bzzagent company logoDo you like trying free samples? Don't you think it would be great to try free stuff without even having to leave your house? If so, you may be considering registering with BzzAgent. In this review, we'll go over all the details of BzzAgent and verify whether or not they are a scam.

General Info

Bzzagent is basically a network of consumers found all around the world who participate in voluntary campaigns for various products and services.

In a nutshell, the site consists of a network of communicators that recruit “BzzAgents” to give their opinions by word of mouth (WOM) and then report to the marketers. They have over a million registered “agents” worldwide. When getting started, you'll have to answer some questions and then BzzAgent matches you to products for you to test. In exchange for the products, they provide assistance to companies by conducting market research. Over the years, they have helped big companies like Disney, Loreal and Fisher-Price in conducting research. In order to participate, members must get an invitation to a campaign. Part of the work includes testing coupons and merchandise for free samples.

How It Works

During registration, you will fill in your personal information and link to your social media accounts, to make it easier for your family and friends to see what you are doing (they might also be interested). After this, you will answer some Bzz questions to enable the company to know the type of products you often use and would be interested in reviewing. These questions are easy and straightforward. You will be asked your age, gender, if you have kids or not and other basic questions.

Once you complete the survey, you will receive invites to new campaigns you are eligible to take. You can decline if you are not comfortable with that particular product. The invites might take hours after completing registration or could take weeks, depending on the products currently running on the campaigns.

When you become a member and login, you get the opportunity to try out a lot of products for free. The company ships the products to you! All you have to do in exchange is provide your honest opinion…what you like or dislike about the products and so on. Each item comes with a BzzAgent Bzzkit which includes coupons, small samples, larger samples and details about the item. It also provides information on how to submit your reviews. When you receive your product, you will use it and then carry out a word of mouth campaign (by telling your friends, associates and family about the product). Once that is done, you will write a Bzz report for that product. To receive more invites in the future, make sure your report is very detailed and honest.

How You Can Get More Invitations

If you are interested in trying out more products, it is best to develop your rank. BzzAgents has six tiers and the more products you review, the higher your rank will be. People having higher rankings receive more invitations. Remember that they require you to be honest about your reviews. Don’t sell something you don’t like to others.

What Products You Can Try

There are tons of products you can try, depending on which you are most comfortable using and talking to your friends about. The products range from toys to pet food, you’ll definitely find the right product for you. You can try out products such as:

· Duster started kits

· Rechargeable electric toothbrush with Bluetooth connectivity

· Coffee creamers

· Children’s Claritin Chewables

· L’Oreal Paris Pure-Clay Mask

· Electric clippers

· Purina ONE dog food

· Island Breeze Bicardi

Is BzzAgent Legit?

In addition to being a very popular site, BzzAgent is also a legit reward site. It is free to join, so, you’ll have nothing to lose. With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), it is not surprising that there aren't many serious complaints about the company. The only ones are those that are common in almost any company. If you have some free time and enjoy trying out new products, this would be a good site for you.

So Is It Worth Your Time?

If you are looking for a site to make a lot of money or a full time income, then this website is not for you. It is only worth your time if you enjoy trying out free products in your free time. BzzAgent doesn't pay its users other than with the products they get to review. However, in the process of reviewing products, users receive MyPoints which can be redeemed for more products, gifts cards, and other rewards.

It's free and easy to join BzzAgent. We strongly recommend it to anyone who enjoys trying free stuff! To register now, click here!