, and with great success, another network by the name AdClickMedia. So if they've had such great success with AdClickMedia, then what happened with Hits4Pay?

Normally when an online GPT site shuts down, it usually has something to do with their third-party partners.

To put it into simplest terms, the partnering third-parties were not happy with the results they got and stopped investing. If the third-parties back out, there is no cash incentive for the users. When the customers aren't happy, then there's just no point in running a business anymore.

Putting aside all the big company names, you wouldn't really be missing our with Hits4Pay. Users complained that it took way too long to reach the minimum payout threshold, and sometimes their accounts would be cancelled without reason.

 The Good News

Considering the fact that they're are no longer in business, Hits4Pay is not an option anymore. Good news is, there are plenty of better get-paid-to websites to choose from. If you're wondering where to go from here, I personally recommend finding another survey site that you are comfortable with.

An alternative that I commonly suggest to stumped survey-takers is a GPT site that goes by Swagbucks. You probably have already heard of them, since they are one of the most well known survey sites in the United States.

If you're unfamiliar with the name, Swagbucks is a online website where users can earn money by doing basic tasks like watching videos, playing games, shopping, or searching the web.

Swagbucks has been around since 2005, and has had over 13 million members join since. So far they have rewarded over 200 million dollars to their users, and they reward thousands of gift cards each day. They are certainly no joke.

If you want to learn more about Swagbucks, you can access our full review here.

Overall, Swagbucks is a legitimate survey site that is truly worth your time. While no survey site can really serve as a main source of income, out of all of them it's one of the best out there. It wouldn't be rated #1 on our review site if it wasn't. A great way to earn money on the side, users get paid- no gimmicks.

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