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You want to make some extra cash, but you're tired of all the scams that are out there. Newer to the market research industry, EarningStation was launched in 2011 and has been growing rapidly since. But are they really legit? Read on as we go further in depth about this survey site.

What Is EarningStation?

EarningStation is a GPT (get paid to) site that allows users to shop online, watch videos, play games, and take surveys for rewards.

They are owned and operated by massfinity, an online marketing company who is dedicated to making it easy for consumers to engage with high-quality offers.

After some careful research, we've found that they have no accreditation with the BBB (Better Business Bureau). This isn't necessarily a determining factor, though, because there are many successful businesses that do no have an accreditation.

How To Signup

You are eligible to sign up for EarningStation as long as you live in the United States and are 18 years or older. The process is completely free, and you get $.50 when you signup using your Facebook account or a regular registration form. Some survey sites have no bonus included in their registration process.

Overall, they keep the process relatively simple. After you're done signing up, you get the chance to earn an additional $10 by joining 5 of their partnering survey sites. You always have the option to nix the offer if you'd rather not.

Earning Potential

EarningStation has a large variety of offers for its members. You can earn money by completing surveys, shopping on Groupon, watching videos, playing games, and much more.

Surveys, the main money-maker of any self-proclaimed survey site. The main focus is paid surveys, and they’ve got a lot of them. Plus they’ve also got a variety of other earning opportunities that shouldn’t be ignored.

If you're happy with EarningStation, make sure your friends don't miss out either. Their referral program allows you to acquire 10% of your friend's earnings (excluding bonus codes and sweepstakes). This is a great feature that some survey sites don't have.

EarningStation has lists of advertisers who extend a variety of trial offers that are available to complete. Most require you to test out a new product or service. It takes about 2 days for the credit to show, sometimes longer depending on if there's a trial period included. Even it it does take a little longer than expected, making money is still something to celebrate!

Watch videos and play games to earn additional points. You are allowed 10 videos per day and they range from the latest news, to entertainment and music.

EarningStation gives you the opportunity to use a variety of retailers that are listed on their website. The bad thing about shopping on EarningStation is that it's cash back, meaning that you have to spend money to get money in return. Considering how much one can make with this site, it's actually counter-productive, which is why we suggest not focusing all your attention on this particular offer.

Play your favorite games by The Game Show Network to earn 20% cash back for every $1 spent. For an example, if a member makes a purchase of $20 at GSN through their EarningStation account, they will receive $4.00 cash back. Within 24 hours it will be credited.

Recently they've added a new way to earn with EarningStation. Ernie's Mail lets you make money just by reading your emails! When you receive an email from Ernie be sure to open it and see what’s inside. Once you click on “Confirm Ernie’s Mail” your EarningStation account will be credited with a cash value from $0.01 to $.0.50. It’s as easy as that.

Due to the wide array of “get paid to” activities throughout the site, naturally rewards will vary according to how much time you commit.


Members used to have the option to redeem hard-earned points for cash and gift cards, but this isn't the case anymore. After a recent change, members are no longer allowed to exchange points for direct cash. Points are only redeemable for gift cards. Many good survey sites only have this option, though, so this isn't a deal-breaker for us.

Physical gift cards are mailed and can take up to 6 weeks for them to arrive. If you're in a hurry to recieve your earnings, we recommend picking virtual cards instead. They will arrive in approximately 1-2 business days.

Members can also double their points with Earning Streak. It's simple. Come back every day to watch the daily video, answer the daily poll, try a LiveSample survey, and view the Daily Dose. If you keep this streak going, you'll see your points begin to increase. A 10 day streak will double your points, 30 days will triple, and 50 days will quadruple them.


In terms of their privacy, we found not much different from other good survey sites. Their Privacy Policy states they do not share any information outside of what's needed to provide relevant offers for their members.

Almost every survey site out there uses cookies, which are completely safe and legit. They do send a lot of emails, although technically you are opting into marketing messages by signing up for offers through EarningStation, so it’s technically not spam.


Is EarningStation safe?

Yes, EarningStation a safe and legitimate survey site.

What kinds of gift cards do they offer?

Earning Station offers a wide variety of gift cards. Click here to read their full list.

Can I redeem a gift card using the EarningStation App?

Any member can redeem gift cards while using their mobile app. Click on the Menu Bar symbol in the top left hand corner, this will bring you to their menu page. Then click on the “Redeem Now” button in green, and select which gift card you want!

I have a new email address. How do I update it?

This is something that the administrators will have to help you with. Email them here and include your existing account email and the email you would like it changed to.

Is It Legit Or A Scam?

In the world of online surveys you can't waste your time on scams where you'll be skimped on with measly pennies, or have worry about where your information is going. Luckily, EarningStation is not one of them.

Based on the facts, we've decided that EarningStation is a legitimate survey site. They have good pay and there are so many fun ways to earn rewards. We need more websites like these. Putting all of that aside, we're giving you the green light. Click here to sign up today!

If you're looking for more websites like this one, we won't leave you empty-handed. Check out Swagbucks for even more great opportunities to earn cash. Trust us, they do not disappoint.