Searching for a college is a stressful time for students.  You finished the SAT and ACT tests, and the end of your high school career is right around the corner.  According to the National Center for Education Statistics, there are over 7,000 postsecondary institutions in the United States alone.  With so many options, how can you decide where you want to go to school?

Plus, once you find a school you’re interested in, the tuition price probably has you thinking, “How am I going to pay for this?”  Cappex has the tools that all high school students need to search for colleges and find scholarships to help pay their tuition.  Cappex even has tools to help you compare and decide on a major, as well as other cool features to benefit soon-to-be college students.


What is Cappex?

Cappex is a digital college decision headquarters.  They provide all the resources you need to compare colleges, majors, and find scholarships all in one centralized location.  Cappex simplifies the process, so students do not have to use multiple platforms to find what they are looking for.  You can also see reviews from current college students and learn the probability you have of getting into your top schools.

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Unique Cappex Scholarships

Cappex provides over $30,000 in tuition rewards offered as scholarships that you can only find through their website.  To be eligible for these prizes, you must create an account through their platform.  Once you sign up and login, fill out your profile with as much detail as possible.  Cappex selects the most well-rounded student profiles to win their unique scholarships.

To increase your chances of winning these Cappex scholarships, be sure to include all information about your extracurricular activities outside of the classroom.  Mention any sports you played and what your role was on the team.

Were you involved in any clubs?  Did you volunteer or do community service in your free time?  Maybe you even had a TV or radio show on your local public access station.  Include all of this in your profile for a chance to win $1,000 for the “#1 Cappex Fan Scholarship.”

The unique Cappex scholarships are not just for high school students.  Their “My College Review Scholarship” gives college undergraduates a chance to win tuition money as well.  You can win $1,000 for writing a review on your college or university.  These reviews get used as a resource for other students that are potentially interested in attending as well.

Another popular scholarship that is unique to the Cappex website is the “$1,000 Cappex Easy College Money Scholarship.”  You do not even need to include your GPA to win this prize; all you have to do is create a profile and explain what you enjoy doing in your spare time.  Cappex chooses a winner each month for the Easy College Money Scholarship.

Private & Foundation Scholarships

In addition to their own unique scholarships, Cappex also offers scholarships from private organizations and foundations.  Major corporations, religious groups, non-profit organizations, individuals, and civic organizations offer these rewards of tuition money for students.  These scholarships are largely based on academic performances, community service, leadership roles, and extracurricular activities.  You can also be eligible for some scholarships simply based on your religious affiliation or ethnic heritage.

US News explains that students should take advantage of scholarships offered by major corporations and foundations.  The Cappex platform has great resources to find ones that you have a chance of winning.  We’ll go into greater detail about some of the most popular ones on their website.

These scholarships are not limited to four-year institutions.  The Coca-Cola Community College Academic Team Program is for students that are currently enrolled in a community college.  To qualify, you must meet certain GPA and credit requirements and plan to complete their degree in a specified time frame.

Another interesting and popular scholarship is the Duck Brand Duct Tape “Stuck at Prom” Scholarship Contest.  To win this award, students need to make their high school prom outfit using only duct tape.  16 people will win scholarships based on their photo submissions with awards ranging from $1,500 to $25,000.

Since there are so many scholarships available, the process of finding ones suitable for your needs may seem time-consuming and overwhelming.  However, the Cappex personalized match tool allows you to search for scholarships by ethnicity, gender, major, and even by state.  You can even get scholarship suggestions based on your profile, which is a great tool to speed up the process and increase your chances of winning tuition money.

Merit Based Scholarships

Merit based scholarships are offered by colleges, universities, and state governments.  These awards are for students that excel academically, artistically, or athletically.  One of the benefits of merit rewards is the fact that they can usually get renewed for multiple years in a row.  So your merit based scholarships can be worth up to four times the initial face value of the award.

The easiest way to start your search is by entering the name of your college through the search bar in the Merit Aid Scholarships section of the website.  Once you select a college, you’ll find plenty of information about the school in addition to the merit based scholarships offered.

You have access to their in and out of state tuition costs, the price of room and board, an average cost of books and supplies, application fees, total enrollment, admittance rate, and the percentage of students that receive some form of financial aid.

You can use all this information to determine if you want to continue pursuing this particular college based on your qualifications.  If you want to proceed, the Cappex website shows you all of the Merit Aid reward options available from that institution.  Just click on the ones you want to apply for and follow the instructions and see if you qualify.

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How to Use

The best way to navigate through the Cappex features is to create an account and set up your profile.  You can join if you are a current high school student, current college student, parent of a student, high school counselor, admissions counselor, or an adult learner.  According to the terms of service agreement, you must be at least 13 years old to use Cappex.

Once you create an account, you will have complete access to all the features on their website such as the college search tools, scholarship search, and majors search.  Utilizing your profile to its full extent is the best way to use  Fill out all the information with plenty of details to increase your chances at matching with qualifying schools, majors, and scholarships.

College Search

You also have access to the College Admissions Coach feature as well.  Start by selecting the type of school you are interested in, such as Ivy League schools, nationally prominent schools, top state schools, regionally respected schools, or local community colleges.

Your digital coach will show you information and statistics based on your selection.  So you’ll be aware of any prerequisites and admission stats for the segment you chose.  For example, if you are located in California and select “Top State Schools,” you’ll learn that less than 50% of applicants get admitted, and most GPA’s are over 3.5 with test scores in the top 75% percentile.  Whereas Ivy League schools admit less than 10% of applicants and only look at students with a 4.0 grade point average.

You can put schools on your college list in your profile that you are interested in applying to.  The advanced search option lets you filter schools by location, type of institution, living environment, school size, majors, tuition price, housing costs, and selectivity.

Are you looking at graduate schools? Do you want to study abroad? Would you prefer a school in a rural setting or urban environment?  You can use the college search tool on to get help find the college of your dreams.  If your profile is up to date with plenty of information, you’ll see suggestions and recommendations of colleges that may be interested in you.  That feature also helps reduce minimize the time spent on your search.

Another cool feature for the college search on is the ability to take notes, monitor important dates, and compare different schools.  Seeing the comparison of multiple schools side by side is a great visual way to narrow down your choices and make the best possible decision for your educational future.

Scholarship Search

When you sign in to your account and click the scholarships tab, you are instantly matched with qualifying scholarships based on your profile.  You can also search for additional scholarships such as the Cappex scholarships and merit based scholarships.  If you see anything that peaks your interest, save it to your “My Scholarship List” so you can go back at a later time to review it in detail.

The search list makes it super easy for students to narrow their options.  Each scholarship on the main page shows the amount of the reward, the deadline to apply, the ease of application and winning, and your level of competition against other students.

Next, you can select how you want to proceed with the scholarship.  You can save it as something you might apply for later, will definitely apply for, or even remove it from the list if you will not apply or if it does not fit your specifications.

Majors Search

If you are undecided on a major take the Careers and Majors Quiz through  The quiz is easy and fun; it asks simple questions with a picture and gives you the option to choose “Me” if it fits your personality, or “Not Me” if it doesn’t.  Some examples of these questions involve public speaking, mediating disputes, being a leader, competitiveness, organization, and problem-solving.

After taking the quiz, you’ll see a full breakdown about your personality.  Cappex also shows you different suggestions for college majors as well as potential career choices, both based on your personality. also gives you recommendations for different schools that have programs and majors that specialize in the majors listed in your quiz results.  For students that are indecisive and don’t have a plan yet, the majors search tool is something that should be taken advantage of.

How Much Does it Cost? is 100% free which is refreshing, since other websites with similar features charge students an initiation, monthly or even annual fee for their services.  Cappex understands that students are already paying plenty of money for their advanced education and they don’t want an extra financial burden.

Is Cappex Legit?

Cappex is legit.  Their privacy policy outlines in detail how they protect and secure your information, so you shouldn’t have any reservations about creating an account based on privacy concerns.  They offer an advanced platform to help students during a difficult and stressful time in their life.

If you are wondering if the Cappex scholarships are legit, they have a page with previous winners to prove that their rewards are real.  In addition to that page, you can find reviews online with former users detailing their experience with  These users explain that the website helped speed up and simplify their search process, which eliminated some stress in their life.  Some people even explained success stories based on their major search and scholarship awards.

Our Thoughts

Based on all the features on the Cappex website, we would suggest giving a try for your college planning.  They have everything you need to find a school, find a major, and find ways to pay for your education as well.  The fact that you can get all these benefits for absolutely no cost is too good of an opportunity to pass up.

If you are a prospective or current college student, don’t use multiple platforms and websites to help your process.  Instead of wasting time in multiple locations, try out Cappex and Cappex scholarships to see everything in one place.

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