It is not a secret that making your way through college is not an easy thing to do, it requires time, dedication and most importantly: money. It is a necessity for young students to seek extra money to help with either college or personal expenses. Thanks to the interconnected world we live in today, there are hundreds of online jobs for college students which allows us to work from our home or in our spare time.

Taking Surveys

Taking surveys is the most efficient secure and easy way to earn some extra money, but as any other job, it requires time and seriousness. There are many websites out there such as Swagbucks that are reliable and allow you to easily make a few extra dollars. Companies will pay huge amounts of money for market research because for a company to survive in business they need to know how people perceive them and need to focus on those targets to improve.

Therefore, surveys allow them to get a bigger audience and to create a significant population for marketing studies. Doing them online helps the company to target audiences from different parts of the world and helps them identify and filter easily those that fit the requirements for the studies, the internet provides a wide database of customers, which at the end is translated to a better understanding of perceptions, and that, leads the company to advertise wiser, and sell more.

Become A Tutor

I would also recommend tutoring, not only because is a great way to keep your brain active while helping others, but also because you can apply what you have learned. There are many different websites that provide this kind of opportunities for college students, and to me, it’s the most beneficial because you will help some student that is struggling and you will make some extra money.

Online Marketing

Students can also develop their creativity with online marketing, or social media management. Having proficient accounts on platforms like Instagram or twitter or having an opinion blog can also make extra income for the month. Many companies will pay students to promote their brands or to post pictures or reviews about their websites.
Since the business world is moved mainly by reputation, young people opinions definitely matter. Companies have understood the power of social media and they will target the most powerful influencers in order to improve the perception of their company.

Start An Online Business

There are many consulters, bloggers, and WebPages that can guide you through the processes of creating an online business. Clothing and accessories are the most famous and “easy” way to e-commerce. Every college student can be successful online but it requires dedication, research, and attitude.

Another useful way to make extra income for college students is to sell their belongings online, we tend to accumulate things that we don’t use and instead of having them around the house, there are a lot of different online sites where they can achieve some value for someone else.

Become A Blogger

As in any other job, online jobs require consistency, especially if you decide to create a blog or a YouTube page or even an online sales business. Customer loyalty can determine the success of failure when working online, because the competition is strong and fierce. Nowadays you can find everything you need online, so if your customers, followers (etc.) are not completely satisfied they will just find somebody else that provide what was missing.

The most influential topics and businesses right now in the online world are those related to modeling, makeup, travel, and comedy (Youtubers). Therefore, it is important that those who chose to enter that world will be updated and following the main trends, because is a very sensitive world, innovating itself every day, and if you don’t get the rhythm you will be left behind.

Advantages To Working Online

The main advantages of working online are that you can manage your time and work from almost everywhere. The internet is a high speed way to access many opportunities, not only in terms of extra money but also networking. It doesn’t require any investment, as long as you have internet access, you can run a business or help an existing business.
There are also disadvantages, payment is a delicate subject because there are many non-legit businesses that can pretend to be an online job platform but at the end is a cover up for a big fraud, so it is very important for students to make sure they are doing business with the right people and never provide any personal information like social security number or passwords. It is highly recommended to use accounts in PayPal or similar software that somehow makes a little more secure the online payments.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter which kind of online job you chose. What matters, is that you do it with consistency, many people think that because it is online then it will be easier, online jobs are like any other job, and should be respected as one.


Author Bio

Susana Naranjo is currently studying International Business at Florida International University. She is passionate about learning and expanding her knowledge in many different subjects. Her experience includes event management, logistics, human resources, event staff and academic protocols, research, recruiting, marketing and advertising.