Are you looking for more paid writing jobs? Have you been spinning your wheels trying to figure out how to get paid for your writing? Well then, you’ve found the perfect all-inclusive resource right here!

There are some excellent ways you can discover new freelance writing jobs online for beginners. There are a lot of great strategies that you may not be aware of yet. Plenty of sites continue to pay writers for their efforts.

It may seem like many people don't value good writers these days, but that is not true. Our list will fill you in on 28 sites that pay writers cold hard cash for articles.

Top Strategies for Finding Freelance Writing Gig

Freelance writing gigs can be found in many ways. Some of these may be a bit counterintuitive, but these strategies can help you get on the way to freelance writing success.

Read below to determine some new and different methods for finding freelance writing jobs for beginners. These ideas will help you to start making money as a writer and get a bit more cash in your pocket.

Do Free Guest Posts

I know it can be difficult to believe, but writing for free is an excellent way to get new freelance work. We're not saying that you should write for free for just anyone, but writing some guest posts for sites and blogs can help you to build your reputation and can get some interest in your work.

Clients often find writers from guest posts. Writing free guest posts can be a great way to get some experience as well, and to show people that you know how to write well.

Start Cold Pitching

One of the best ways to get clients, especially high paying clients, is to start cold pitching. With cold pitching, you will develop ideas for articles and pitch them to businesses and publications that may be interested.

It can seem daunting to start doing this, but reaching out to editors of magazines or blogs and sending them a pitch for a great article can be a good way to get some new work.

Use a Content Agency

Another great way to get jobs is to go through a content agency. While working with a content company can be a bit less lucrative than some other methods, it has some other benefits.

Working with an agency that already has a lot of clients can be a lot simpler for you since you won't have to worry about getting new clients as much. The content agency already has customers, and will directly send work to you, allowing you to focus more on writing rather than looking for new jobs.

Ask for Referrals

An excellent method of getting new jobs and clients is by using your existing network. If you already have a client that is very pleased with your work, why not let them know that you're looking for more jobs? They may have contacts that you don't have and may be more than willing to put in a good word if they know you're looking.

Pitch to Sites That Pay Writers

Many websites out there pay writers, you simply need to find them. Bigger blogs may even pay for guest posts. Other types of sites, some of which we'll go over below will also pay writers and are constantly looking for new content.

Don't be afraid to reach out to these sites and offer up some ideas for articles, and who knows, they may just be more than willing to give you a few bucks for a piece!

Pitch Your Story

Pitching a story to a local newspaper or magazine can also be an excellent way to go. These publications vary in accessibility for new writers, but if you have a great story idea, pitch an editor. They may love your idea, and be more than willing to give you a job.

Pitching can be a numbers game, and freelance writers face rejections all the time with big publications. But you'll never know until you try.

Use a Freelance Writing Directory

You may also try adding your info to some popular online directories. Various sites will have a list of freelance writers, often sorted by niches and specialties.

By giving your information to one of these sites and having a listing, people who are looking for writers will be able to find you more easily. If they're impressed with you, they may send a job your way.

Ask Your Friends, Family and Colleagues

One of the primary ways freelance writers find work is by leveraging their existing network. Make sure to let any friends, family members, or colleagues know that you're looking for a job.

Some of these people may own businesses which need writing work done or know somebody who does, so be sure to let people know about your work and don't be shy.

Start Your Own Website

A serious free lance writer needs to have a website or a blog of some kind. Having your own site will allow you to get clients and have a centralized location where prospective customers will be able to see samples of your work and contact you.

Additionally, if you have a blog, this is an excellent way to practice your craft and get others interested in your skills at the same time.

Pitch to a Job Board Ad

A common avenue for many people who are looking for jobs in writing is online job boards. Applying for jobs on job boards can be one of the easiest ways to get started since you'll simply need to scour the boards and apply for relevant jobs. Not all job boards are legitimate though, so be careful.

A few great ones to start with are the Problogger Job Board and Blogging Pro Job Board. On these boards, you'll find plenty of “writers wanted” postings. These are both free and post high quality jobs.

Join Writing Facebook Groups

One often overlooked source for online writing jobs is Facebook. Many groups exist on the social media platform and are available for all types of interests, including writing.

If you search for “Freelance Writing Jobs” on the site and join some of the groups you find, you may be surprised at what you can discover.

Follow Tweets from Job Boards

Twitter is also another source of employment. Many accounts exist on Twitter for tweeting and retweeting jobs for writers, so look for these accounts and follow them.

You can also use hashtags to find jobs. Search tags such as #hiringwriters, #writingjobs, and #freelancewriters and you'll find many jobs that other users have posted.

Visit Local Printing and Design Companies

Don't forget to search locally for jobs. It can be easy to forget that people and businesses all around you can use writers just like you. Printing and design companies work with many customers and clients who need writing to go along with their designs.

Reach out to businesses such as these that may need a writer, and let them know you're available. They may be looking for somebody just like you!

Network with Other Freelance Writers

You may think that other freelancers are your competition, but the truth is, they are your greatest allies and colleagues. There are enough online freelance jobs to go around.

Network with other writers and find out what's working for them, what's not, and where they find employment. Building these relationships over time can even lead to referrals and other opportunities as well.

Start Warm Pitching

As an alternative to cold pitching, warm pitching is an excellent way to find new work. Warm pitching is when you reach out to people you already know in your existing network, looking for a job. These connections may be former colleagues, former employers, or anyone you've already built a relationship with in the past.

28 Sites That Will Pay You to Write

Alright, now let's get to the list you've been waiting for. Below are some great websites and blogs that are always on the lookout for great freelancers, and will pay you for your work.

1. The Write Life

The Write Life is a site that is made for helping writers out and provides resources for learning how to write for a living. Topics will be in the business of writing, so if you think you have something to say on the subject be sure to follow the writer guidelines. To apply, you'll be sharing a Google Doc of your article. They pay $75 for posts, and more for regular contributors.

2. A Fine Parent

If you're a parent or have something to say on the topic, you may consider writing for A Fine Parent. The blog accepts articles that are ideal for smart and busy parents. Submissions are not always open, but when they are, the site will pay $50 per article. Follow the guidelines and submit your best article.

3. Cracked

Cracked specializes in interesting articles, many of which go viral, so they can be a great site to write for. They offer $50 for their shorter “Quick Fix” articles and $100 for full-length articles. If you think you have what it takes to write for them, just register on their site to be a writer and start submitting quality articles.

4. IncomeDiary

Income Diary accepts articles about building an online business, and this can vary in scope. Typical articles are about making money online, getting traffic, social media, or anything related to business. Usually, they prefer that you pitch your idea first, and then submit the article if they like your idea. They will pay $50-$200 per article via Paypal after they have accepted your article.

5. International Living

International Living is a site geared at retirees and people who are looking to move overseas for their retirement. They will accept many articles related to these topics and can be an excellent choice to write for if you have knowledge on the subject. They offer $250 for 840 words and $400 for 1,400 words.

6. XOJane

XOJane is a popular American online magazine geared towards women, issues that they face and lifestyle interests. The site has been known to pay writers in the past and are always on the lookout for great writing regarding women's experiences and issues. The site will pay $50 for an article.

7. The Penny Hoarder

The Penny Hoarder is all about saving money and can be a great site to write for. If you have an excellent article on the topic of earning, saving, or investing money you may be able to get it accepted to the site. They prefer articles that are between 700-800 words in length and will pay $75 for an article, with a possibility of earning up to $800 in bonuses depending on the success of the piece.

8. Be a Freelance Blogger

Be a Freelance Blogger is a site about blogging and writing that will accept articles about freelance blogging. The site accepts guest posts and offers a chance to make $100 with your submission. To submit, pitch an idea and a summary of your post. Be sure to follow the guidelines thoroughly.

9. Funds for Writers

Another website and blog that focuses on helping writers get paid for their work, Funds for Writers accepts submissions. Articles can be about anything related to earning money through writing. The site will pay writers $45-$50 through Paypal or by check.

10. Brazen Life

The Brazen Life pays for posts about networking events in different cities and is focused on lifestyle and career. If you have some information on the topic, you can try submitting an article to the site. It's best to pitch them your idea before you start writing. Also, read the guidelines. They have been known to pay $50 per post.

11. TopTenz

TopTenz is a website that is filled with top 10 lists on various topics, ranging across a variety of subjects. They will accept lists on many topics, but only take ideas that have not been done on their site before. Read the guidelines and submit. They pay $50 for articles.

12. Write Naked

Write Naked accepts different articles on the topic of writing. They particularly like articles such as interviews, publishing trends, tips on self-publishing and freelance writing success. Read their guidelines and only accept a pitch during their open times of the year when they are taking new posts. They pay $50 for posts that are between 450-650 words.

13. Doctor of Credit

Doctor of Credit accepts articles about consumer credit and are a great site to write for if you have knowledge on the topic. They prefer to receive a full article when submitting your idea, as opposed to a pitch. They will pay $50 for articles that they accept from you.

14. Make a Living Writing

Make a Living Writing is a favorite website for freelance writers, in which writer Carol Tice gives tons of tips for freelance writers on getting paid more for their work. The site will also pay writers as well and will pay $50 for a post. The drawback is that you do need to be a member of Carol Tice’s Freelance Writers Den to qualify for submissions.

15. Matador Network

Matador Network is a major avenue for writers who are focused on travel topics and will pay writers $20-$60 for an article. The site is very popular with travelers in receives a good bit of traffic daily. They prefer for you to send a draft of your story first and require a maximum of 1,500 words per article.

16. Hubstaff Talent

Hubstaff Talent is a completely free resource designed for companies looking to hire remote talent. Although this service is for any type of freelancer ranging from web development to virtual assistance, there are a plethora of writing opportunities available as well. You can apply for writing opportunities yourself, as well as be personally selected by organizations. Check it out, and if you join, be sure to fully populate your profile with your resume and other important information to increase your chances of getting the job.

17. HowlRound

HowlRound is a site focused on theater and will accept articles on the topic including issues related to management and marketing, play production and writing. They accept queries and pitches, so read the guidelines on the site and submit your pitch. They have been known to pay writers $50 for a post.

18. Listverse

Another site focused on providing interesting lists to readers, Listverse accepts articles on a variety of topics and will pay for good writing. They will pay $100 for lists on topics and pieces are expected to be 1500 words or more.

19. IWA Wine Blog

IWA Wine Blog accepts articles and posts that are meant for wine lovers and connoisseurs. Topics can include helping collectors store wine and other wine related topics for enthusiasts who already have a good bit of knowledge on the subject. They pay $50 per post.

20. Model Railroad Hobbyist

The Model Railroad Hobbyist is a niche site that helps provide info for lovers of model railroads. Articles should be no longer that 3000 words. Writers can earn $200-$600 for a feature article but have received over $1000 for articles as well. They have an electronic site as well as a magazine. They will also pay for included videos and photos.

21. Knowledge Nuts

Knowledge Nuts are looking for short knowledge-based articles that they will put on their site. They offer $10 for these short posts and can be a great way for writers to earn a little extra cash. To submit, use the submission form on their website.

22. BootsnAll

BootsnAll is a travel blog that accepts a variety of articles but prefers indie travel and unique ideas. They will pay writers between $30-$50 and expect articles to be between 800 and 2,500 words in length. BootsnAll can be a great avenue for writers who are looking to get into the travel niche.

23. UX Booth

The UX Booth site is focused on user-centered design and can be great to write for if you have knowledge on the subject. They will pay writers $100 for articles and expect the length of submissions to be between 1,200 and 1,800 words. They prefer to be pitched before submitting an article.

24. Fuse Financial Partners

Fuse Financial Partners is a site that provides advice for issues related to small businesses. The guidelines prefer that your article has actionable steps. The editor is known to be picky, so be sure to give a high-quality query when submitting, and write an excellent article. They have been known to pay writers, but the rates are currently unpublished.

25. WorldStart

WorldStart publishes posts that will help less tech-savvy people understand tech issues better. The site has a variety of topics related to tech products, software and more, so if you have knowledge on the subject, you can try your hand at submitting. Send your idea before submitting a piece. They pay between $15-$35 for a post, expecting posts that are between 250-800 words.

26. Craigslist

Craigslist is a site that is filled with ads for jobs, and many freelance writers have gotten their start perusing the many posts. You can find some great jobs by submitting to jobs you see in the “Gigs” and “Jobs” sections of the site. You're likely to even see creative writing jobs or freelance journalism jobs on Craigslist as well.

Be careful though, because there are scams on the site as well. Jobs can vary in range considerably so be sure you get paid what you're worth, and it's a good idea to create a contract before completing any work.

27. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is another great source for finding online freelance writing jobs. It is an excellent way to network with businesses and agencies that may need writers. It is also great for networking with fellow writers. There are, of course, plenty of job postings on the site as well.

You should also look at the various free lance writing groups on the site as well, as some of these are full of other writers or potential clients. LinkedIn can be a great source for all kinds of freelance writer jobs, including freelance editing jobs and freelance copywriting jobs as well.

28. Reddit

Reddit is also a great resource for finding article writing jobs or networking. Reddit is filled with communities that can help you find freelance work as well as give you tips for your career. “Subreddits” such as “hireawriter,” “freelancewriters,” and “writingjobboard” can be excellent sources for work, so take a look.

So, there you have it. The sites above all are willing to pay writers for a job well done. This list should also give you a great idea of methods of finding new freelance work whether you're a beginner or have been doing this for years.

While it can seem daunting to find new freelance writing opportunities, they are out there, and there are plenty of sites and blogs that are perfectly willing to pay writers for great work.

So be courageous, get out there, and start submitting and applying for jobs. Best of luck in your search!