There are many programs out there that promise to help you make money online. Many people are suspicious of such claims, and for good reason. Finding a legitimate company that will actually help you instead of scam you can be difficult. Get Cash For Surveys is one of the many companies that promises to share secrets that will make you rich online.

So, here is the question, is Get Cash for Surveys a scam or is it the real deal? Reading through their website really won’t get you much information as to how they operate. They concentrate their efforts to telling you how “rich” they can make you, but not HOW they can “make you rich”. I’m gonna save you a bit of research time by breaking it down for you.

What You Get From “Get Cash For Surveys”

When you sign up with Get Cash for Surveys you will pay a one time fee of $75.00. The good thing about the fee is that after you provide proof of your first paid survey, Get Cash for Surveys will reimburse you $50.00. So it actually only ends up being $25.00. Another positive aspect of the program is that it offers a 60 day guarantee. You have 60 days to decide if you like the program, if not, they refund you your money. So, I really don’t feel like it is a huge threat as far as wasting my money goes, although I do ask myself, will I be wasting my time?

Get Cash for Surveys advertises itself as a program that offers you secrets to online surveying that will get you rich. You may be disappointed to find out that is not the case. When you buy Get Cash for Surveys’ guide you will not be offered any amazing secrets that allow you to quit your full time job and become a millionaire by sitting on the sofa and filling out surveys all day. Instead, you will be given a database of what Get Cash for Surveys claims are the best companies out of 1,600 survey companies to do surveys for.

Is It Worth The Money?

So, exactly how valuable is access to this data base? This is where it gets tricky.

It certainly is extremely valuable to have a list of survey sites that can actually make you money. But is it worth paying money for such a list when similar lists are available for free? You can browse through our list of survey websites.

Get Cash for Surveys also offers you a package of e-books that can be purchased for an additional $47.00. The package includes 6 e-books on the topics of making money online. People who have previously purchased the book have complained that the content of the books is low quality. It has also been commented that the information in the books is information that is easily found free of charge on Google.

In addition to the database and the e-books, Get Cash for Surveys includes 3 guides that are geared towards helping you make money online through ways other than surveying. This can be helpful if you are interested in learning about other ways of earning money online, although I fail to see how it incorporates into Get Cash for Surveys’ claim of helping you become rich through online surveys.

As a quick summary I’ll list the pros and cons for you.


It is great that Get Cash for Surveys offers you a $50 rebate after you have completed your first survey.

Even greater still is the fact that Get Cash for Surveys has a 60 day guarantee.


I was disappointed with the fact that Get Cash for Surveys’ guide really did not offer any helpful advice or special deals apart from their “database”. For me the “database” alone is not worth the effort.

It seems to be rather impossible to contact with anyone from the Get Cash for Survey website, in order to communicate questions and comments.

Overall there are a few things that I like, and more things that I don’t like. I’ll let you decide if this guide is a right fit for you, but personally I feel that there are better way for me to invest not only my money but my time as well.

If you'd like to get started anyway, here's a direct link to join.

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