If you spend a lot of money on Amazon, you probably enjoy receiving gift cards to use on the site. Instead of waiting for someone to give you one, you can get cards without parting with any cash.

Savvy Internet users receive Amazon cards for free from many online survey sites. You can also get free cards by trading in used products on Amazon or using certain Amazon products.

What Is an Amazon Gift Card?

An Amazon gift card provides a code you can use to purchase merchandise on Amazon.com. You may receive a digital e-card/promo code from a friend or relative during the holidays, or you can buy one yourself online.

You can also buy Amazon gift cards in local supermarkets or drugstores. Target and other chain stores occasionally carry them as well. You type in the code printed on the back of the card when you pay for your order at Amazon. The face value of the card (or a portion of it, if your order adds up to less than the card total) is applied to your order.

Cards vs. Codes – What's the Difference?

Amazon gift card codes are the numbers (codes) you type in to complete the transaction and receive merchandise. A card usually refers to the physical card you buy at a store you get in the mail.  

You may be able to get gift card codes for Amazon and other companies through a gift card generator.  A computer algorithm supplies codes to the site that may be used for gift card promotions.

Various websites offer these codes in exchange for completing a survey. Be careful to use only well-reviewed websites when looking for gift card codes – there are many scam websites out there offering this service

How to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards

You can get free Amazon gift cards from many different sources. These cards may be part of a giveaway or promotion, or you can “earn” them by purchasing certain products or spending a certain amount of money online at Amazon or other sites.  

Use one of the following methods if you’re wondering “Where can I get free Amazon gift cards? 


A trustworthy survey and rewards site, according to many reviewers, Swagbucks can net you pin money or a free Amazon gift card every month. You’ll need to qualify for surveys, which take about 20 minutes to complete. Or just make purchases on qualifying website and get cash back that can be redeemed for an Amazon gift card (I've personally done this, and it works – I got the gift card and used it).

Initially, you’ll receive Swagbucks, which you can turn in for cash or gift cards. The site occasionally offers sweepstakes enabling winners to turn in their Swagbucks for high value ($100 or more) Amazon gift cards.

Earn even more by watching videos. Swagbucks has a TV app, which you cam download to watch videos on your phone. The site also offers store coupons. Use them to save money and earn rewards.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

The Amazon Mechanical Turk lets requestors (individuals or businesses) use humans to do work computers are unable to perform. Owned by Amazon, the site belongs to Amazon Web Services. A Requestor submits a Human Intelligence Task (HIT), and a Worker fulfills the task.

The work can be anything from mimicking facial expressions to copying receipts, categorizing or completing Excel spreadsheets. You’ll need to finish a certain number of tasks before getting access to higher-paying Requestors.

Workers receive payment in their Amazon Payment account, which they can use toward Amazon gift cards or credit.


Fatwallet offers internet coupons on goods and services. It's been around since 2002 and has high ratings from users.  You can find gift cards and promo credits for products on the Amazon site. In the past, Fatwallet has offered cash back on Amazon MP3s and videos.  Fatwallet can save you money if you use Amazon a lot.

The site also has a busy forum where consumers share money-saving tips. The Hot Deals page offers the latest savings on digital downloads, tax software, toys and games and dozens of other product categories.


A web app that works on Android and iPhone, Appdown pays you to download and play games and try other apps. Users receive points, which convert into $1 cash after accruing 300 points. Register and start playing to earn points. The program has a low payout threshold.

You can receive payment in your Paypal account, via check or with gift cards or voucher (including Amazon). You can earn extra points for completing bonus offers.


A gift card marketplace that allows you to sell or buy gift cards, Cardpool also lets you trade cards for ones of similar value. You can purchase gift cards for up to 35% off face value. Sell store gift cards you can't use, and get an Amazon gift card.

Cardpool has been in business for 14 years, so it's one of the older card exchange services on the web. Cardpool has no fees and offers several onsite locations where you can trade, sell or buy gift cards.  

Valued Opinions

A high-paying, easy to use survey site, Valued Opinions offers surveys on a variety of subjects. It also lets you earn money and gift cards through product testing. Sign up for free, and fill out a profile using the sleek-looking interface. You'll receive emails with survey options daily unless you prefer to go directly to the site.

You can use your points to purchase gift cards from Amazon and other retailers. You will need to pay a $2 fee in addition to the card amount (a $50 card will cost you $52), but Valued Opinions surveys pay well, so it won't take long to accrue enough points to purchase a card.


Earn Amazon gift cards with user favorite iRazoo. This survey site has a funny-sounding name, but it offers great deals for Amazon users. Take surveys, watch videos or play games on the iRazoo mobile app or your desktop computer.

iRazoo even gives you points for reading their emails or blog. You'll earn points, and you can redeem them weekly for cash or gift cards. The site changes its inventory daily, so you need to check often for new gift cards from Amazon and other prizes.   



RecycleBank rewards users for protecting the environment by recycling and doing other green tasks, or simply learning about recycling. They offer gift cards from Amazon for as much as $400 for earning points. When you save energy at home, bring electronics to a recycling center, or read about contamination protection or saving our oceans, you can earn points.

Founded in 2004 in New York City, RecycleBank also offers a Green Schools Program to help children learn more about protecting the environment. The company recently reached a deal with the city of Phoenix to educate consumers about recycling and offer gift cards and other rewards for participation.

Google Screenwise

Google Screenwise, (also called Cross Media Panel), is a program for Chrome users. It pays web surfers for information on their web browsing activities. You’ll download a Chrome extension or mobile app, and Google will track your usage of its products. You need to register for the program which occasionally fills up and stops accepting new users.  

Users earn points for their usage, and you can get a free Amazon gift card as one of the rewards for participating in the program.  


InstaGC, a website that rewards users for watching videos, testing apps, shopping online, taking surveys and doing tasks, usually offers many daily surveys. You receive one point if you start a survey and then get disqualified –other sites don’t offer this perk.

You can also earn points by downloading programs or software, searching the web and referring friends. Complete data entry, internet research or other “Crowdflower” tasks for points.   Redeem points for Amazon gift cards or other cards (Starbucks, Best Buy, etc.), or cash out via Paypal, eCheck or bank transfer. You will receive your digital gift cards instantly by email. (The GC in “InstaGC” stands for “gift cards.”     

Opinion Outpost

This survey site, available in the U.S., Canada and the UK, Anyone 13 or over can sign up on the site. Cash out when you have a minimum of 100 points. A $5 Amazon gift card costs 50 points. (You can purchase other Amazon rewards, depending on availability.)  Opinion Outpost pays via Paypal if you choose cash instead of gift cards.

You need to be screened before taking a survey, and the acceptance process only takes about two minutes. Opinion Outpost offers a website design that fits well on iPads, laptops, iPhones, and Androids. (The company has no mobile app.)

Take the surveys emailed to you instead of accessing them through the dashboard. The surveys listed on the website lack a point or time value, so you may spend a lot of time on a survey for a few points.

Opinion Outpost has quarterly prize drawings for $10,000 and other sweepstakes.

Amazon Rewards Credit Cards

You can get Amazon cards for free by using Amazon and its related products. The Amazon Rewards Credit Card from Chase Bank offers reward rates of 2% to 3% for purchases on Amazon.com, and at gas stations, drug stores and restaurants. You'll get 1% cash back on all other purchases.

The card has no annual fee, and you'll get 3% cash back on Amazon purchases, plus a $30 Amazon gift card upon approval of your application. The gift card amount is automatically loaded onto your Amazon account to use toward purchases.  You'll receive this gift card as soon as you become a card member, even before you make any purchases.  

Amazon Trade-In

Amazon’s trade-in program lets you exchange used phones, tablets, textbooks, games and other items for a free Amazon gift card. Visit the Amazon trade-In page, list the item(s) you have to sell and their condition.

When you receive an offer from Amazon for each item, you accept or reject it. Add shipping options for each item you accept. Amazon gives you a free shipping label so you can easily package your item. Within seven days, ship your item to the address printed on the label.

Amazon will credit your account after receiving the item. Read full Amazon-Trade-In terms here. Within 30 days, you should receive your gift card unless your item has been rejected.


A reward site that pays members for completing tasks, PrizeRebel garners consistently positive reviews. The site offers Amazon gift cards, credits for online games and other prizes.

You can earn points by watching videos, taking surveys and doing internet searches. You’ll get bonus points for entering contests and playing games. Depending on the points you earn, you’ll belong to the Silver, Gold, Platinum or Diamond Level. The higher the level, the bigger your rewards.   

Founded in 2007, PrizeRebel has 6.7 million members. You must be 18 and over to join, but 13 to 17-year-olds can use the site with parental permission.


Gazelle.com lets users buy and sell used cell phones online. The leading consumer electronic trade-in website in the U.S., it offers data removal services and free shipping. Gazelle has been in operation since 2004 and has excellent reviews from users. When you sell your used phone to Gazelle, you can choose to receive payment via an Amazon electronic gift card , paper check or Paypal.

Cash Crate

Earn cash rewards and gift cards by using Cash Crate. This site gives you money for taking surveys, shopping online, watching videos and completing other tasks. (You can also receive points for referring the site to friends.)  

You’ll receive $1 just for signing up, and Cash Crate will let you know what available offers will lead to $100 Amazon cards and other lucrative rewards. The site, in operation since 2006, requires that members qualify for surveys by filling out forms with personal information.


Founded in 2000, SurveySpot lets users earn rewards by completing surveys and doing online product testing. Win between 50 and 100 points when you finish a survey, and apply it toward Amazon gift cards or other rewards. You must be 18 or older to join SurveySpot, and fill out personal information (education level, date of birth, etc.) on the registration form.


MySurvey offers rewards, such as Amazon gift cards, for participating in surveys or referring other people to the website. You'll receive “Sweeps Entries,” not points, for completing surveys. (You'll need to answer questions to see if you qualify to take a survey.)

You can turn in your Sweeps Entries for a chance at winning prizes. You earn points by referring friends. The MySurvey.com website has been online since 2001.


You can earn free gift cards for over 75 merchants, including Amazon, by using MyPoints. You receive points for doing web searches, taking surveys, watching videos and reading emails.

Once you accrue enough points, qualify for a gift card. Register for a free membership, and you'll have access to deals, coupons, and cards from Amazon and other stores and websites.  The site also offers travel deals from Groupon and Living Social. You redeem your points by clicking on the “Rewards” tab and searching for Amazon.com.


TopCashBack, a rebate site, has received excellent ratings from many of its 6,000,000 users. You can join for free, and you’ll save money by shopping online at your favorite sites. Retailers, including Amazon and eBay, pay TopCashBack a commission for your purchase, and the site adds the cashback to your earnings. Choose from offers on the TopCashBack website.


iBotta has teamed up with Amazon to offer rebates and gift cards whenever you shop at Amazon.com. You’ll need to upload the iBotta app to your phone and enter purchase information to get your rewards. When you sign up for Amazon Prime, you can get a free $20 gift card through iBotta.

iBotta also lets you save money on groceries and get rebates on products you’ve purchased. It works when you scan your phone at checkout or upload a manual receipt. Many stores, including Rite-Aid and Best Buy, are integrated with the iBotta system.


GiftCards.com is an online gift card retailer that is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The company sells thousands of gift cards from different large corporate retailers and other small businesses.

You can order gift cards to be delivered to your house, as well as eGift cards. Also, you buy select gift card brands and eGift card brands which can be redeemed for future gift card purchases.


Coinstar machines, a mainstay at many supermarkets, let you convert loose change into paper money. The machine counts your change, and you bring a receipt to the cashier, who gives you bills for the total amount.

Coinstar has now added another option. You can receive gift cards instead of paper money. The available gift cards include Amazon. You'll get a paper eGift card with a unique code which you can use online.

Microsoft Bing & Edge

Microsoft offers Amazon credit for people who use their Bing search engine and Edge browser. You’ll get up to 150 points per month for using Edge to browse, and you can redeem those points for a $5 or $10 Amazon gift card or other prizes.

Register by going to the Microsoft Rewards website and joining the program. As your browse the web while signed in to your Microsoft account, a tracker will add up your total points. If you use Bing and Edge a lot, you can earn Amazon credit every month, and Microsoft pays out on a timely basis.